Top 10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC to Run iOS Apps

Are you deeply impressed by the features and functionalities of various iOS applications and want to use them for your own needs?

Are you still thinking whether or not to buy an iPhone or iPad for this?

Well, worry no more. For, you can now execute all the iOS applications smoothly even if you do not have an Apple smartphone or tablet with you.

Yes, you read that right! Running iOS applications is now very much possible by all iOS fanatics using their very own Windows PC.

And how do you get that done?

With the help of iOS emulators that are compatible with your Windows computer.

What are iOS emulators?

An iOS emulator for PC Windows is a software application that enables you to enjoy the various iOS applications using your Windows computer system. This emulator software acts like a bridge, being compatible with the Windows platform but also providing an environment for the iOS applications to execute.

This means that even if you do not have an iOS device with you, you can still execute the games and other applications on another platform, with the help of the emulators. All that you need to do is simply download the best iOS emulator for pc windows on your laptop or computer and go about executing or testing or even debugging various iOS applications like you would do on an iPad or an iPhone.

10 Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

List of Best 10 iOS Emulator for PC Windows:

Now, in case you are wondering which is going to be the best iOS emulator software for your Windows computer then readytricks here to help you. List of the top 10 that we have compiled for you. These are among the most popularly used software applications that you can simply download and start using.

Let us check them out.

1. iPadian Emulator

The iPadian Emulator is one of the most popular iOS emulators that you will come across. The most striking feature of this software is that its user interface or GUI has been developed to match the look and feel of an iPad. So while using this emulator, it will seem like you are using a real iPad and not an emulator. The iPadian emulator allows you full access to Apple’s App Store and you can easily download and execute the applications from there.

iPadian is available both as a free as well as paid premium version. What makes the iPadian so popular is that the fact that it comes with a rich display and a host of exciting features that include versatile compatibility and a wide selection of iOS applications that you can download and use. This emulator has been developed to provide appealing looks that are identical to the user interface of any Apple device.

You can download this from here.

2. SmartFace:

Smartface is another excellent emulator software for those who are interested in developing cross-platform iOS applications. This software is basically a full version enterprise mobility management application that is used to deliver strategic mobility solutions in very less time for various organizations. It provides a full set of options that can you can use for debugging.

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Smartface ios emulator for windows

It can be highly beneficial while developing native iOS applications. Support for plug-ins for other apps contains a Javascript library and a standalone codebase for javascript. If you wish to derive an interface that is identically rich and flawless like any of the Apple devices, Smartface is going to be a pleasure for you to work with.

You can download Smartface from here.

3. MobiOne Studio:

One of the very popular iOS emulators for pc windowsMobiOne Studio can be used both as an iOS emulator as well as a visual designer. The applications on this emulator have been developed by using an open-source framework of PhoneGap or Cordova based on HTML 5 hybrid application model. The MobiOne Studio comes with a full set of features such as a customizable workbench that helps you to keep your apps organized.

Mobione studio - best ios emulators

MobiOne Studio is a wonderful iPhone / iPad emulator that delivers a high-class realistic user experience. It offers a simple but efficient drag-and-drop designer interface where you can design and execute the iOS apps. It also offers an amazing range of design templates which can help you design and develop iOS apps easily and in much less time. Moreover, there are features that let you create status notifications for your desktop, imprint your apps with customized icons and also play iOS games.

MobiOne Studio can be downloaded from here.


The best thing about is that it lets you execute all iOS applications and games on a Windows computer, and lets you download and run Android apps too. Its versatility as an emulator for both Android as well as iOS applications makes it one of the hugely popular tools that you can use to test the apps developed by you. There is a wide range of the coolest features that this application offers its users. iOS Emulator for Windows

One can check them all out by watching the live iOS demonstration. You can use this as a simulator by simply creating an account, log in using your credentials and upload the app file to execute it in the browser. You can access the trial version of this software that supports 2 parallel users up to a limit of 100 minutes. In the premium and enterprise versions, an unlimited number of concurrent users is supported.

You can download from here.

5. Ripple Emulator:

Ripple is one of the most lightweight and finest iOS emulators that you can use as an extension to your Chrome web browser. It emulates many of the functionalities of the native iOS platform which helps in running and developing various iOS applications and games. Ripple also lets you test various iOS applications after you have developed them.

Ripple iOS Emulator for windows

Those who are looking for a quick and light iOS emulator application for testing their developed applications will definitely be delighted with the way Ripple Emulator performs. However, you will not be able to understand much difference if you simply want to run few iOS applications. If you have been able to transcode an HTML-5 based app into a native iOS app using PhoneGap, Ripple will make it easier for you to execute that iOS application for you.

