How Symfony Programming Can Help Your Business

How Symfony Programming Can Help Your Business

The right framework used by a PHP developer will make a lot of difference. It will help speed up the development process. If you are a business owner, you may want to use a flexible PHP solution for your business. If you know that this is true, using Symfony can be the best option available.


What Exactly is Symfony?

What makes Symfony programming the choice of a lot of PHP developers is it is very flexible. It will have the ability to modify and develop the code that has already been created. Symfony programming can dramatically decrease the amount of time that will be spent by developers in modifying the application.

The best PHP developer will be able to create personalized solutions depending on what your business requires. This can be used well whether you are creating a new application or you are trying to improve what you already have.

It will not be complicated to put new functionalities too. The libraries will provide these needs immediately. Numerous bundles will allow these functionalities to work properly together. Even if there are going to be new PHP Symfony developers that will be onboarded after the product has been created, it will not be hard to understand. The code is clear and will be properly executed even by those who are checking it out for the first time.

What Products Can Be Made with Symfony?

You need to know if the product that you want to create can be done when using Symfony, right? This program is very flexible that you can use it to make the following:

  • E-commerce websites
  • Full-stack frameworks
  • Micro-frameworks
  • SDK projects
  • Code quality projects

Chances are, you have already seen a lot of products online that are created with Symfony. You can create a product with the use of this framework that will also become popular with your target market.

Skills A Good PHP Developer Should Have


Creating products with Symfony will only be effective if you would hire the best PHP developers. Do you think that you can hire PHP developer easily? Checking online can be tricky because they are advertising their services on different websites.

You need to be familiar with the skills that they already possess. The more that you know, the better your choices are going to be. 

Knowledge of the different programming languages.

You cannot choose developers just because they know how to use Symfony. Their knowledge should go beyond that. The job market is very competitive. If they cannot offer so much more than Symfony, other more effective developers can be hired.

They should have a solid front-end knowledge of the following:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

The better that they can use these front-end languages, the better that they can create a UX design that will be appealing to the target market.

They are familiar with the design patterns.

It may not seem important in the beginning. Yet, you have to remember that design patterns will be useful in all types of software development. If these are problems that developers and programmers have already encountered in the past, they will have a better idea of how to solve them.

Some of the common design patterns are the following:

  • Singleton
  • Factory
  • Strategy

There are still many others that developers can be familiar with. Developers that are familiar with PHPed Symfony will know the best practices when working with this type of framework.

Knowledge of the different tools that will be used.

Skills can be practiced more when the right tools are used. Some of these tools are the following:

  • Composer
  • PSR
  • PHPUnit

Composer will help manage the libraries, functions, and classes so that they will not be all over the place. There can be different versions that will be placed for each product that will be created. This can make personalizations easier and faster to do.

PSR will be very useful when you want to standardize the different programming concepts. This can make the components and framework to be very useful. If some won’t operate, then they can be improved.

To test if things are working properly, the PHPUnit will be very useful. This can be used for the small units of code. Then they can be compared to how the projected code is supposed to work or operate. Any PHP developer can benefit if this is used.

Great problem-solving skills.

There will be instances when decisions have to be made immediately. Problem-solving is going to be important in the world of web development. There will be some unexpected issues that developers will arise. These issues need to be fixed immediately or they may cause other problems in the long run.

Developers should know how to do proper critical thinking. The more that they can develop and analyze the problems, the better that they would be in finding the right solutions.

Good communication skills

What is the use of having all the tech skills and development skills when they cannot properly tell you what they are doing? Can you imagine if you do not understand how the app is being made? It can be confusing and it can also be frustrating for you and the developer. 

You are recommended to hire a developer who will know how to express himself or herself. The developer will not only be talking to you. This person is also going to talk to potential clients, co-workers, other developers, and so much more. 

Good communication skills cannot only be reflected in how the person would explain things. It would be obvious with the way that the person can build good relationships with other people. The developer needs to understand that there will be times when he/she cannot work alone. The person needs to communicate well with other people to develop the perfect app or product.

Cost of Hiring PHP Developers in Different Countries

Image from: Mobilunity

You are now familiar with the different skills that Symfony programmers should have. There are also going to be some differences with the cost. You are going to look for people with technical talent that will also fit your budget.

On average, you can find some PHP developers in the United States that get about $60,000 to $80,000. When you hire some people from the United Kingdom, the cost will be about $36,000 annually. It will be cheaper to get some people from Ukraine. The cost will be about $11,000. 

The cost will be lower if you would hire people from Asia. However, you may also be very particular about the technical skills of people. If that is the case, you may want to interview a lot of people first before hiring.


It is expected that PHP Symfony will become more in demand as time goes by. More and more products will be created using this programming language. The best thing to do is to look for the best developers for the job. The more skills that they have, the better they will be in providing what you need and want.

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