Malwarebytes Free Download : Malware Bytes 2018 Review [Free Vs Premium]

With the swift advancement in the technology and usage of smartphones, the malicious threats harming the devices have increased in a rapid way. Especially, people across the world have been using the Android device platform coming to their mobile devices. It is pretty much simple to spread virus onto the Android platform than any other platforms. Even we try securing our phone by using different methods; none of them are assisting the users in keeping their Android device safe and secure.

People are purchasing Android devices as they are pretty much inexpensive and simple to use user interface. But, there are numerous issues with this platform and security is the biggest troublesome factor these days. In order to store private data on your Android devices, you need to make sure that your device is mal-free and offers the best security for your mobile phone. In order to ensure the protection, you need to have some antivirus apps or software on your device.

Malwarebytes Free Download : Malware Bytes 2018 Review [Free Vs Premium]

Malwarebytes free version

There are innumerable Antivirus Apps for your Android device that helps users secure their confidential data. Among them, the Malwarebytes is a popular antivirus software program. It enables the users to remove the virus from different devices with much ease. Here is the complete review on Malwarebytes for both the free and premium versions. Get to know more about Malwarebytes for Android here.

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Malwarebytes for Mac , windows & Android :

Malwarebytes is one of the most popular antivirus security programs. It has acquired massive popularity among the folks across the world. this software secures the devices from different types of malware infections. Malwarebytes tool is available in two different versions i.e., free and premium. If you want to know more about this tool then, check out the complete Malwarebytes review for both free and premium in this post. The Malwarebytes software is compatible with different platforms. It is also supported with the Android operating system.

Download Links : 

  • Click here to download Malware bytes for Mac
  • Click here to download Malware bytes for Windows
  • Click here to download Malwarebytes for Android

Malwarebytes Features

Here are some of the beneficial features of the Malwarebytes antivirus software program for the free and premium versions.

1. Intuitive Interface

The Malwarebytes software program offers a great user interface which is clean and clear. Even the basic level users of a computer who have fewer skills can even operate this tool with much ease. One can make their necessary settings based on their preference.

2. System Scan

Malwarebytes works quite similar to the remaining antivirus programs available in the market. Once you download this tool on your device, you can install it. The users can find an option to scan the system for any kind of vulnerable threats.

This feature on the antivirus program will detect the threats. Once it detects all the threats, it displays them in a list. You can then analyze those threats and find a solution to resolve them. In case, those threats are not so dangerous than, you can select to ignore them for once or forever.

3. Secure Browsing

Malwarebytes also secures the users’ devices from the known threats at the time of browsing the internet. It eventually gives a warning to the users when they try to access the harmful websites. Such threats are crowd-sourced from the remaining users of Malwarebytes. They are constantly updated as the latest threats that are found.

4. Support & Directions

If you are using this software then, you can find a plethora of amazing features. It renders the best support to the users with its features and numerous options.

5. Scheduling

Another great feature of the Malwarebytes software is scheduling. It enables the users to carry out the scan on a frequent basis based on your selection. You can even toggle specific settings that include active protection either on or off.

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Malwarebytes Review – Malwarebytes Free vs Premium

We have two different versions of Malwarebytes software program. The two versions include free and premium. The free version may not protect the device against the malware actively. All the incoming attacks and insecure websites might attack your device even if you have the free version. The operation of the free version is solely to remove the infections that are already present on your device.

Malwarebytes free vs premium

The active protection is quite important when speaking about the protection. On the other hand, the premium version works on the basis of an active blocking technology. This technology hinders the computer from the typo errors. It warns the users from sudden attacks and virus attacks from the internet websites.

In the premium version of Malwarebytes software, the users will come across an advanced malware detection technology. each device that makes use of this tool will provide precious data to the whole ability for detecting the threats both the new as well as the old one. There is one and only one problem with the malware i.e., it changes constantly.

The Bottom Line:

That’s all! This is the complete review of the Malwarebytes software for Android and other platforms. We have even included the differences between the free and premium versions of the Malwarebytes tool. Hope this guide has helped you to understand the benefits of this antivirus software to secure your Windows PC or laptop. For more doubts and queries, just ask us through the comments section. We send the retort as soon as possible.

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