Inexpensive Ways To Attract Customers In Your Hotel

Inexpensive Ways To Attract Customers In Your Hotel

If you look closely at how the hospitality industry is changing, you will find that more and more creative hotels and vacation rentals are springing up all over the world. These newly created properties are redefining people’s perceptions of a normal hotel experience by providing distinctiveness, particularly in terms of design and facilities.

It is nearly impossible to entirely transform your hotel into something spectacular if you have been in the sector for a long time. Even if it isn’t, it will undoubtedly burn a hole in your wallet, not to mention the time it will take for your property to become a phenomenon and you to set a new occupancy rate record! Below are 6 inexpensive ways to attract new customers in your hotel. Read on.

Pick Up And Drop Off Services

Offering a pick-up and drop-off service is another method to provide perfect hospitality to your hotel visitors. Larger hotels usually have their own transportation for airport transfers, whilst smaller hotels usually do not. Do not let this be a deal breaker for your guests if you are a tiny hotelier.

You may still provide similar service to your guests by working with reliable hotel transfer companies. Many luxurious hotels have realized the value of providing transportation to their guests. Customers will be sharing their experience to friends and relatives and that is how your hotel will gain new customers.

Offer Gifts

Why should I choose you over the hotel across the street, or one that is more conveniently located or more reasonably priced? These are some questions most customers ask before they decide to book hotels. Customers must have a compelling reason to choose your hotel above the competitors.

If there aren’t any obvious reasons, such as having the best prices or the highest reviews, think of some unique presents and offers you may give to potential consumers. You can choose the best perfume and have it put in a luxury perfume box to make it appear even better. As a thank you, give your customers a gift once they book. This will also attract new customers.

Offer Room Services

Room service is usually available at hotels with in-house restaurants. However, thanks to technological advancements, even if you don’t have an in-house restaurant, you can still offer room service to your visitors, which will significantly increase the value of your hotel. When customers enjoy the stay they will definitely refer other new customers and your hotel will grow.

Provide Quality Beddings To Enhance Comfort

Offering the best quality beddings will be a plus for your hotel business. Bedding will dictate the whole accommodation process. Having your beddings done in a professional manner with the best quality items will make your customers feel satisfied and refer even more new customers. You can learn more about how to find a supplier from China and have your beddings sourced from an accredited supplier.

Discounts For Direct Bookings

Increase your bookings by encouraging website visitors to book directly with your hotel! This strategy will not only increase your business, but it will also save you money by allowing you to avoid OTA commission payments. Customers will begin to think of your website as the most reputable communication method if they discover that you give incentives for booking on your website.

What kind of incentives do you have available? Your originality is only limited by your imagination. Offer them a bottle of wine, a discount at the hotel restaurant or bar, or even a 10% discount on their entire stay. Try out this strategy and wait for magic!

Working Complimentary Wifi

If you think that having good Wi-Fi is not crucial for your hotel business, think again. A poll found that Wi-Fi is one of the most important aspects of the guest experience. It was discovered that 65% of guests log on to the internet within 7 minutes of checking in!

Even if you provide free Wi-Fi, double-check that it is working properly. Many hotels claim to have Wi-Fi, but the connection is a pain to use, and worse, it can’t connect at all! For the guests, this will be a significant turn-off. Sure, they may keep it closed and stay in your hotel, but they’re not likely to return. This will block new customers coming in too.


It is not difficult for hoteliers to provide appealing incentives for their customers. It is all about hospitality, as previously stated. Start with the simplest by giving a stable Wi-Fi connection, and then improve your guest service by listing extra incentives from time to time. You will never know what you are capable of in terms of offering the best visitor experience if you never try.

Make their stay even more conducive by installing air conditioners and air purifiers apart from just installing wifi. Room services are also an important aspect and offering discounts too will help your business attract more customers. For the best air purifier visit our site 

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