How to Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the unethical use of someone else’s content in your own writing. These are the short cut ways which are adopted by many people nowadays. But it is not a fair way to do scientific writing, and it harms both. You have to face serious consequences like:

  • The loss of credibility
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of job
  • Punishment from university
  • Legal consequences due to a copyright claim

On the other side, it is totally unfair that you steal someone’s data and do not mention their names.  The data is the result of that person’s effort and research, and he needs to be mentioned and praised. martin Luther king was found to be guilty of plagiarism in many of his doctoral-level research. then he had to face the consequences. The plagiarism can take you to court. It is a serious consequence of plagiarism. In order to avoid such threats and damages, you have to adopt the following simple methods:

  • Citation and bibliography is the main element that can save you from plagiarism. Do not forget to mention the name of the author of which content to you are using
  • T\if you are writing a quotation in your document, do not forget to put the quotation punctuation marks around both ends. Then the quote will not be considered plagiarism.
  • If you are taking the idea or concept from someone else’s data, then going to paraphrase it, then use our own words. Do not adopt the writing style of someone else’ that it will only make your writing confuse and similar to the original one.
  • The worst of the plagiarism type is stealing the whole content of someone and [publish it with your name. If you want your name on any publication, do work with efforts, it will bring accurate results and enhance the validity of the article, too.
  • Before submitting the file, you must check it from any plagiarism checker tool.
  • Make a folder of the citations at the start of the writing, so that you will not miss any citation to mention at the end of the scientific writing.
  • The citation should be proper. Follow the format of the citation and the bibliography.
  • Write a summary or conclusion purely in your own words and writing style.
  • List all the references that you have used in your scientific article.
  • Do proper observation and research on the work that you are going to write up. The research before start working helps you in many manners.

The Plagiarism Checker Tools:


There are various plagiarism checker tools that you can find online. Some are free to use. Some have subscriptions and purchasing fees. Different tools have different features. Select the one according to your needs and preferences. Following are some examples of plagiarism checker tools:


Softo is not only a [plagiarism checker tool. It also provides additional benefits in order to enhance the quality of scientific writing. Along with the identification of the plagiarized content, the software also tells the author with the grammatical mistakes. The revision of the grammatical mistakes aids the writer in improving his own skills in scientific writing. the perfect scientifically written document is one that is free of all the plagiarism, grammatical errors and typos errors. All can be achieved by using this amazing plagiarism checker tool.

Along with these features, the soft tool helps you in saving your time by providing the various calculators. So you do not have to search the calculator frequently while writing the scientific document. It includes health, finance, information, and education-related calculators. these calculators provide you with the result in just seconds.

Anti-Plagiarism Software by Prepostseo:

The PrePostSEO plagiarism checker tool is a website that provides a vast range of facilities and services to the users. You can simply open the website on the internet and go through its functions and role. Following are its features that anyone can avail:

  • Grammar check
  • Plagiarism check
  • Website SEO checker
  • Backlink maker
  • Reverse image search
  • Google index tool
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Plagiarism comparison checker
  • Domain authority checker
  • Word count
  • Character count
  • Website ping tool

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is a reliable source on which you can trust with your research work. Just simply upload the document on this plagiarism checker. Then the tool reviews the article thoroughly and puts out the grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, plagiarism. It welcomes the files of any format just to facilitate it, users. A reverse search tool is a tool that helps you in converting the image in no plagiarized content.


Grammarly  is a tool that helps in facilitating scientific writing and its approval. It works as a:

  • Article rewriter
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker
  • Word counter
  • Spell checker
  • Image to write a converter
  • English translation
  • Word combiner
  • Uppercase to lowercase
  • Text to image converter
  • Md5 generator

These all are the text related tools. But it also provides the image editing tools, website management tools, backlink tools, keywords tools, website tracking tools domain tools, proxy tools, meta tags tools, password management tools, online pdf tools, unit converter tools, development tools, binary converter tools. A large number of features at one website make it more demanding and attractive.


Turnitin is an amazing plagiarism checker tool that is running worldwide in order to help the students and teachers in detecting plagiarism. Turnitin is not a free tool. You have to pay for it. Many universities have bought this that benefits the teaches. Turnitin is very simple in use. You do not need time to learn about operating it. The interface is quite simple.

Basically, it was made for the higher studies, as there are more responsibilities and ethical considerations on the high students than the younger ones. The higher students have to do the scientific research that will affect the lives of other people in society. So their work should be pure and free of plagiarism. Once you have used the Turnitin, you wouldn’t go to any other software. The problem is just the price that everyone cannot buy this.

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