Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows PC (10/8.1/7) Download

Rainmeter Skins for Windows : You might be wondering what this powerful and resourceful tool everyone seems obsessed about called Rainmeter is. Well, allow me to explain through this post. Rainmeter is a useful tool which will allow you to display customizable “Rain meter skins” on your desktop. With the help of these different skins, you are able to keep a track of useful information such as your system status, to-do lists, and RSS feed.

It is a Windows customization application which is widely used by many users worldwide. This app allows you the power to customize each and every aspect of their desktop and alter it to suit your liking as well as needs. The customization factor, in my opinion, is what makes it a hit with most users.

Customization is done through the help of what Rainmeter terms as skins, but generally, you might know them as widgets. These widgets can either be for utility purposes or to help you keep a track of useful information such as the weather or the news. Here is everything you need to know about Rainmeter Skins. Check the list of the best sites that help the users to download Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10.Also check ADB Sideload for windows

Download Rainmeter Skins for Windows 7 8 10 : Best of 2018 !!

Download rainmeter skins for windows

How to Use Rainmeter Skins?

Rainmeter is an app which can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer. The installation process is simple, and also offers you two methods of installation: portable install or full install. The portable install allows you to install the application in a folder which you can then use via your flash drive on any computer.

But before you get started, it is important to be familiar with some Rainmeter specific terminology. The app uses a few words differently than we would, and hence to make sure that what I’m saying remains clear, let us learn a little more about these terms:

  • Skin: As mentioned earlier, skins are nothing but widgets used by the Rainmeter app to allow its users the ability to customize their desktop. These widgets are kind of like small applications in themselves. They can serve a number of purposes and help you make your desktop more efficient.
  • Skin suites: This is essentially a theme for the different skins on your desktop. Many authors create a suite which fits all of the different skins on your desktop. This allows your desktop to have a more cohesive appearance.
  • Layout: A layout helps you pick and choose the position of the different skin on your desktop. Once you have positioned the different skins the way you want, you can save that configuration as a layout and then load it again later. This way you can have as many or as little skins on your desktop as you would like.

How Customizable Does it Really Get?

  • The different skins on Rainmeter are made using two building components: measures and meters.
  • Measures help the skin gather information from a source such as your computer or a website or even a text file.
  • The meter helps alter and manage the appearance of the skin such as the presence of borders, images, etc.
  • The different skins are able to interact among themselves with the help of certain special commands known as bangs and they, too, are customizable via changing lines of text that are called variables.
  • Since Rainmeter is an open-source application, the users themselves can participate in certain aspects of the application.
  • The codes used to program the different skins that are available in the app are completely modifiable and can be tweaked and changed as per the user’s will.
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Is Coding Necessary to Use Rainmeter Skins?

You may be thinking that if the codes for the skins are available to be modified, then the user will need to be familiar with coding in order to be able to customize the skins to their liking. But, you need not be worried. Rainmeter provides all its users with a library that allows the user to always have some control over some of the aspects of the skins, such as its height, width, transparency, etc. Hence, you will be able to customize them to a great extent.

The fact that Rainmeter is open-source allows other creators or authors to be able to create different skins on Rainmeter for other users to use. The creators will often add customization options for the other users who may want to use the skins designed by them. Again, this gives the user the ability to alter the skin to their liking, but they are still limited to the customization options that have been provided to them by the author.

When is Coding Required?

However, it may so happen that the user may want to alter the skin to a greater extent than is facilitated by the creator of the skin. Then, such a user will need to be able to write and understand code language. Or even if the user wanted to create his or her own skin, they would need to have some knowledge of programming language.

However, this is not very difficult since an advanced knowledge of programming (although that option is certainly available for those who wish to use it) is not required to alter the skin. The basic properties are written using novice level of programming language. The ability to create a skin on the Rainmeter app is actually often considered to be the fun part of using this application.

Since the basic components of the different skins are written using simple code language, it is not very difficult for most users to try their hand at it. Moreover, if a fellow user actually becomes interested in creating different skins and wished to use the advanced settings, the knowledge of the code that they would require for it may also come in quite handy for them in the future.

Best Sites to Download Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10

Now that we have learned a little about what Rainmeter skins are and how they work, let us find out where we can actually get these customizable skins:

Download Rainmeter Skins

Rainmeter Skin

1. DeviantArt

This site is the hub of all artists and art enthusiasts that feature excellent artistic pieces. It also has a huge repository of different Rainmeter skins created by different users. In fact, Rainmeter themselves recommend this site when they tell you which places you can safely download Rainmeter skins from.

