7 Ways To Offer Financing To Your Customers In Your Flooring Agency

7 Ways To Offer Financing To Your Customers In Your Flooring Agency

Do you have a flooring agency that provides quality products and services? Is it not capable of making enough sales? Did you ever consider that part of the problem may be the costs and expenses of flooring?

It takes a lot of material to cover the floor area of a large mansion, a building, or even a basketball court. Depending on the material, whether it is hardwood, tiles, or marble, it can get a bit expensive. 

Hence, most customers can not afford to pay for the product or services of your flooring agency. They may usually turn the other way around.

However, there is a way to get around the problem and ensure that you do not lose potential customers and make sure that you get the money for your products and services.

You can save those customers if you offer floor financing options. So, how exactly does it work?

How Customer Financing Works For Your Flooring Agency

Often, customers want to buy your flooring accessories or hire your flooring services to make their homes look classy. However, they may not have the money to make an upfront payment.

You can offer your customers an affordable plan to settle the amount in equated monthly payments. If you use third party finance, you do not have to worry about money problems as they handle the recovery.

On the customer’s end, they can now get the flooring attached to their retail space without paying the entire sum of money straight away. In return for easy EMI options for seamless settlement, customers have to pay an interest rate that varies with the duration. 

Different Types Of Flooring Agency Financing That You Can Offer

There are different ways in which you can finance your customers’ payments in the financing agency. 


You can directly finance the loans by bearing the brunt of the damage if your consumers forget to pay settlements. However, you may also earn higher returns without having a third party in between. 

Third-Party Finance

A third party finance organization is a professional in the field of financing and guarantees that you get back your money while they handle the grunt work of a collection of money. 

Depending on the type of payments, you can opt for providing a point of sale finance transactions or allow the use of credit cards and the crediting system. 

Learning to use the point of sale system can allow you to offer deals where you can pay later for products you buy earlier. 

Financing your flooring agency can provide an increased option for your clients and customers to purchase your products and services. Understand how you can leverage flooring financing options to gain more customers and get more sales. 

7 Ways To Offer Financing To Your Customers In Your Flooring Agency

Spread The Word

Let people know that you offer a plan for customer financing. It is essential to list it on checkout options if you are selling it through online means.

If you are selling your flooring service from a physical location, make sure that you put it on a board to let people know that you are providing the option. If you do not inform them about the financing option available, they will not know about it. Spread awareness about the financing option.

Quick Credit Processing

While offering finance, check the credit score of the individual if you are providing direct financing. It may cost you some money to get the details through a credit report, but you will be safe from people with bad credit history.

If you have a third party consumer finance provider like Time Investment, they will approve the loan almost immediately if the credit score is high. Moreover, even if the credit score is low, consumers can apply for financing your flooring agency’s products and services.

The third-party company will allow consumers to get easy approval of the loan without much hassle. 

Provide Easy Online Application

The world has digitized, and you should as well. If you have an online store that displays your company’s tiles, marbles, floorboards, and other essential items from your flooring agency, you need to include the option in the checkout.

Make sure that the application process is easy to understand and does not require too much documentation.

Provide Auto-Pay Facility 

Many people forget the due date of paying their bills. Hence, many potential clients may not want to join the facility since they may have to pay extra for skipping payments. 

You can provide them with an auto-pay facility that links directly to their account. It will enable the entire amount to get paid in due course of time. Additionally, you can also remind your customers every time they forget to make their payments.

Flexible Payment

Every customer who wants to go for consumer financing seeks easy repayment options. They want to pay their debt early to avoid having to pay too much money as a whole. Additionally, they also do not want to be overburdened by EMIs in a way that affects their daily lives. 

Most of the time, customers get to choose a set rate of interest they want to pay for a duration. 

If you have a third-party financing company like Time Investment, you can also provide them the option to pay more than their EMI whenever possible to clear the debt faster. It will help everyone to close the account faster.

A Friendly Customer Service Portal

It can often get confusing while attempting to get consumer finance if you have never done it before. Naturally, people attempting it for the first time will face a lot of problems. You need to provide them with assistance to approve a financing plan for their payment.

It will be easy if you have good customer service that is both friendly and knowledgeable. They can guide the consumers over the phone on how to complete the application and inform them about the terms and conditions of the service.

Deals And Offers

You can also provide your customers with deals and offers. For example, you can give them rebates on early payments or provide them interest-free within a duration in the form of pay later, use now deals.

It will help you easily finance your flooring agency purchases. You should provide information about consumer details.


Financing a flooring agency can help you to close deals. However, you need to be aware of how to offer financing to customers to boost sales. With the internet and technology at our disposal, the options available are aplenty. 

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