Seiko Astron GPS solar watch Review : Should I Buy It?

Watches are the best accessories for most of the people in the current trend. There are innumerable highly branded watches available for both men and women online. Have you ever heard of Seiko Astron? If not, it is a new type of technology launched into the market. GPS Solar is a kind of technology that has the ability to grab the satellite radio signal situated more than 20000 kilometres above in the outer space. Seiko Astron is an exceptional technology that renders the service by displaying the accurate time anywhere across the globe irrespective of the location. Once the Astron acquires the signal, the second hand will begin the rotation. It eventually indicates the users that a new signal is captured. At that particular point, a new time will be set.

With the help of the winding crown, it is pretty simple to make adjustments to the time in a manual manner. In the current hectic trend, it is quite tedious for the people to set the time in a manual manner. In such a consequence, the Seiko Astron has come into the picture. In case, if the time margin amidst the manual time adjustments is pretty long and if there is sunlight then, Seiko Astron grabs the electromagnetic signals from the satellite. It then gains the ability to set the time all by itself without any difficulty. In case, if there is no sunlight, the Astron Seiko technology sets the time once in a day. Through this technology, there is no necessity for the customers to worry about setting the time on their wrist watches. Your wrist watch will no more show the inaccurate time.

How good are Seiko Astron GPS Watches?

seiko astron watches

Features of Seiko Astron Technology

The Seiko Astron technology delivers an exceptional feature to all the users. It has the ability to utilize the sunlight as its best power source. By acquiring the functionalities from the sun, Seiko Astron has received a perfect name from the Greek term for star i.e., ‘Astron’. By keeping this in mind, we can take a quick glance at some of the functionalities and features of Seiko Astron.

  • The fundamental benefit and usage of Seiko Astron is to eradicate all the time-specific issues. Moreover, it helps the people to ensure that exact time is shown each and every second anywhere across the globe.
  • One of the best features is ‘World Time Function’. The time shown through this technology is equivalent to 40 time zones in and across the universe.
  • The DTS Function feature lets the users to switch the time in summer season. There is even a possibility to switch on or off the summer time.
  • All these functionalities generated through this technology appear pretty simple. However, they are quite important for the people at the time of setting precise time.
  • Seiko Aston comes with a well-designed structure. If provides a super clear coating glass and the case offered by this watch is ‘Zara Scouring finish’. The exceptional design of this watch is finished with utmost beauty and keeping the luxury factor in mind.
  • Whenever you look at the face of this watch, it is highly rich in terms of quality. None of the users will feel that Seiko Astron is messy for the usage. All this is possible because of the stunning design and the layout manufactured by the makers of Seiko Astron.
  • People can use Seiko Astron for different purposes than just for the recreations. Most of the business folks consider Seiko Astron as a highly valued accessory. Besides the business tycoons, the popular celebrities and sports folks love using this branded watch.

People who spend much of their time in travelling prefer Seiko Astron as it shows the exact time. As of now, the manufacturers have launched the latest model only for men. However, the popularity that this brand has grabbed in just a less span of time directed the makers to launch the watches for women too. On the auspicious occasions, the makers will launch the limited models of this watch.

Seiko Astron 8X Series Models

Seiko Astron launched a total of 4 types of models in 8X series for all the customers. Some of them have been listed below.

Seiko Astron 8X series Dual Time

This is the popular model in the series of this watch as it shows the dual time for the customers. There is a feasibility to check out two different times on the bulky dial and the tiny dual situated on the screen.

Seiko Astron 8X series Chronograph

The Chronograph model of Seiko Astron watch helps the users to measure the exact time. The seconds and hours time can be viewed with much ease as these two elements are emphasized on the dial. One can easily understand the time even during the night or in the dark locations with much ease. Some other models of this watch will allow the users to analyze the bezel speed. The remaining models help users to look at a huge calendar.

Seiko Astron 8X series World Time

The next series of this watch is the world time. As there are 4 types of models from the 8X series of the watch, the world time model comes with an easy dial. This branded latest model of the watch ranges from 16000 yen [including the taxes]. Most of them consider this as the entry model of Astron watches. It offers limited functionalities to the users. However, it is a worthy watch and we can surely praise this model for its simple look and easy user interface.

Seiko Astron Executive Line

This model comprises both the dual time and chronograph features from the series of 8X models. There are different materials and colors available in this series.

Final Words

That’s all! These are some of the best models of Seiko Astron 8X series watches available online. Hope this guide has given adequate information about unique model watches. For more doubts, just ask us through the comments section below.

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