Tips To Increase Your Financial Vocabulary

Tips To Increase Your Financial Vocabulary

Whether you are working in the financial sector or not it is very important for each and every person to know finance words and be accustomed with the financial vocabulary. Even if you are a person who has nothing to do with the finance sector there are some things that must be known for general knowledge. If one is involved in business dealings, it is very important for them to know the financial terms and the effects of such things on their business. The tips to increase financial vocabulary are not very different from the regular tricks one uses for increasing their difficult vocabulary words. Let us discuss the tips below:

Follow the business section thoroughly

Every newspaper or news app would definitely have a separate business section. Make it a habit to go through the business section every day so that you can stay updated about the happenings around you. This way you will get to know about the financial terms and their meanings. This would help you to make financial conversations better and you would also be able to know more when a discussion is going on about it. It is better if you stay updated on daily news so that you can catch the terms on a daily basis and it won’t become a burden for you when you have to study all of them together.

Read good finance books

Nothing can be more helpful than getting a book that is really easy to understand and start reading it to clear concepts. One should always be choosing books that are made for people who do not understand finance and want to start from the very beginning. These books try to make the person understand the concept of finance very easily and through fun examples. They will use examples which are actually related to the daily life of the people. This makes understanding the financial term really easy and fun. The concepts are clear in a much better way.

Try noting unknown financial terms

It is very important to be attentive if you really want to learn something. Whenever you come across some unknown financial terms it is better to write it down so that you can look up the meaning later and understand the term. It is a big problem if you are unable to understand the financial terms and you are running a business. This inability can make you come across several problems and also losses in your business. Hence, it is advised to be well aware of these terms and be prepared beforehand.

Prefer English news channels

You can also refer to English news channels so that you learn not only the word but also its proper pronunciation. When you are interacting with someone and having a conversation using the finance terms, you should be very careful about your pronunciations or you might be taken lightly. If you follow news everyday you would be easily able to cope up with the information and won’t have to read everything and also you would be knowing the proper pronunciation. You can also take help of some youtube videos which would be working under your control you can stop and repeat a portion if you don’t understand it.

Converse with the people who have knowledge about finance terms

It is always better to learn from an expert. If you know anyone with whom you can converse and know more about financial terms, it would definitely be a great opportunity for you to learn. The best learnings are got while conversing, it would be easier to understand and ask again if you still have any doubt. You can discuss several things and also about the recent on goings and market procedures.

Some of the financial terms that you can discuss or study about are:


Bear market

Bull market

Interest rates

Cash inflow

Cash outflow













Credit rating

External capital

Once you know about these basic terms, you can dive deeper based on your knowledge and requirement. There is no end to a financial list and you can keep on increasing your knowledge and know about new words every day.

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