Thinking Of Exam LabsCompTIA Network+? Here Are Three Companies That Would Hire YouWith This Certification

Thinking Of Exam LabsCompTIA Network+? Here Are Three Companies That Would Hire YouWith This Certification

Career advancement is not just a matter of snapping your fingers. It involves careful planning, research, and considerations. So, if you’re thinking of achieving the CompTIA Network+certification, then knowing the employment opportunities available to you via this certificate is an important consideration. Therefore, in this article, you’ll get a glimpse of a few organizations that hire entry-level staff with this official qualification.

Companies you can work at with your CompTIA Network+ certification.

Since the ExamSnap CompTIA Network+ Practice Test – Exam: N10-007launching in March 2018, top companies have looked to hire certified professionals for the value they could bring to the organization. This is because this certificate validates core technical skills in network management, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Exam LabsCompTIA Network+

Therefore, you can work as a network engineer, network administrator, IT consultant, computer engineer, network support specialist, network analyst, or help desk technician in leading companies such as:

  1. Apple

Apple is one of the most popular and most valuable tech companies in our world today. Its operations include the design, development, and sales of consumer technology products such as smartphones, personal computers, online services, electronic devices, and lots more. What’s more, here you could work as a System Administrator with an average annual salary of$71,556, according to ZipRecruiter.

Meanwhile, if your dream is to work with Apple’s technologies, working under a direct employment contract with this company is just one way to achieve that dream. You could also consider joining the Exam LabsApple Consultants Network (ACN) -a group of independent technology firms and professional service providers that assist SMEs and MSMEs on how to use Apple technologies to reach their goals. You won’t believe it but the CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the prerequisites for joining this global community.

  1. Verizon

Verizon is also an American consumer tech product company with its headquarters in New York. They are a wireless network operator and are currently the first network operator to provide 5G on select client devices. And the Exam-Labs CompTIA Network+ Practice Test – Exam: N10-007holders will be interested to know the fact that Verizon sometimes opens job positions such as that of a network engineer and other network-based roles where your accreditation and verifiedskills will come in handy. Moreover, Verizon’s subsidiaries such as Alltel and NPhase might also be of interest to you in your career.

  1. The Minnesota Judicial Branch

At the same time, you could consider working for more traditional organizations such as the Minnesota Judicial Branch. With your CompTIA Network+qualification, you will have an added edge when applying to job roles such as anentry-level Network Engineer.

In this role, the certified specialist will work with the support team to identify, prioritize, and resolve critical network-related issues impacting business operations. Such an employee will communicate, suggest and troubleshoot internal or external problems with their solutions and earn from $55K a year for it per the website.

Other organizations where your CompTIA Network+ accreditation is relevant are DELL, RICON, Canon, Intel, and Hewlett Packard (HP) among many.


Anyway, there are a variety of companies you could work with as a CompTIA Network+ certified specialist. You don’t need to target the big shot companies alone. Instead, you can choose to begin your career at a smaller startup or as a freelancer and enjoy the experience you’ll get.

Therefore, remember to keep your career prospects in mind while preparing for your N10-007 exam.Thus, woking in Apple, Verizon, HP, Intel, or Dell will definitely keep your motivation high.

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