How to Stream to Twitch From PS4 : Complete Step by Step Guide

Are you seeking to share your gaming with the entire realm? Twitch is a popular live streaming video platform that lets the user’s stream videos with much ease. As it is a prevalent game streaming service, it can be done directly from the PlayStation 4. The PS4 is a gaming console used to play the games based on your choice. It is pretty much easy to stream Twitch from the PS4. Justin Kan has originally designed and developed the video game streaming site Twitch in the year 2011.

Since the inception of the game, it has acquired popularity in the entire online game streaming industry. More than 55 million people across the world watch the video game streamers on the Twitch platform on a monthly basis. The PS4 users have the ability to live stream the gameplay to Twitch and other popular streaming services. In this post, we have come up with a detailed guide on how to stream to Twitch from the PlayStation 4. Have a look!

Stream Twitch from PlayStation 4 :

The exciting game players can broadcast the video game gameplay to the Twitch platform for other players so that they can watch it in the real time. This way one can enjoy spending most of their time on the PlayStation 4 console designed by Sony. Most of the professional streamers spend a huge amount on purchasing the video gaming equipment. The stuff includes video capture cards, microphones, cameras, computers and green screens. Instead of using all such things, one can easily stream PS4 gameplay to Twitch with what you have already.

Pre-Requisites to Stream on PS4

For streaming the basic content to Twitch from the PlayStation 4 console, you need not require much of the necessities. However, we have compiled a listed of the minimum requirements to stream on PlayStation 4 to Twitch.

  • A working PlayStation 4 used for playing your favorite video games. It can also be used for processing the video streaming and capture. You can either use a PlayStation 4 Pro or a standard PlayStation 4 console.
  • 1 TV for watching your gameplay and the entire stream footage.
  • You need to have a minimum of 1 PlayStation controller for playing your desired video game.
  • An Official PlayStation 4 Twitch App
Other Optional Accessories

Some of the professional streamers want to integrate their footage and the voice at the time of streaming. In such a case, they need to have some additional accessories which are optional for the normal gamers.

A PlayStation Camera

  • This camera comprises both a camera as well as an integrated microphone. This PS camera is essential to capture the video footage of the player for Twitch streams and record the voice.

An Additional Mic

  • For recording the voice, we can use an additional microphone. Most of the contemporary smartphones can be used for this purpose and the normal earphones can be plugged directly to the PS controller.

Download Twitch PS4 App:

For the PlayStation 4, the users can need to download an official Twitch app. This app is quite different from those designed for the PCs and mobile devices. The Twitch app for PS4 can be installed through a couple of methods.

Method 1:

  • In the first method, the players can visit the official PlayStation Store website.
  • Sign into the PlayStation account using the already created login credentials.
  • You can then buy the app for free.
  • Once the app is purchased, it will be added to your PlayStation 4 automatically.
  • When you turn on your console next time, the app will commence downloading to the console.

Method 2:

  • The alternative method is to download the Twitch PS4 app from the store.
  • First of all, open the store from your PlayStation 4.
  • You need to explore the Twitch app using the search field.
  • Hit the Install button right from the product listing.

Connect your PS4 and Twitch Accounts:

Ensure that the video game broadcasting is sent to the precise Twitch account from the PlayStation 4 console. For that, you need to connect your PS and Twitch accounts. After connecting them for the first time, you need not do it again unless and until you change your accounts or consoles.

  • At first, tap the Share button present on the PlayStation controller.
  • You can find this button on the top left side of the controller.
  • Choose the option ‘Broadcast Gameplay’ and select the option ‘Twitch’.
  • You need to tap the ‘Sign-in’ button.
  • The PS4 console shows an exceptional series of numbers.
  • From your PC, navigate to the special Twitch page from your web browser and type the code as displayed on the Television screen.
  • On your PS4 console, you can find a new option.
  • Tap OK button. The PS4 and the Twitch account will be linked successfully.

How to Stream to Twitch from PlayStation 4?

After successfully connecting your Twitch and PS4 accounts, you can commence the Twitch streaming for the first time. For streaming to Twitch from PS4, just follow the simple steps provided below:

  • Tap the Share button present on the PlayStation 4 controller.
  • Choose the Twitch option from the menu displayed on the screen.
  • On the next screen, you can find a button that says ‘Start Broadcasting’.
  • You can check different boxes on that screen to use the video recording, microphone and streaming options.
  • Type your name in the Title field. In the Quality field, choose the resolution of the image that you want to set for your video.
  • After making all the necessary settings, tap the Start Broadcasting option.
  • In order to stop the Twitch Stream, hit the Share button on your PS controller.
  • That’s all! This is the easy process to stream to Twitch video streaming platform from the PlayStation 4 console.

Final Words

That’s it! This is the in-depth guide to stream to Twitch from the PlayStation 4 gaming console. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section.

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