Top 10 Best Valve Manufacturers Across the Globe

Valve manufacturers have grown dramatically for these past few years. Especially now that the demand for energy around the world has surely increased. And, the need for installation equipment for gas and oil industry is, nonetheless, on a continuous rise.

Despite these changes, valve manufacturing companies surely expected the huge upturn and need of industrial valves in different industry settings around the world.

It is obviously apparent how in demand these manufacturers are today, and a lot of them have established their names in the industry for service excellence. Now, it’s time we get to know some of the best valve manufacturers from around the globe. From this list, you will now have an idea who to call for your valve production process.

These are some of the best valve manufacturers in the world.

FISHER (United States) 

Fisher Control Equipment started way back in 1880 and was founded by William Fisher — the inventor of the first pump regulator in the US. Fisher Control International is a subsidiary of Emerso Electric. This company bought Fisher Control in the year 1992. They then merged with Rosemount — a world leader in terms of the instrumentation process. This is to better suffice clients with a complete range of valve applications and process control.

KSB (Germany) 

A popular modern company that manufactures valves and pumps and is based in Germany. KSB is one of the world’s largest valve and pump manufacturers that was founded in 1871. An international company that is supervised by the headquarters personally, including French and German. KSB mainly manufactures products, such as filters, globe valves, ball valves, traps, gate valves, and other industrial valves needed in the production.

Tyco (United States) 

This company is presently the largest valve manufacturer in the world. Situated in the United States, this manufacturing company is comprised of four large-scale groups: medical products, electronic and communication products, equipment for fire protection, and necessary equipment for fluid control. The manufacturing of valves and other related products is handled by The Fluid Group.

With over 60 brands in 24 different countries, Tyco’s sales have been skyrocketing since then. The company concentrated on 38 valve manufacturers that are famous globally, thus making them the world’s largest valve producer.

XHVAL (China)

Based and founded in Wenzhou City, China in 1986, XHVAL is one of the most reputable and trusted valve manufacturers in the country. The company took part in various valve production development that includes the manufacturing of high-quality and professional valves in the industry.

XHVAL is committed to providing 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed. They offer clients with various valve options that comply with certain client specifications and/or requirements. Providing the most advanced solutions to build and maintain strong customer commitment.

BOTELI Valve Group (China) 

A company based in Shanghai China that was founded in the year 1988. BOTELI Valve Group has been continuously supplying products to more than 70 countries in the world. The manufacturing company has become one of the leading industrial valve suppliers in China, and eventually across different countries. They provide high-quality industrial valves like butterfly valves, globe, valves, gate valves, etc.

KITZ (Japan)

KITZ Valve was established in the year 1951 and has been providing clients with valve-based fluid control equipment. This covers a different range of industries from home to big establishments. In the past years, the manufacturing company has become one of the world’s leading valve manufacturers. Right now, KITZ is absolutely well-known in Japan and across the globe.

Hank Hank Valve International (Germany) 

Hank Hank Valve was established in the year 1852 in Monchengladbach — a city west of Düsseldorf, Westphalia’s capital. German economy rapidly developed in the 1950s, thus resulting in energy shortage. And, because of this, the German government decided to increase the country’s energy conservation.

Hence, HANK Valve was founded. A global valve manufacturer of innovation and modern valves and control systems with a lot of subsidiaries around the world.

Masoneilan (United States) 

One of the leading valve manufacturers in the United States. Masoneilan Valve supports and manufactures the final process of solutions and control factors. A major component of the Dresser Group and provides a wide array of industrial valve products in different industries.

The manufacturing company has been a pioneer in terms of process control and valve production for many years. Established originally in the year 1882 by William Mason. Masoneilan offers clients with different industrial products like actuators, pressure regulators, control valves, and service requirements.

OTTO Valves and Rubber Industries (India)

Established sometime in 1985, this company is focused on the manufacturing and exporting high-quality industrial valves, gaskets, seals, and hoses in different parts of the world. They offer a variety of industrial valves including check valves, diaphragm valves, and ball valves among others. They are made of dedicated professionals that continue to learn and work hard to meet different requirements of clients.


It’s pretty obvious how well-developed and high-tech the world is now. So as the industry of valve manufacturers. The increasing demand for valve production and installation has paved the way for manufacturing companies to emerge.

Still, no matter how many new companies are there in the market, those who already built a strong foundation and have been reputable with their service are what people need for their business. Before these companies became what they are now, one thing is for sure, they work hard for it.

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