How to use recycled glass bottles for your home for decor?

How to use recycled glass bottles for your home for decor?

From ancient times, Glass bottles have served as an excellent option for packaging liquids for long periods. Due to the numerous benefits enclosed, it is still one of the better choices for the food and beverages manufacturers for packaging the food and beverages. Bottles come in different shapes, sizes, and hues; these diverse qualities turn up into versatile objects for recycling and repurposing.

Why use recycled glass bottles for your home for decor?

Glass bottles harm the environment equally to plastic. The production of a glass bottle takes up more resources and energy in comparison to plastic. It is essential to recycle and reuse glass bottles to minimize their impact on pollution and waste. 

Almost daily, we all throw a large number of glass objects, posing a threat to the safety and the environment. The cost of recycling and reusing glass bottles is way less than most people think. Any empty recycled glass bottle can quickly turn into a design glass bottle and add much more to your home’s décor. 

Almost every month, we see a massive number of glass bottles and jars in our home, but why dispose of them if they can be of further use. The purpose of the glass bottles doesn’t end after it is empty as it has the characteristics of serving much longer than your expectations if you tend to use them in the right way. Most people think that PET bottles have much more possibilities for design. Still, when the talk is about the richness and premium feel, the glass bottles have much more diversity. Glass is much better than plastic for decoration purposes due to its sustainability. People are switching to glass bottles in terms of adding rich and subtle appeal to their décor.

A simple way to use glass bottles to decorate your home.

All you need is your creative mind to make the best of the glass bottle and make-up art that is great for the visuals and matching up with the home furnishing. You can easily enliven the space around you and pep up the atmosphere. Design glass bottle art is a great way to give that extra zing of color and make them much better in terms of view than their original. 

The possibilities are endless as one can do anything over a bottle and with a bottle. To make the glass bottle perfect for use and make something better out of waste glass bottles, you need to clean it and then color it as per your needs. 

For cleaning the bottles, you need to remove the labels present, if any. For this, you need to

  1. Soak the glass bottles in a tub full of water overnight; this will make the labels come off quickly and 
  2. The next day you need to scrub or brush off the labels

Before moving ahead, it is vital to decide where you keep the bottles allowing you to know the clear purpose of the bottle it will be serving up. 

After this, you need to wash the bottles in soapy or shampoo water to retain the shine and clean the bottles after washing with a soft fabric. On cleaning the bottle, you need to prime the bottle if you will paint the bottle. 

Painting the bottle is a good option as it allows you to enhance the bottle’s look and make them much better than its original condition. It is important to apply a good primer quality to ensure the coat of color is applied evenly.  

Leave the primer to be dry for a day or two on the bottle. The possibilities of colors and combinations are endless as well as immense. For starting the color, it is crucial to go inside first, and for this, you can use a large syringe. The inside coloration of the bottle works best with non-colored ones, as it allows you to get a wide variety of creativity as per your need. Let the paint slide into the sides of the bottle till the sides are completely covered with paint. It is entirely your choice to add a single paint color or multiple paint colors to the bottle to add more effect as to give it more zing and appeal in the way you want.

For painting the glass bottle, you can also use the normal acrylic colors easily available in the market. Besides the acrylic colors, you can also opt for spray paint to paint it in whatever color you like. However, it is important to use a face mask while spray painting the glass bottle. Along with painting, you can add led lights to the bottles allowing you to make the paint and the color of the bottle to create a significant impact and make them into a lamp. 

If you don’t want to add the lights, you can make them your customized tumblers by cutting off the top part of the bottles.

 It is important to sand it down so that the edges are perfectly smooth, as any sharpness will result in lip injuries. The color and uniqueness of the design glass bottle into the tumbler will add more functionality to it.


The reuse of the objects found around the house is undoubtedly a great way to add some creative and personal touch to the décor suiting as per your need. Your creativity is limited when using the glass bottle and making them serve best as per your need.

You can use the help of your friends if you are using more than just a couple of bottles to overcome the tedious step. By using some simple ideas, you can easily repurpose and reuse the old glass bottle into a creative and colorful piece for your home. So in this article, I told you how you can use recycled glass bottles for your home for decor. You can give a simple glass bottle a new look by designing it with little creativity. I hope you find helpful information through this article.

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