The Experience of Account-Based Marketing

The Experience of Account-Based Marketing

There are a lot of blogs out there that talk about What account-based marketing is. All catering to an audience that wants to practice ABM by themselves.

Account-Based Marketing

In this blog post, let’s experience what is Account-Based marketing to experts feels.

Why Delegate?

ABM can be an expensive venture. To start, the tools and information needed are expensive. On top of that, experts with specific knowledge are rare to come by.

When you delegate the ABM process, you get instant access to a world of talent and cutting edge tools. From there on it’s a matter of clear conversation and realistic goal setting.

How Delegation Works

Live Example

Let’s take an example and follow through with the process. 

A content Sharing Platform, Revidd, wants leads for their shiny new product. They are a small team, focusing on product and customer care. With their limitations, they decide to delegate their Sales Funnel to Intandemly.

The complete process is carried out as follows:

1. Starting Out

  1. Revidd sets the goals for sales, revenue, or the number of leads to be closed.
  2. Intandemly allocates a dedicated team of Sales Experts for Revidd

2. Creating Ideal Customer Profile

  1. Revidd sets the scope and boundary by specifying the ideal customer. Company Revenue, Number of Employees, Industry, and Location.
  2. Using the information provided, Intandemly starts the Identification process. Creating a pool of 100-600 companies as potential leads.

3. Deploying Prospecting Team 

  1. Revidd’s dedicated Sales team starts prospecting with C-level executives and decision-makers.
  2. In the backend, Intandemly is creating sales funnels, communication and 1-on-1 marketing content. Team Revidd can set this on autopilot or refine it to suit their brand better.

4. Engaging with Leads

  1. To warm the leads, teams at Intandemly Collaborates with teams at Revidd. Creating account-based activities such as webinar and product demos.
  2. As each lead gets warm, a meeting is set with Revidd’s onboarding team along with Sales experts from Intandemly.

What Revidd sees

From the perspective of Revidd, they reached and signed a contract with Intandemly to bring customers for their product.

After painting an ideal customer profile, their dedicated Sales team lead at Intandemly set weekly meetings to learn more about Revidd’s goals and their new product.

With weekly emails of updates and progress reports, Revidd was in the loop of every funnel created. 

A few weeks later Team Revidd started getting into meetings with clients interested in their new product.

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