Top 5 Android Learning Apps for College Students

Top 5 Android Learning Apps for College Students

Apps make learning easier and more fun for students. The apps help with writing, editing, citations, and organizing materials. Apps will also help you to cite reference materials like articles and journals as well as format your work.

You choose an app based on the kind of assistance you need. Still, different apps offer the same help. As such, you must consider its usability, price, and the features it offers, among other factors. Here are the top 5 Android apps you will need while in college.


The app is used to create a database to use when writing your essays. Evernote helps you to gather all the materials you need to write a paper or revise for an assignment. You will save time since all your reference materials will be available at the touch of a button.

Evernote is popular because of its cloud storage capability. You access the materials in real-time on different devices. The app will save you the trouble of having to carry your laptop everywhere to work on the assignment.

Evernote accommodates all types of reference materials. It will take PDF articles, images, videos, and audio recordings, among others. It means that you can build a database using all the possible reference materials in the academic world.

The search feature on Evernote will win the heart of every student. Evernote allows you to save documents and files using customized keywords. You do not have to scroll through the entire library to extract a book or article. A simple search is enough to extract the document. This is the ultimate essay planning tool for students at all levels.


Tutors are very sensitive about errors in essays. Typos, misrepresentation, and poor word choices will affect your grades. What if you had an editor walking with you through each sentence and paragraph your write? Grammarly is that perfect fit for the position.

Grammarly is designed to run on word-processing platforms like MS-Word. It also works perfectly on browsers and email. Such capabilities mean that you do not have to copy and paste your work on other platforms.

Grammarly goes a mile further to check your work for plagiarism. It will highlight the plagiarized areas and the link where you have copied the work. You avoid the penalties that come with plagiarism.

Grammarly is free for basic features. The features are enough to help you craft a captivating paper. In case you need advanced features, they are available at an affordable fee.


Dropbox is a resource mobilization and organization tool. The app allows you to collect reference materials like books, images, audio files, links, and videos wherever you are. You can access all these documents from any device whenever you need to use them.

Dropbox makes it easier to study since all materials will be at the same place. You can learn while traveling or on holiday without having to drag your laptop around. It also allows you to edit documents and save them back into the cloud storage.

Dropbox offers sufficient storage space for your essay writing materials. It means that you can store large databases for a Ph.D. thesis. You use the app to collect materials for professional writers who do my programming homework online. You will forward the materials together with instructions since they are available in a format that can be shared across platforms.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a cloud storage platform with a difference. The app allows you to upload documents online from your email address. Beyond storage and remote access, you can edit these documents and share them as though you are on an MS-Word Document. The changes will reflect immediately. Google Docs also allows you to track and approve changes on documents.


Do you want to include graphics in your paper? Then Canvas is the app to use. It is easy and natural to use, helping you to create the most compelling graphics for essays. The app is free but offers advanced features upon subscription.

Android apps are increasingly making learning easier for college students. When learning is easier and faster, you have more time to relax or pursue your passion. Luckily for college students, these apps are free.

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