How to Get Hesitant Teachers to use Technologies

In the 21st century, the use of technology is omnipresent in every industry: from multinational cooperation to local merchants, beauty salons, even in a ramen restaurant in Japan, which introduces vending machine to take customers’ order. Industries have noted the benefits of technology and integrate technological means to heighten their performance and efficiency. In education, the rise of EdTech can also be seen as a major trend in the past few decades. However, being in the classroom with chalks and chalkboard for their whole career, some teachers are hesitant to take up new tools.


1.      Highlight the benefits of educational technology

One big reason that make teachers hesitate to integrate technology into their traditional practice is that they don’t see how it benefits them in teaching! In order to help teachers ease in the trend easily, the first step is to highlight the advantages they will benefit from it. According to a recent study on “Realising the Potential of Technology in Education” published by the Department of Education in the UK, EdTech can not only benefit the students, but also the teachers themselves by:

-­‐    reducing teacher workload

-­‐    increasing efficiency

-­‐    improving accessibility and inclusion

-­‐    supporting excellent teaching

-­‐    improving student outcomes

Let the teachers realise these advantages before asking them to delve into the whirl of technological revolution. This will give them confidence and motivation to do it. It will also help them checking students Pro-Papers so teachers will be more likely to get more rest and simultaneously complete the same amount of work.

2.      Give teachers sufficient time and support

Once the goal is clear, it is important to know the means. First, understand that when it comes to learning a new thing, teachers are in no difference to students. It takes time and effort for teachers to learn how to use the new tools at its best in their own style, as well as adapting to the technological teaching environment. Don’t expect teachers to do it all at once. Allow them to explore, while providing them with sufficient support and trainings. There are a lot of resources and tutorials accompanied with the EdTech products, make sure to use it. Besides, do look into the support from the government too. UK government has just announced to invest on a £10 million education technology in April, 2019. It is promising that there are more supporting policies to come that encourages teachers to embed technological means in classrooms. Keep track and benefit from them.

3.      Try a variety of EdTech products

Many schools buy EdTech products because they are popular among other schools, without much consideration whether these products suit their teachers and learning environment. There are more and more EdTech products in the market nowadays, and the reason for this is simple- not every school nor every teacher works in the exact same way. EdTech is designed to help schools and teachers to improve their teaching environment while enhancing students’ learning experience. Make sure the teachers are not trying to compromising the crucial part of their traditional teaching method in order to make way for technology. Let the teachers try the products out in the classroom, but never force them use them at one go. Many EdTech products provide trial version, it is a good starting point to allow teachers to experiment with it. Teachers will be more willing to use these products knowing that it is not compulsory. It can also make teachers be more comfortable with the incorporation of technology in classroom, knowing the products step by step.

Some EdTech tools may work well for one school, but not for another. So don’t give a simple nod because the product is trendy, let the teachers try and take their feedbacks into consideration instead.

4.      Be creative and interesting!

Every teacher has their own teaching strategy. After introducing teachers with a variety of EdTech options, let them be creative with the new tools. After all, teachers are the ones who face the students five days a week, and they know better how to put the new tools in the classroom setting. Let them unleash their creativity and make teaching more interesting! If they find out the possibilities with employing technology in classroom themselves and how versatile it is, they will not be hesitant to use it.


The rise of educational technology has the power to transform classroom into a more benefiting environment for both the teachers and students. As a growing industry, EdTech products provide educators with a wide range of options, with notable support from the government. Some teachers are hesitant to employ it simply because they don’t see how it can be used. Let them understand the benefits, experiment, and be creative with it!

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