How to Send Gifs Through Whatsapp Messenger?

Are you familiar to WhatsApp? It is one of the latest tools that are very much helpful in staying connected to people all around the globe. It can be easily accessed from smart phones along with tablets and other smart devices. Along with chatting you can send pictures, videos, songs and many other interesting things to your dearest ones.

Importance of WhatsApp:

At present, WhatsApp has become a very popular messaging app for smart devices. It is being utilized by millions of people from all over the world. Founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum around 2009, it has gained high popularity due to flexibility. Due to its rapid speed, it has become possible to send messages to all within a short span of time.

It is a cross platform that takes help of the internet to send instant images, videos, audio messages and GIFs. This messaging app has gained immense popularity due to its flexibility and associated benefits.

What are the Advantages of WhatsApp App?

With the fast pace development of technology, our lives really have become easy. Each and every action is now being carried on by pressing of a few buttons on the smart device. Day by day, new apps are being developed to make our lives easy. Similarly, the development of WhatsApp app has also proved to be highly advantageous.

Some of the highly remarkable benefits in association with WhatsApp app include the following:

  • Easy to stay into touch with family and friends
  • Easy online marketing
  • Easy advertising of products and services
  • Easy to participate in various competitions
  • Easy buying and selling of unique products

Send Animated GIFs through WhatsApp

Day by day WhatsApp is getting upgraded due to which you will be astonished with numerous advanced features. Aren’t you able to send GIFs? Cool down as the admin has opened up the gateway hence enabling you to send animated GIFs through WhatsApp without causing any hassle.

Sharing of messages along with photos can be enjoyed at free of cost in WhatsApp. With the passage of time, technological advancements took place which made it easy to include short video clips along with Live photos and GIFs. It is high time to add a splash of action to your WhatsApp conversations to make the session much more interesting.

How to Convert Videos to GIFs?

WhatsApp has already permitted you to send existing videos in a smooth manner. But you can now easily convert them to GIFs. Isn’t it great? But while converting, you must ensure that the video holds a maximum duration of six seconds. Videos extending this particular duration will not be getting the conversion option.

Sending a video does not need any expertise. You need to start a message followed selecting the plus icon that is available at the bottom left corner of the screen. A pop-up menu will appear from where you need to select the library. There you must select the video and press the send button.

How to Send a Video as a GIF?

In order to send the video file in the form of GIF, the same procedure must be followed. But the video must not be longer than six seconds. Once you are finished with your selection, you will come across an option just beneath the timeline at the top of screen that has a camera highlighted in blue color with GIF to the right of it.

You need to tap the GIF option to start the video on a loop. You can drag either end of the timeline bar to set the start as well as stop points of the clip. Also, there are numerous options like:

  • Cropping
  • Adding emojis
  • Text
  • Drawing and many more.

After you are satisfied with your creation, you need to select the send button to conclude with the entire procedure.

How to Send Existing GIFs?

Over the time, it has become possible to accrue a plethora of GIFs into your camera roll. The advanced and dedicated GIF search feature must be appreciated. They are already received from other people. If you want to send them to other people, it is high time to follow these procedures in a cool and calm manner:

  • Pressing the plus icon to start a new message
  • Tapping the search icon with GIF in the bottom left corner
  • Selection of the ones that you desire to send
  • Tapping the send button

You may easily annotate and make some changes as per need to these GIF files. The moment your friends receive them, they will enjoy at the fullest.

How to Send GIFs from the Web?

Do you know that you can now easily send GIFs from the web as well? If you have successfully found a GIF file online, you can easily include into your message and send it to your friends. It is preferable to take help from dedicated sites like Giphy and so on to get some astonishing collections.

You may also go through social media feeds, conduct normal web searches to get to the point. After you have successfully downloaded the GIF, you can implement necessary changes. Rest procedure for sending remains the same. WhatsApp enables you to send a particular file to multiple users within the same time.

What will happen if you are holding a Different Keyboard?

Keyboards vary a bit from one smart device to another. To be precise, there are some virtual keyboards that offer an alternative way to send GIFs. Though the procedure remains the same all along, bit of variation exists. There will be hardly any confusion. In case of SwiftKey, you will come across GIFs within the keyboard.

Holding the enter button in the lower right hand corner will help you to make the deal a fruitful one.  You can send your emotions in the form of GIFs through this method. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Angry
  • Bored
  • Happy

If used in a creative manner, WhatsApp will really teach you something new each and every time. You need not be a tech savvy to carry on with each and every task as steps are self explanatory.

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