When you enter the 12th grade, your life starts revolving around board preparations, sample papers, revisions, etc. 12th grade is a crucial grade for students because it influences their future education. So that they might get into a good institution, the students here must work hard. If you are an art student, then definitely you have a lot to study for your exams.

Political science is a crucial subject for a class 12th arts student. It mostly contains theoretical questions and answers which need to be understood well. Since the subject is vast, you can expect questions from any corner of the book. You surely need to prepare the entire book, but before that, if you take a look at the most important questions which are also most likely to be asked in the exams, you can get a firm grip on the subject.


Now that you know the importance of referring to important questions, you must definitely be wondering where to look for these important questions? Well, there are many sources that you can reach out to find these questions. You can search for the questions for Class 12 political science from the following places:

  • NCERT Books and exemplar- The best place where you can search for important questions can be NCERT textbooks. There are a number of questions at the end of each chapter. It includes both objective and subjective questions. It covers 1 mark, 2 marks, 4 marks, and 6 marks questions. Also, you can find the solutions to all the questions in the NCERT solutions.

Apart from the textbooks, you can find more questions in the NCERT exemplar with their respective answers. It includes all types of questions that can be expected in the board exams. Along with the important questions, it also provides various questions to practice. In this way, you can strengthen your concepts as well as practice more to improve yourself. You can totally rely on these questions as they are most likely to appear in your board exam question paper.

  • Reference books- You can find a lot of reference books or guide books published with the purpose of providing the students with extensive and detailed information about the chapters. They gather important questions from previous year papers or from sample papers to prepare the students for the best. These books are published by subject matter experts who have experience of quite many years. They provide the students with extra questions to prepare for the boards.
  • E-learning websites- As we are growing digitally day by day, tutors have found their way to reach thousands of aspiring students through online learning platforms. You can go through the questions uploaded to these online learning websites and can get an idea for your exams. It apparently saves your time and provides you with all the necessary questions you must practice.
  • Sample papers-Sample papers play a vital role in any student’s preparation. The sample papers are provided by the CBSE itself. You can collect the sample papers from the last few years and can tally them to find the most frequently asked question type. If you solve these papers along with previous years’ papers, you will be able to list out the essential topics that have been focused on in the exams so far. And then you can practice the important questions related to them.  


There is absolutely no reason to overlook these important questions. If you consistently practice them, they can be extremely helpful to you. Following are some pointers you must consider for why you should take the ‘important questions’ seriously:

  • Gives an idea of question pattern- These important questions are a collection of questions asked previously in the exams and can be asked in the coming exams as well. That’s why they are termed as ‘important questions’ so that the students focus more on them. You can start with the important questions of the chapters carrying more marks. This way you will be able to cover the majority of the question paper in no time.
  • Builds self-confidence- What do you need to boost your self-confidence? In the case of exam preparation, being able to answer all the questions effortlessly can easily make your day even better. Practicing these questions will improve your weaker section as well as your stronger section as well. The more you run through these questions, the more you will wish to learn, and eventually, it will result in good grades.
  • Helps in revising the concepts- Revision goes along with practice. Once you have covered the whole syllabus, you can revise them by solving these important questions. If you get stuck on any question, you will search for the answer which is again a way to revise your concepts.
  • Enhances the pace of writing answers- A lot of students find difficulty in completing the entire question paper in the given time. The reason behind this is usually the slow pace of students. They end up wasting a lot of time on a set of questions and leave the paper unfinished. Practicing the important question regularly will improve your speed of writing. Set a timer and solve these questions. Keep it consistent and you will see the change yourself. 
  • Helps is self-analysis- Self-evaluation is a must when you are preparing for your boards. You should know where you are lacking so that you can focus more on that part. Important questions can help you to do so. Collect some random questions from all the chapters and try solving them. As you go solving, you will find yourself stuck at some questions, that is where you need more practice. As you get better and better, it helps you to eliminate all the stress and tensions you ever had about the exams. It relaxes your mind and helps you to perform even better. 

Take a glance at the points mentioned above and start with your practice. Just have faith in yourself and work hard and see yourself reaching great heights.

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