Open Task Manager in Mac – How to Force Quit on Mac Applications?

Are you a Mac device user? It is quite common that people confront the issues with their computers, Mac devices, and other apps. Some of the issues are unavoidable. In some cases, if the apps don’t work properly, the Mac device will remain slow and sluggish. We have few troubleshooting tools available on the web that enables the users to diagnose the issues with the Mac.

If you are accessing the Mac OS operating system from your Windows PC, you might not be able to spot the Task Manager. The task manager enables the users to hinder and handle the tasks that must be carried on the computer. You can definitely locate the Task Manager on Mac but it appears with a different name.

Just like the task manager, there is an activity monitor that allows the users to view and handle the tasks on a PC. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to find Task Manager on Mac. Understand the ways to force quite different Mac applications from your Mac device. Have a glimpse! Also check how to download garageband for pc alternatives

How to Find Task Manager on Mac OS?

On Windows device, you can access the task manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. On the other hand, it is pretty different to access activity monitor on Mac OS. Follow the simple steps provided below to find the location of task manager on Mac OS:

We have numerous methods to launch the application. One is to open the app from the directory. The other method is to launch it via the Launchpad. The users can even drag the app into the home screen. Another method is to open the task manager on Mac using the Spotlight. Among various ways, the simplest and fastest method is using the Spotlight.

Access Task manager on Mac

  • First of all, press the command key and spacebar to access the Spotlight search field.
  • Enter ‘Activity Monitor’ in the search space.
  • You can then choose Activity Monitor and access the application.

The best method to sort the tasks is through the central processing unit. One can even sort different tasks through their individual names, process IDs, memory utilization and more. At the time of accessing the activity monitor, you can view all the running apps, system-level tasks, kernel tasks, processes and more. It also displays the processes that are being carried out by other people who access the PC. check how to turn off find my iphone

How to Terminate Tasks via Activity Monitor?

Follow the below steps to stop the tasks that are running using the activity monitor or task manager.

  • After entering the activity monitor app, you can pick any task and click on it. You can then view a huge red button that reads ‘Quit Process’ in the left-hand corner of the app window.
  • After tapping that button, a message appears on the screen that reads ‘Are you sure you want to quit this process?’

Quit Tasks using Task Manager - Activity Monitor

  • Once you are sure about the task, you can tap the ‘Quit’ option.
  • If the app is open even after quitting it, you must choose the option ‘Force Quit’.
  • This way, you can terminate the running tasks from your task manager.
  • The quit apps will be closed without any further queries.

How to Force Quit Mac Apps from a Task Manager?

In case, any of the Mac applications are unresponsive then, force quitting them is the best solution. If the app is not responding well then, you can force quit such apps on the mac os. There are some tricks that help the users to force quit the apps on Mac device. Some of the tricks have given below:

1. Using Keyboard

  • Just press and hold the keys Command + Option + Shift + Escape for about a second until the app closes forcibly.
  • This method works when the app that you wish to force quit is the initial app on the Mac device.
  • It is one of the fastest methods to force quit the application running on Mac in the foreground.

2. Use Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

  • The Force Quit window will appear on the screen with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Press and hold the keys Command + Option + Escape to get the ‘Force Quit Applications’ window.

Force Quit Apps on Mac

  • Tap the app name to choose and hit the ‘Force Quit’ button.
  • The app will end up immediately.

3. From Apple Menu

  • You can hold the Shift key and tap the Apple menu to locate ‘Force Quit [App Name]’.
  • It is quite simple to memorize. However, it’s not a compelling method as it is app application that’s not responsive.

4. Using Activity Monitor

  • Activity Monitor is the best way to forcibly quit any application, task and the process running on Mac OS X.
  • Go to Applications >> Utilities >> access Activity Monitor from the Spotlight using Command + Space.
  • You can then enter ‘Activity Monitor’ and return key.
  • Choose the name of the process or the ID that you want to kill when it is unresponsive.
  • Hit the button ‘Quit Process’.

Final Words:

These are different ways that help the users to force quit the Mac applications on your Mac OS X device. We have even included the method to locate the task manager or activity monitor from the Mac device. Hope this guide has helped you to access the task manager to handle various tasks on Mac. You can use this app to quit any apps when unresponsive. For more doubts and queries, drop them in the comments section.

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