Download rainmeter skins at DeviantArt

This site checks each and every skin provided by a user for malware. Hence, provides a better experience for the users. Additionally, this site has such a dedicated portion to Rainmeter skins. It has a different category altogether as well as a special Rainmeter forum. The forum comes filled with screenshots, how-to articles, and guides.

2. Lifehacker

Download rainmeter skins from lifehacker site

This community is filled with users of Rainmeter. The editors of this site often feature how-to guides for popular Rainmeter skins and help you achieve those layouts with the help of screenshots. The site is filled with images of different beautiful and unique skins that allow you to sift through them and select ones that you like. The screenshots provided by the site are also accompanied by useful as well as helpful information.

3. Reddit Rainmeter

Reddit has dedicated subreddit for Rainmeter (r/Rainmeter) which is basically a community of Rainmeter users who not only share different skins with each other but also useful information. Different queries are easily answered with the help of these forums.

Rainmeter skins reddit

Here, you may find various tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your desktop as well as some common troubleshooting guides. A truly helpful site that allows you to use Rainmeter in a much easier fashion while also offering you tons of customizable skin.

4. Rainmeter Forum

Rainmeter Skins Forum download best rainmeter skins

Rainmeter offers its own forum wherein users may gather and exchange ideas. Through this forum users can also exchange different sins. The skins here are almost always innovative and unique and can be easily used by Rainmeter users.

5. RainmeterHub

Rainmeter hub - top 5 sites to download

This is a different website than Rainmeter wherein you can explore a large variety of different skins. These skins are quite easy to manipulate and install to your desktop. This site comes filled with tons of free skins.

Important Tips before Downloading Rainmeter skins

The fact that there are so many different types of skins that are available on the internet is quite overwhelming. Each new skin seems to be more exciting the one before it. Initially, you may end up installing and uninstalling many different types of skins.

1. Stay Safe from Malicious Malware

However, just as with any software that is available on the internet, users should be careful to avoid any sort of malware when downloading the different skins for Rainmeter. In fact, Rainmeter, themselves, understand how a user’s experience ruins if they are subjected to malware. It eventually may harm their computer when they download a Rainmeter skin. This is why they have taken certain steps to ensure a safe and secure experience for their customers.

2. Download Rainmeter Skins in Precise Format

The user should never download a file with the extension .exe claiming to be Rainmeter skin. In fact, Rainmeter skins have their own skin format, which is the .rmskin format. The more recent version of Rainmeter requires authors to create new skin suites or packages with the use of Rainmeter’s newest addition, the Skin Packager. This helps reduce the risk of someone tampering with the skins. Downloading a skin with this format is also ultimately easier for the user since they have a built-in skin installer that helps the user install the skin with no effort at all.

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3. Know the Author of the Skin

It is important to first assess the author of the skin. Many prefer downloading skins from well-established authors that have a high number of downloads and page views. New authors that do not have much profile information. The downloads may be suspicious and users should be a little wary of them. Additionally, if a user disables comments on their submissions, it is best to avoid downloading their skins.

4. Check the Reviews in Comments

But if you find that comments are open and active of a submission it is better to take a moment to read the comments. It is to understand whether anyone has had a bad experience with that particular skin. Otherwise, proceed with installing the skin. If yes, then steer clear of it and help other fellow users do the same by reporting the submission.

5. Always Prefer Latest Versions

Though older versions of certain skins may be available in a .zip format that requires manual installation, Rainmeter recommends that you try and find a newer version of such skins.

Are still wary of downloading a skin use VirusTotal? It is a helpful tool where you can upload a file. Then, check it against more than 40 different anti-malware services. The users can then receive results regarding its safety.

What’s Unique About Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is actually quite a powerful tool that can be used by different users to customize their desktop to make it more efficient. It offers numerous creative features to all the users. As this application is open-sourced, it lets the users explore the creativity.

While Rainmeter is a powerful tool, it does not possess the ability to actually change the appearance of your windows desktop completely. You cannot change how your start button appears or the icon for your windows explorer and other files that are built-in your computer. Your taskbar will appear the same way as it always did before and so will your other desktop icons. The appearance of these applications as well as their icons remains completely unchanged.

Rainmeter does not help you create workspaces. That is, it does not double as a window manager. It will not help you set up dual screen or even help you with minimizing or maximizing an already open application. If you are using a music app or a video app, you may be able to pause, play or rewind the on-going music or video. The application must be opened in the background and shouldn’t be closed for that purpose.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! This is everything you need to know about the best Rainmeter Skins for Windows Desktop. Hope this in-depth guide about Rainmeter Skins, its working process, downloading method and more have given you adequate knowledge about the same. For more doubts and queries, just drop them in the comments section. Share your favorite rainmeter skin that fits apt for your Windows device. We always welcome valuable suggestions from our readers. Turn your desktop more personal and customize it as you wish.

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