How to Sell Online with Katrocket for Better Engagement?

Katrocket is a smart ecommerce platform as well as an online shopping and tracking solution available in the Indian market. It offers you tools to create beautiful design templates for your online store and integrated payment gateways with automated shipping. This smart application enables you to create custom designed solutions to achieve your goals. Moreover, Katrocket aids you develop a technological platform to optimize your business functions.

The platform provides web design tools for customized development that helps you constantly update your processes. It is a specialized omnichannel retail solution that facilitates you to monitor every step of your customer’s activity. An online platform, the solution allows you to focus on customer interaction, experiences, brand and your products.

Katrocket for Better Engagement

Katrocket is a do it yourself ecommerce platform. If you are an Indian and you own a small and medium enterprise (SME) or any other type of business, then Katrocket will facilitate the sale of your products via web and mobile devices. Additionally, it helps you gain more customers by integrating the ability to manage and sell across leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart and ebay.

Designed with in built marketing features, the solution comes loaded with coupons, gift certificates, Facebook selling, viral marketing tools, automatic onsite SEO and many more. Katrocket helps in solving storefront design, payments, logistics, sales and traffic, all in a one stop solution to grow online sales.

It has a powerful shipping platform (Shiprocket), which is integrated with many leading domestic and international carriers. Katrocket offers a single shipping dashboard that helps your SME manage shipping and returns easily and effectively.

Features and Technical Specifications:

Let us discuss the technical specifications of this solution:

Organisation type      :           SMEs   Enterprise      Midmarket     Govt    Startups

No of employees       :           1-10    11-15  16-200            201-500         501-50001

Supported platform  :           IOS      Windows

Deployment               :           Web based

Suitable for                :           E commerce

Language                   :           English

Katrocket offers a wide range of features to its users. Following is the complete list:

  • Customer support
  • Multi currency
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Product database
  • Inventory management
  • Email marketing/ SMS marketing
  • Vendor management
  • Store customization
  • Security
  • Content management system
  • Content delivery network
  • DIY store
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Orders management
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Facebook store
  • Custom domain
  • Catalog management
  • Hosting
  • Bulk product upload
  • Mobile friendly store
  • Design template gallery
  • International payment acceptance
  • Abandoned cart reminder
  • SEO and online marketing
  • Courier tracking platform
  • Integration with marketplaces
  • External Apps and In built features
  • Mobile application
  • Offer and offer popup
  • Plugin
  • Quick checkout
  • Social Network integration
  • Order status tracking and history
  • Storage and number of products
  • Channel management
  • Returns management
  • SEO management
  • Promotions management
  • Order management
  • Customer account profiles
  • Multi store management
  • Shopping cart

How to Sell Online with Kartrocket for Better Engagement?

As you must have guessed from the long list of unique features offered by Katrocket, this platform can help to engage more customers and sell online. Here is how:

  • You can design your own store website by choosing a creative template. Katrocket gives you varied design options to customize your site. You do not need any specific or technical knowledge to operate this.
  • Katrocket helps you with marketplace integration. You sell your products on different marketplaces such as ebay, flipkart, amazon, lazada and Kraftly. Kraftly is a platform for unique lifestyle and fashion products with more than 2 lakh trusted users.
  • The platform lets you ship through Shiprocket. You can maximize your Cash on Delivery (COD) orders to more than 15,000 pin codes. Katrocket also enables you to fulfil international shipments easily.
  • You can tie up with existing vendors or launch your own brand. You can sell T-shirts online – please note, T-shirts and Shirts are among the most sold items on the internet. With Katrocket, you can build your own ecommerce store and sell these and other items within a few minutes. You can instantly market them to your target audience.
  • Fashion products and accessories are one of the hottest selling products on the online market. A huge number of people buy jewellery, clothes, shoes etc. quite frequently. You can quickly get orders by building and managing your online shop with Katrocket. Imagine this – the software will allow you to compete with global brands such as Carlton London, Roso Brunello, Da Milano, Divani, Kazo and many more! Kartrocket
  • These days, people get time to shop in the supermarket. This is the reason why, home decor products are bought frequently via online shopping. There is a huge demand for sellers who can sell home decor products to such buyers. With Katrocket, you can sell your home decor products such as Imperial knots, Homeekart etc.
  • You can also build a travel website and start selling travel packages to the target audience. Next, you can easily customise your website for your target audience. Most importantly, you can simultaneously collect the payment. Renowned companies such as Gio Adventures are already using Katrocket to sell interesting travel packages.
  • Kartrocket lets you put up a cap on minimum and maximum number of products to be ordered in a single order or transaction. This will help you to waive out any possible losses during any discount or promotional offer.
  • Next, you can accept the payment in any currency. You simply need to enter your offer price in Indian rupees and Kartrocket will automatically convert them into the respective currency depending on the customer’s location.
  • Last but not least, you can also sell on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and the like. With Kartrocket’s seller’s application, you can share your items along with a direct payment link for instant sales.


Kartrocket is smart ecommerce platform designed by keeping in mind the unique requirements of Indian market and SMEs. You can easily launch your online store with integrated payment gateways.

Summing up, if you are an owner, vendor or distributor and want to sell your products online, then Kartrocket is the most compatible tool for you.

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