How to use DND mode on GB Whatsapp? Free Step by Step Guide

Technology has a lot to offer these days. Yet, the craving for more never ends. This is a basic human tendency. We humans always wish to achieve what’s forbidden, what’s out of our reach.

One such example proving this fact is the persistence of jail breaking and/or rooting our iOS/Android Devices. It gives us many privileges and frees us from the very bounds the OEM has put on the device’s software. But what if you could get those privileges simply by installing an app?

Well, in this article, I am going to tell you about one such app which not only gives you numerous privileges but also, is a mod for nothing but your favorite messaging app,i.e, Whatsapp. Yep, you guessed it right. I am talking about GB Whatsapp.

How to Use DND Mode on GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a mod for Whatsapp that allows you have many features or abilities that were previously “hidden” on the usual Whatsapp App that you install via Google’s Official App market, Play Store. The ability to delete sent messages, sending longer videos, copying status to paste it somewhere else, later on, ability to listen to the audio files without even downloading them, hiding the voice recording icon in the conversation, being able to preview photos and videos without downloading are just a few examples among the plethora of features it has to offer.


Above all, the app is absolutely free and is compatible with most versions of Android OS. Well, we are not going to discuss each and every feature in detail. Instead, we are gonna assist you in how to use the latest addition to this long list of features,i.e, activating DND mode on GB Whatsapp.

As the name suggests, DND stands for Do Not Disturb. Whenever you switch this mode on, you won’t be able to receive any Whatsapp messages as it will put it to offline mode. You won’t be able to send or receive any messages through or in the Whatsapp Messenger until and unless you switch off the DND mode. Well, you might be wondering what is the use of this feature.

Well, my friend, let me remind you of the chemistry lecture you couldn’t pay attention to for your Whatsapp notifications were so distracting. Or what about the Game of PUBG you lost just because those silly group messages kept popping up in the notification bar? No “Chicken Dinner” that night haan? So now you see how helpful it could be to just put your Whatsapp in offline mode while sustaining your internet connection. Now, let’s quickly go through the process of setting it up in your Android Mobile Device

Steps for using DND mode on GB Whatsapp

Although the procedure is fairly simple, sometimes little things prove to be much of a hassle for us. Don’t worry as we’ll assist you in how to activate or deactivate DND mode on your copy of GB Whatsapp. Let’s go through the steps now:-

  • First and foremost, backup all the data from your currently installed Whatsapp messenger application for we’ll be deleting this one from your Android device completely. This is because your phone number cannot be used in two copies of Whatsapp simultaneously. You can use the in-built backup feature of the Whatsapp Application to back-up the data either to your Google Drive or your device’s storage itself.
  • Secondly, go to the link mentioned below and download the GB Whatsapp application, as it is not available in the official Google PlayStore. You will have to download it just like any other file you wish to download from the internet.
  • Once, the file is downloaded, navigate to the settings menu of your device and make sure you have allowed installation from “unknown sources” in the settings menu of your device. If not, do it now, otherwise, you will encounter an error at the beginning of the installation process itself.
  • After checking the “unknown sources” option, go to the file manager application of your device and locate the downloaded file in the “Downloads” folder. It should be there by the name of GB Whatsapp or something similar.
  • Now, you have to install this GBWhatsapp in your phone just like you install any other application.
  • Just click on the application and it will ask whether you wish to install the app or not. Keep on hitting “Yes” until the application gets installed properly.
  • Once you install the GB Whatsapp in your phone, open the app and register your phone number just as you would do in the regular WhatsApp.
  • Once in the Chat-Threads window, you’ll notice a “Wifi” like icon on the top. This is nothing but the switch to turn on/off the DND mode.
  • Simply click on that icon and it will ask you for your confirmation to switch on the DND mode.
  • Click on “Yes” and voila! You have successfully turned on the DND mode on your GB Whatsapp application. It will display a message on the top reading “Isn’t connected to the internet”. Now you will not be receiving any messages or notifications in your WhatsApp application whatsoever.

You must keep in mind that you will be shown as “Offline” in the Whatsapp messenger of all the people who wish to send you messages during this whole time. So, it is like a two-way process. How will I get my messages back or how will I be able to communicate with my nears and dears, you may ask. Easy-peezy, simply tap on the same “Wifi” like icon again and you are back online. That’s it! Isn’t that a piece of cake?

Summing-up :

GB Whatsapp has a lot of tricks up its sleeves when it comes to either customizations or utility. I recommend installing GBWhatsapp above your regular copy of Whatsapp considering the value it has to offer that too without any hassles or unwanted surveys. Apart from preventing you from annoying notifications, it also helps preserve your data for the times when you need it the most.

Now you can attend any lecture without being worried about being distracted by the Whatsapp messenger. And I am pretty sure you are gonna enjoy the infamous “Chicken dinner” with your squad tonight. But, don’t forget, your safety is in your hands.

Do monitor any suspicious activity or any unreasonable permission it may ask as you might have downloaded this app from an untrusted source. I’ll take your leave now. I hope you fond the article useful. In case you did, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter as we post some really helpful content making your lives easier.

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