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You can download it from here.

6. Xamarin:

Xamarin is widely known as one of the top performing iOS emulators for pc windows that is also hugely popular among the developers who can both create as well as execute native iOS apps. You can create your own set of native iOS applications on this tool, using the programming language C#. Moreover, you can develop, execute as well as test all your iOS applications using the IDE for Visual Studio. Xamarin allows you to do all of these functions seamlessly on all three platforms namely iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Xamarin iOS Emulator for Windows PC

You can share up to 75% of the logic of your app development across the various platforms used for mobile application development using Xamarin. You can even share most of the user interfaces among the different platforms with the help of the feature namely Xamarin. Forms that are built into this application. Xamarin offers the latest technological advancements in the form of “Xamarin Test Cloud” which can be used to automate the total process of testing the developed iOS apps.

Download Xamarin from here.


If you have developed an iOS application and now you wish to Beta test it before the final launch, then using the software will be the best to complete the testing. This emulator software has been coded using HTML 5 and that is why it is pretty lightweight and executes very fast. There are some really cool features integrated into this tool which lets you share the demo video of your newly developed application to all the potential customers. emulator for windows

Testers for your application, along with potential investors and customers will be able to view the demo without downloading the application. At the end of the demo, they will be prompted by a CTA button that will automatically redirect them to your application in the Apple’s application store. is directed to provide a highly engaging experience to the users. It also provides a unique way to showcase your app development.

You can download from here.

8. Air iPhone Emulator:

The Air iPhone Emulator is basically an Adobe AIR software application that provides the interfaces of an iPhone and can be used to execute iOS applications directly. In order to use the Air iPhone Emulator, you need to download the AIR framework from Adobe first onto your Windows computer. The Adobe AIR framework offers a rich multi-platform runtime environment that is widely used by developers to create mobile and desktop applications using Adobe’s Flex, Flash and ActionScript software.

You can execute pre-installed iOS applications on the Air iPhone emulator which gives you the best quality first-hand feel of using an iPad or iPhone. However, you may not be able to download and access all the applications that are available in the App Store – the number of downloadable applications is limited. Moreover, all the applications that you may come across on an iPhone may also be unavailable to run on this native simulator software.

Download AIR iPhone for free from here.

9. Nintendo 3Ds Emulator:

Released back in the year 2010 by Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS emulator software is a huge hit among the iOS gaming fanatics. It offers the highest quality of user experience for those who wish to play iOS games on their Windows computer or laptop. The top-level gaming console features make this emulator software one of the most popular applications all over the world.

Nintendo 3Ds ios emulator

Mindblowing 3D graphics and top-grade resolution are the most coveted features offered by this software. You can play the best iOS 3D games without even having to install any other accessories or hardware. Now you can enjoy all the Nintendo games on to your Windows laptop or computer for free, using this Nintendo 3ds Emulator application.

You can download this emulator from here.

10. Electric Mobile Studio:

The Electric Mobile Studio software has been specially designed keeping the requirements of the iOS app developers in mind. When you have downloaded the Electric Mobile Studio suite for a Windows computer or laptop, you can start developing, redesigning as well as testing various iOS apps on your computer. You can run almost all of the iOS software applications available in the Apple’s App Store, using this emulator.

Electric mobile studio - best ios emulators for Windows PC

Moreover, handling your iPad and iPhone also becomes really easy with this application. However, the size of this application file is considerable, so you would need to free up at least 6GB of space on your system to run this emulator seamlessly. Moreover, this is also very expensive, which makes it less accessible to many users. The trial version of this emulator is available for free only for 7 days.

You can check out the download link to the Electric Mobile Studio emulator over here.

Final Words:

By now you must have got a clear enough idea about the iOS emulator for pc windows that you need to look for. Most of these emulator applications are available free of cost and can also support all the versions of the Windows operating system. And if you wish to run your favorite iOS applications on any other platform like Linux, Mac OS, and even Android system, you can also use these emulators and enjoy a seamless experience.

But before you download any of the emulators, make sure to go through the system pre-requisites for each of them. Usually, emulator applications require a lot of space to download and run smoothly on any system. And to enjoy the best user experience, no different than an iPhone or iPad, it is important to make sure that all the system requirements are fulfilled. Only then can you look forward to the highest quality of iOS emulator performance on a Windows PC.

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