How to recover corrupted video on windows and Mac?

How to recover corrupted video on windows and Mac?

Videos are the most popular mode in which media is shared across the world. Due to this, when videos become corrupted due to some reasons, it becomes a major issue for everyone. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to fix video files that might have become corrupt due to some issues. There are plethora of recovery tools present on the internet that can easily recover corrupted or lost video files in a few simple steps. They are available to be used for free and can fix corrupt video at fast rates.

While choosing the right tool for your requirements, it is important to make sure that the tool serves your purpose. That means, make sure that the type of files and the associated formats that you usually use. Most of the tools available for recovering corrupted videos can also repair other types of files like documents, images, audios etc. They are equipped with high level repair algorithms that can repair videos even if they are severely damaged. As there is a wide variety of available options, make sure that you choose the best one after proper consideration.

Wondershare video repair tool

There are a lot of different recovery tools that can be used to fix corrupt video, Wondershare video repair tool manages to stand out of the crowd. It is a very capable tool that can be easily downloaded and used for free. You just have to follow a few simple steps in order to repair any video within a few minutes. This tool is supported across major operating systems like Mac and windows for free. The user interface of the software is simple, clean, attractive and easy to use, which enhances the overall user experience of the person.

The following are the steps that will help you to repair any corrupted video on Windows devices.

Step1 Download the tools and add the files

The first step to fix video is to download the tool and install it on your device. Now, launch the tool and click on the Add file button. Now select all the files that you wish to repair as this repair tools batch repair of videos with ease. It supports all major formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, Etc.  

Once the files are added, you will be able to see details about the files like the date created, format, size, codec etc.

Step 2 Repair and preview the files

Now, that all the files are added, you can click on the repair button at the bottom right corner. Once the repair process is complete, a pop-up will appear telling you that it is repaired and is ready to be previewed, click on ok.

  • Now preview the video properly and check if it matches your requirements or needs further repairs. If everything is as per your standards click ok and proceed.

  • If your video isn’t properly repaired and you are not happy with results, make sure you click on the advanced recovery option present on your screen.

  • Click on the folder like icon and add the sample file of the corrupted video. A sample file is a file created with the same information and device as the corrupted file. The advanced repair feature of Wondershare video repair tool makes use of this information to repair the corrupted file and make it usable.

  • Do not forget to save your videos before using the advanced repair feature, as once you move past that screen, and use advanced repair the previously repaired file will not be saved.

Step 3 Save the file

Now, that your files are repaired and are ready to be used, click on the save all option and select the location of the folder where you want to store those files in your local storage.

Now, your files will be stored in the local storage of your device.

How to repair videos on Mac computers?

Video getting corrupt is a major issue for people that use Mac, but luckily, Wondershare video repair tool can be used on Mac as well with the same efficiency and effectiveness as on windows based devices. If you are a Mac user and wish to repair your damaged videos, make sure that you follow the steps given below-

Step 1 Download and launch the tool

Download the software on your Mac and install it properly. Once done, launch it and add the videos that you want to repair by clicking on the add file button. You can also use the drag and drop feature to add the files.

Step 2  Repair and preview the file

Once the file is added properly, click on the repair all option present on the bottom right side of your screen. In a few seconds your videos will be repaired, preview them and check them for errors. If the results are satisfactory, click ok and proceed.

Step3 Save the video to desired location

Now that you are done with repairs, click on the save option and save the file into the desired location in your local storage.

Tips to help you avoid these issues

  • Make sure that you keep your antivirus tool up-to-date so that any virus attack cannot damage the files in any way.
  • If you keep your videos in external drives, properly eject them before removing them from ports.
  • While saving such files, make sure that you don’t put the format of the video manually as the system automatically does that for you. Also try to avoid converting the file into unnecessary formats.


If you are constantly being troubled by issues like video files getting corrupted, make sure that you make use of recovery tools like Wondershare video repair tool. These tools can easily repair any corrupted video in a few minutes and will make it usable without any loss of quality. It also supports batch repair for video files and can repair videos ranging from all different formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV etc. which makes it a handy tool to have if you are a heavy user of video files.

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