Trending Dissertation Writing Ideas about Android System

Trending Dissertation Writing Ideas about Android System

Are you a computer science student, right at the end of his academic journey? If you are, you have one last task to complete – your computer science dissertation. Having one thing left to do sounds simple but this task, in fact, is the most challenging you’ve had so far.

With a little bit of help from tools and some useful techniques, you can finish this assignment faster and more effectively. Now that mobile use is on the rise, one of the most popular topics to explore as a computer science student is Android, I’ve come up with some great android project ideas for students who are writing their final thesis.

1.   Android Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are already on the rise. According to a report by PR Newswire, the number should increase to $3 trillion by 2023. This makes the e-payment industry one of the most interesting computer science dissertation topics to explore. You can research anything from innovative solutions to the idea of a cashless society, all implemented in the Android apps and available on people’s smart phones.

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2.   Android Instant Apps

You’ll hardly find any mobile user that opens all of his applications every day. In fact, a report by Tech Crunch says that an average user will only open 9 apps per day on average. The rest of them simply keep a spot in your mobile without anyone even thinking to open them.

One great Android topic is the exploration of instant apps. This is one of the latest innovations the company uses to allow people to simply tap an app they wish to use and do so without having to install it first.

This might not be perfect for those who created the app for daily use. However, if it’s an app that people won’t use as often, it’s a really good feature.

3.   IoT Applications

Have you heard about the Internet of Things? Estimates say that more than twenty billion of devices will connect to the Internet of Things by next year.

Because of this, the topic of IoT apps of today is a really interesting and deep topic to explore. You’ll find plenty of data when you write your dissertation on IoT. If you struggle with it, give experts a call and say ‘do my dissertation at UK EduBirdie on this topic’. You can get a chapter or a full dissertation on IoT apps there.

What can you explore if you choose this topic? Right now, there are thousands of companies that work on automation and attempt to create technologies that let people interact with their smart devices. You can also research the impact Google has on the development of AI and IoT, seeing how Android has over 80% of market share.

4.   Android App Development Based on Clouds

Cloud-based applications have reached the peak of their popularity in the past few years. We can expect them to keep going at this pace for many years to come. Most companies in the world deal with crucial data they need safe and secure. At this moment, cloud-based solutions are their safest, most affordable, and most used choice.

Android has many such options for their users. If you research this topic, you can see how many companies offer these kinds of apps, what the competition is like, and what the benefits are of this powerful technology.

5.   Virtual and Artificial Reality

Virtual reality is the hype of today. Android apps that combine artificial or virtual reality features are expected to reach thousands of millions in the years to come. This makes it a great choice for a dissertation topic. Starting with the psychology around games like Pokémon Go to virtual assistants that take part of the everyday life of many people, this topic offers you much more than any other you can consider.

6.   Wearables

Wearables are attractive to people of all ages and the number of purchases is growing within the minute. Android has some amazing products that experience a rapid growth in popularity. This makes it a fine topic to explore. Whether you want to explore its features and effects on people, the use of wearables or their diversity, or make a comparison with other wearables providers – it’s a really interesting topic for your dissertation.

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7.   The Android vs. iOS War

This is a commonly chosen topic but also, the widest for research. Android and iOS have been competing for decades with their products and services, which gives you a tremendous amount of data to research. Will Android beat iOS or vice versa?


Did you choose a topic you’d like to use for your dissertation? Explore these ideas and come up with a more focused and detailed title for your experiment. As a future graduate, this is your only way to make a grand entrance into your academic field. So, take your time, and use my advice.

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