Top 5 Japanese Watch Brands in 2019 You Should Know About!

Wrist watches and sunglasses are the two accessories that never go out of trend no matter what the times are. You can search up fashion trends from centuries ago, but these two things will still be a fashion icon. There are many brands which have launched their lines of watches but staying in business is a tough job as per the competition is very tough and it keeps growing every year. If you are a watch lover, you must already know that Switzerland is the biggest manufacturer of watches and still no one in the market has beaten them. The quality of watches has been outstanding throughout the years and you can use them for years, but it will not be worn out. What most people do not know is that Japanese watches are giving tough competition too. They introduced battery charged watches, which wiped out mechanical watches. It has been said by many experts that in some cases Japanese watches are even better than the Swiss watches.

Best Japanese Watch Brands in 2019 :

  1. Seiko

You must have heard this name already. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of the watches, they became insane famous after the production of battery charged watches. Mechanical watches have been used for centuries, but battery charged watches were the new step towards technology. Plus, they are making products that are eco-friendly. They were the first ones that made watches which could convert kinetic energy into electric energy. They have always been known for bringing innovation in the watch industry and they are the trendsetters.

  1. Orient

These are the best Japanese produced watches. They are considered to be one of the oldest watch brands. Their designs are more traditional and trendier as compared to the other brands. They used to be a huge hit when they started this business in 1901, but when the crisis hit, it seemed like the whole company came to the ground and then again everything had to be built from the scratch in the 1950s. They are known for producing mechanical watches, but as per their designs are more innovative and trendy, they are much appreciated by the public. Some watch additions have quartz and solar designs concepts too. They were the first ones to produce water resistance watch.

  1. Citizen

This is another eco-friendly watch. They have been using solar energy to charge their watches. Most people argue about the fact that they are not doing anything innovative as per solar energy watches have already been introduced in the market. but these watches are appreciated more as per their designs are not bulky, they are rather nice and attractive. Their uniqueness is the atomic timekeeping. It means that their watches are in sync with the ones in Germany and Colorado. The other thing about these watches is that they are charged by the skin of the one who is wearing it.

  1. Casio

They started by making watches, but further, they used their expertise to produce calculators and digital cameras. They have been known for making watches like G-stock and further, they produced digital watches as well, which was a huge success.

  1. Credor

When it comes to luxury watches, credor has its own name. Their dials are diamond dusted, and the scenery is specifically hand painted. Everything is genuinely made for every single piece, which is why you can easily spot the credor watches. These are special watches and you will find none other like these but the prices are quite high.

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