The Contemporary Abacus: A Modern PDF Tool To Maximize Work Efficiency

The Contemporary Abacus: A Modern PDF Tool To Maximize Work Efficiency

In classic times, humans used to have simple yet efficient ways of dealing with basic jobs such as counting money and objects. Today, the same desire to work effectively still stays the same except because we’re leagues ahead in terms of speed, processing power, and the ability to multi-task now exists. Computers have come a long way, and we have yet to tap into these machines’ potential.

Software is one creation directly related to the hardware that computers use, and without each other, neither would function. Programmers from different companies have looked for ways to help society maximize work efficiency, and one fruit of that ideology is PDFBear. This online tool paradise suits all your PDF needs in management and conversion.

PDFBear – A PDF Conversion Gem

You can’t find anything quite like PDFBear, as it is one of the most sought after PDF management software on the market today. People have been raving about its utility, flexibility, and overall functionality when used to manage PDFs. You can even do all the fundamental processes that a professional or amateur might need and even some specialized ones, such as to convert PDF to PDFA.

Personally trying out the tool and seeing its impressive features will surprise even the most experienced professionals. The company even cares for its customers with an always-online customer support line waiting to answer any concerns. They also have a dedicated FAQ portion for those looking for quick answers to common problems.

Officially released online in 2020, PDFBear is a one of a kind free, open-source online web tool. It is the software that one would assume has a hefty subscription fee. However, that isn’t the case here as it is entirely free of charge. A premium account only differentiates itself by having slightly more administrative controls over the uploaded files and more storage.

User Interface And Features

Navigating through the website for the first-time will delight new users as it is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. There is also an abundance of instructions littered throughout their landing pages with even more detailed versions in their FAQ pages or as provided by customer support. The first version of the operating system for the website is flawless and free of any significant glitches.

One can compare the functionalities it offers to a more professional and paid application, but what’s so great about PDFBear is that it can be used on any operating system. The software engineers have tirelessly worked hard to eliminate any compatibility issues. The web tool is unbelievably handy when you’re traveling away from your main computer with just a laptop or smartphone in hand.

Basic features such as Word, Excel, and PPT conversion to PDF is quick and easy, with most processes taking up only a few seconds at a time. Compression and organization of PDFs can also be done on PDFBear, and the whole procedure takes less than five steps. That’s a type of practicality that can’t be beaten even for bigger and more expensive competitors.

People that work in big companies sometimes need to take care of PDF management by viewing and editing, and luckily, PDFBear also has tools that can take care of that. The integrated PDF reader is snappy and doesn’t show any signs of lagging or delay despite being used repeatedly on user tests.

While PDFBear has the latest in software to aid professionals and amateurs alike, there is support for the latest in Optical Character Recognition, which is the tool’s capability to read different documents and convert them into text. The technology currently supports seventeen languages, with more being added in the future.

Privacy, Security, And PRO Accounts 

Files uploaded to the website undergo encryption, so PDFBear’s system can only keep your files but can’t view them. That’s just a complicated way of saying that PDFBear cares about its customers’ privacy and wishes to give new users the peace of mind that important files won’t be tampered with while using their web tool.

Security is also paired with the latest in 256 BIT SSL-Technology, and like what was said earlier, they are encrypted as they enter the website. Your old files are kept in PDFBear’s database by default, but if you want more special controls over file management, then a PRO account will suit all your needs.

A premium PRO account is a subscription that is more like a way to show support than functionality as there isn’t much of a difference compared to the free version. PRO accounts get unlimited storage, more conversions per day, and a faster upload speed. However, it is worth noting that the free version is more than capable of handling even the most demanding PDF-related tasks.

Most users that visit the site won’t have any more need for the PRO account unless they decide to rely on PDFBear exclusively for their PDF management needs, in which case, a more premium experience is needed to have better control over productivity. Refunding accounts seems to be a simple process as well, but we doubt anyone would think about that as a PRO account is undeniably worth it.


The dawn of the technology age has brought upon many innovations that have changed the way people work and produce results. It’s also quite astonishing to realize that our development within the last century is exponentially faster than any other time period in the past. That says a lot about the future of technology and how far we will take it as a species.

Many software engineers marvel at the idea that productivity will soon become automated, and with the current technology that we have today, taking a glimpse into the future is possible. PDFBear is an advocate for maximizing work output and helping professionals and amateurs become better versions of themselves through handy software tools. Users who try this website for themselves will surely find what they need, want, and more. It’s worth giving a go because of its many helpful features.

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