Why Buying a Mobile on EMI Never Been This Easy

Why Buying a Mobile on EMI Never Been This Easy

Having a competent mobile phone that is presentable is one of the standards of modern-day society, whether we know it or not. People tend to associate your economic class with the type of gadgets you use. Of a truth, they are not totally out of line.

Apart from your outward presentation in society, using a good phone also gives you satisfaction and user experience that otherwise you would not enjoy. These are some of the reasons why people rush to mobile phone stores both physically and online, to upgrade themselves as technology trends would have.

The question then is, “How easy is it to get a new mobile phone nowadays?” You would agree with me that if wishes were horses, everyone would be using the flagship models of the top mobile phone brands around. But in reality, this is not the case.

You can almost guess what I’m about to say is the reason for this. Yes! It is money — availability of funds, budget restriction, whichever term you want to use for it. When you are living from hand to mouth, you’d be less bothered about the type or model of phone you are using.

For anyone who works and earns money, I feel you should at least get to treat yourself with some indulgences like using a good smartphone. It doesn’t have to be one you would break the bank to get, but something that doesn’t make phone operation a hectic process.

You would ask me, “How do I propose you get the smartphone of your dreams?” as you have other pressing needs you ought to attend to. I’d say keep reading; I’m getting to it.

Easiest Way to Buy a Mobile

When you decide to get a smartphone for yourself, you probably will start making plans by cutting costs across various areas you usually spend on. This could also mean you would have to start setting a certain amount aside from your income regularly.

All these tedious work put into buying a befitting smartphone. Yet at times, the plan crumbles due to lack of consistency, an emergency spending, lack of funds to put together, indiscipline, or a thousand and one other reasons I could not possibly think of.

How then can you make buying a choice mobile phone an easy-peasy? The answer to this perplexing question is still money. The only difference this time around is that the money comes from a well-organized advance payment plan. This payment plan is called EMI.

What is EMI? EMI is an advance payment facility offered by elite financial institutions to help their customers pay for products and services they otherwise might not be able to pay for once.

That’s not all about EMIs. This is not like any other loan facility where you take an advance and repay at a fixed rate. EMIs come with a modified repayment scheme, that’s why it is referred to as Equated Monthly Installments. This suggests to you that with EMI, you pay every month.

The amount paid per month is equally distributed among the months stipulated for repayment. You choose some months for which you want to pay back the advance you are receiving. Then, the total loan you are incurring would be shared among the months.

As an example, say you want to buy a mobile on EMI worth Rs 12,000 from a particular merchant site. You are presented with options of available EMI plans based on the number of months. Let’s say you pick the three-month plan; then, for the next three months, you’d have to repay Rs 4,000 each.

Now that you have understood what EMIs are and how they work, it is time to talk about which platform offers the best deals to purchase mobile on EMI. A platform integrated with the top online stores across the country and yet offers deals that would not handicap you financially.

ZestMoney is one of the leading fintech companies around India. On ZestMoney, you would get amazing deals that would revolutionize your shopping experience and not hurt your budget.

One great advantage you get with ZestMoney is that they have successfully negotiated a deal with a lot of e-commerce sites that deal in mobile phones, in a bid to bring diversity to the table.

So, if you are looking to buy a mobile on EMI, you have the liberty of searching through any of these stores; Flipkart, Croma, Amazon, QuikrBazaar, Sangeetha, Xiaomi, Paytm, Wise apps, and Hellomitr. You can buy your mobile for the best price available online with the options available here.

Why Buying Mobile on EMI Never Been This Easy

To get mobile on EMI is as easy as saying, Jack. Yeah! That’s true with ZestMoney. To get a ZestMoney account requires only your mobile number. After registration, you confirm your number with an OTP, and your account is set.

You can then proceed to set up your profile. This requires that you fill out the required KYC form, there you register personal details that would give a glance at how you rank financially. This is vital to help evaluate your credit strength, so as not to compromise the convenience expected of EMI deals.

After filling all the necessary details, you get a corresponding credit limit. At this point, you are ready to purchase with your EMI account. To do this, proceed to your preferred merchant site and buy the mobile of your choice.

At the checkout section before finalizing the purchase, you select “EMI” as your payment option. Under this choose “ZestMoney EMI,” this brings up the available plans for the purchase you want to make. Select the method that works best for you. And as easy as that, and you have bought a mobile on EMI.


Have you been bothered about how to get a mobile? An easy way out is to buy your mobile on EMI. With ZestMoney EMI, you are entirely covered. No lengthy paperwork required. You even get to choose from the vast array of mobile available on numerous merchant sites. Getting a mobile on has never been this easy.

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