11 Actionable Tips to Make Your Girlfriend Smile

Loving someone is more than just an exchange of feelings but a hand to hold when the days are dark. It doesn’t have to be grand. Sometimes, you just have to pour your heart in what you want to do for her. Are you still struggling to find the right ways to make her feel special? Quit stressing yourself. Show your girl how her smiles make your day with these 10 actionable tips!

Eyes on Her

Keep your eyes on your girl. As her boyfriend, make her feel like she’s the only girl who can make your heart skip a beat. Compliment her when she least expects it. Girls exert extra efforts to be beautiful. The least that you can do is tell her how beautiful she is inside and out. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in the room.

Take a Lot of Pictures of Her

Your girlfriend deserves to be shown off. To make her feel cherished and appreciated, take a lot of pictures of her. Capture moments that you want to be remembered even the moments when she’s not camera-ready. Give her the assurance that you still find her beautiful when she thinks she’s not her best self.

You can plan an outing or just a day spent outdoors. Grab your camera and take photos of your favorite subject, her. Prepare your camera and extra batteries. You wouldn’t want to miss out your girlfriend’s best shots, right?

Save the Dates

Women remember even the little details that happened between the two of you. Save the important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, first date, first kiss or even the first time you made love, the list is endless. These dates are the ones she wants to cherish.

Come Up with Spontaneous Plans

Surprise her with little gestures that will put a genuine smile on her face. Sometimes, all it takes is the fact that you thought of getting her bacon and eggs for breakfast. Even the simplest moments matter to her.

Be Her Number One Fan

The best boyfriend you can be is someone who supports her dreams and aspirations. Be the person who encourages her to be her best self. When was the last time you acknowledged her little achievements?  When you love a person, you are impressed with what she can do and who could she become. Through each other’s ups and downs, be the person who’ll stand beside her. Remind her why she’s capable of reaching her dreams.

Be Her Other Half

Always think of how committed you are in your relationship. Knowing that someone values the relationship you have together is a joy to behold. Make her smile by standing by her side during the times she needs you the most. Be the person she’ll lean on to when the going gets rough. No relationship is perfect. It’s all about giving and taking to make it work.

Be a Gentleman

As a man, you want to keep up with your bold and masculine image. Do simple efforts that will make her feel that you’re attentive by behaving like a gentleman. It’s as easy as holding the doors for her or kissing her on the forehead before bed.

Being a gentleman is considering what she needs and wants with your own. All it takes is an enormous amount of respect to make her smile. Be courteous not just to her but to her friends and family as well.

Communication is the Key

Talking to each other isn’t just for the sake of trying to make it work. It helps you out on how to express your thoughts. It wouldn’t take much of your time to ask her how her day went or what did she have for lunch. Start small then work your way up. Let her feel that you’re interested in everything she does.

Tell her everything she needs to know even if it could hurt her feelings. Choosing to hide it from her would just cause more pain. Fill her heart with words you really mean. The foundation of a healthy relationship is honesty.

Be Proud to Have Her

The feeling of having someone appreciate your presence brings smiles to your face. Her heart skips a beat every time she sees how proud you are to have her. Boost her confidence by simple gestures like holding her hand when you’re introducing her to your friends and family.

Make Her Laugh Until Her Tummy Aches

To ensure a healthy relationship, one of the secrets is to never get tired of making her laugh.

Crack jokes even if you’re not born a comedian. This helps in ensuring that the two of you go well together through thick or thin. Making her laugh can convince her that you’re an interesting person in spite of your corny jokes.

Laughing will let her guard down. It eases the tension between the two of you. Making her laugh is a big help to loosen up and be comfortable with each other’s company.

Remind Her How Much You Love Her

Don’t make her feel less valued. Maintain a smile on her face by reminding her how much you love her. Keep the love burning by telling her how much you appreciate her presence in your life. Your sincerity is the best way to express your love and affection.


You asked a woman to be your girlfriend. She gave you the full authority to be part of her life. It is your sole responsibility to make her happy. Stand by her even in the darkest of her days. These tips are just the start of the list on how to make her smile. Be creative on thinking of your own moves that will make her feel special and appreciated. It’s all about your consistent efforts on making her feel beautiful and loved.

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