How Exam Dumps Contribute to Passing Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 Exam?

How Exam Dumps Contribute to Passing Cisco CCNA R&S 200-125 Exam?

Build Successful Future with IT Credentials

Cisco certifications are the most in-demand and significant in the field of network technologies since they qualify candidates as the most equipped and efficient workers with the relevant skills and knowledge in the chosen sphere. In addition, having a credential from Cisco means getting a ticket to the world of professionals at the international level, as this reputable company is globally recognized. The statistics show, that certified specialists are hired more often than their uncertified peers because they are able to complete the tasks at their workplace better and in a short span on time. This is due to the fact that the content of Cisco exams includes not only standard questions with multiple answers but also simulations, the configuration of virtual equipment, which allows assessing the knowledge of candidates at a higher quality level.

Knowing the fact that such certified specialists are valuable, they get more offers from employers and thus have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from.

Cisco offers certifications of different levels and in various categories. Thus, you can choose a badge at the entry, associate, professional or expert levels. As for the path to pursue, they are available in design, collaboration, security, IoT, wireless, routing and switching to mention a few.

In this article, we will focus on one of the most popular Cisco accreditations the CCNA Routing and Switching certification and its 200-125 exam.

Cisco CCNA

The Practice Test Questions certification is a necessity if you wish to become a network engineer as it equips you with the core skills and knowledge to work with foundational technologies. 200-125 test is an exam you can do to become the CCNA R&S certified. Though there’s one more option to get this badge, by passing two exams (100-105 and 200-105), most candidates prefer to save their time and pass a composite exam 200-125. That’s why let’s move to its details. The test consists of 60-70 questions to be answered within 90 minutes. 200-125 exam will cost you $325. As for the topics covered, they are the following: 

  • Network fundamentals (15%)
  • LAN switching technologies (21%)
  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies (23%)
  • WAN technologies (10%)
  • Infrastructure services (10%)
  • Infrastructure security (11%)
  • Infrastructure management (10%)

Cisco CCNA

There are a number of resources you can use to prepare for this test like classroom training, e-learning facilities, study groups, hands-on practice and more offered by Cisco. Apart from the resources offered on the official site, you can also opt for YouTube to watch tutorial videos and exam success stories to learn tips from. In addition, you can use exam dumps from reliable sites like that contain the most valid and updated Q&A. Such files are great ones to practice for the test. Some dumps are free, while others are available at an affordable price. For example, just for $24.99, you can get a Premium Bundle for 200-125 exam, which includes verified practice questions and answers, a training course and a study guide. With the help of such a Premium Bundle, every exam taker can enhance the knowledge and skills, and revise the level of preparedness for the exam.

The ETE Software which helps to open the ete files will allow you to understand the test structure by simulating the real exam atmosphere. So, it’s a great tool to use.

Now, you may feel like it takes a lot of work to get certified and wonder whether it would be worth all the effort. Of course, it will and let’s find out why.

Career Benefits You Can Gain with CCNA Badge

The main reason that a person would opt for the CCNA R&S certification is due to the many career benefits it can bring. Some such advantages are:

  • Recognition

IT is a vast field that more and more people are choosing to work in because of the availability of jobs. But when you go for an interview, you can find a lot of qualified people applying for the same position as you. Most of them already have met the basic requirements listed in the job descriptions. So how will the employer pick one out of all interviewees? They do that by checking for added qualifications. So if you have the CCNA R&S credential under your belt you have a good chance of being recognized for the potential you have which in turn increases your chances of landing a job.

  • More job opportunities

There are many jobs that list extra qualifications as requirements and if you don’t have them you can’t apply to the occupation. Likewise, there are numerous top-level jobs that require this badge. So, being CCNA Routing and Switching certified can surely open many doors for you. Here’s a ranking of jobs you can gain access to with the badge along with their average salaries:

    • Network/ Systems Engineer ($73,000)
    • Technical Support Engineer ($82,000)
    • Network Administrator ($79,500)
    • Network Security Associate ($63,465)
    • Network Security Analyst ($87,000) 
  • Higher salary

The field of IT has limitless jobs and an increasing number of people joining the workforce. Among all these people, employers are keen on acquiring the most talented ones. Which is why they are ready to offer a higher salary to get their attention. And how do you think companies look out for these talented people? Yes, it’s by the aid of certifications. Everyone knows that acquiring a credential that is up to expected standards is not an easy task; you have to be bright, dedicated and talented for it. When talking about accreditations that are up to standards, the CCNA R&S certification is one of the best examples. So, if you become certified at the associate level, your salary will be about $73k, but if you decide to grow further and reach the professional level, you’ll earn annually about $94k.

  • Job security

Job security can be a joke in a dynamic field like IT that gets updated almost on a daily basis. New software versions, mitigation techniques that can make tasks more efficient get introduced. And any organization would want to maximize their efficiency, which is why they would have the need to replace you with someone who is more qualified and updated than you are. But if you become CCNA R&S certified you automatically get an opportunity to upgrade your skills by earning the CCNP R&S and then CCIE R&S credentials since Cisco always makes sure to update themselves whenever there’s a significant development in its area.

  • Promotions

Promotion is another benefit that appeals most. The best way to get promoted is to make it irresistible for your employer to not want to give you one. And the most approved way to do that would be to get the CCNA R&S certified. This badge adds skills to your repertoire meaning that you have excess abilities than that required at your current position. No employer would want to waste an opportunity to increase efficiency of their company. So it would prompt them to promote you to a position where your skills can be made the maximum use of.

In order to gain all the above-mentioned benefits, you need to earn the CCNA R&S credential by passing 200-125 exam.

Since Cisco is going to renew its Certification Program, you can become CCNA R&S certified till 23rd of February, 2020. Starting from 24th of February, 2020 this credential will be replaced by CCNA and to earn it, you’ll need to pass 200-301 exam. So, grab the chance to get the badge while it’s still current.


The field of IT is vast and unbounded as there are limitless occupations with more and more people coming up to fill the job positions. If you want to succeed in such an area, having just the basic qualifications will not do. You need to have a mark by an IT vendor that proves your skill and knowledge, and this mark is a certification. Becoming a certified professional can bring you a number of benefits like more job opportunities, higher salary, promotion and more. Don’t forget that an excellent result depends on the effective prep period. As the proven source of information, exam dumps are the way to go towards earning the CCNA R&S accreditation!

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