How to Access Facebook Desktop Version Full Site on your Phone?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps that offer incredible access to all the people across the globe. As of now, there are billions of active users for Facebook on a monthly basis. This platform offers numerous beneficial features for all the users all over the world. The users need not have to spend a single penny to acquire all the benefits of this Facebook app. All you need to have is the high-speed mobile data on your phone or good internet connection for your PC.

The users can easily acquire access to Facebook on various devices such as desktop device, smartphone, tablet, laptop and many other devices. This Facebook app supports various operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows PC and a lot more. The display of Facebook on desktop site and mobile phones varies a lot. When you access Facebook from your desktop PC or laptop, You can view the desktop version of the Facebook full site.

Conversely, Facebook provides a standard view for the mobile users. In some cases, people want to access the full site of Facebook even from their Android or iPhone mobile device. For such folks, We have come up with an in-depth guide to access the Facebook full site from iPhone or Android. Learn the different methods to access the Facebook full desktop website on Android and iOS devices. Check it out!

Facebook Desktop Version for Android & iPhone:

Facebook is an excellent social networking website available on the web. It allows the users to send messages unlimited photos, videos, and massive multimedia content. This service has rolled out copious features on its application so as to ease the user experience of this app on their devices. On this app, you can find many features like receiving notifications, reminders about upcoming events and a lot more.

The users can like some pages on Facebook so that they can get notifications regarding the posts updated on specific pages. If you don’t want to notify about posts or comments that the page receives, you can simply turn off all the notifications from that particular page. You can also find groups on Facebook. There are different categories of groups on Facebook like food, movies, entertainment, comical groups and a lot more.

The users can join in any of the group and post their funny incident, movie issue or other news with much ease. On Facebook, the users can also play a myriad of games and share them across their friends. All these features can be accessed by the desktop users. There are some constraints to the Android version users in terms of accessing the Facebook features. If you want to check your internet speed then check

Reasons Behind Inability to Access Facebook Web Version on Mobile Browser:

There are some reasons behind the unavailability of web version on Android mobile. In general, when you try to open Facebook from your mobile device, It redirects to the mobile version of Android or iPhone device. Facebook isn’t compelling the users to only use the mobile version of Facebook instead of the full site. The major reason is that the users may not get the best experience of using Facebook if it is in full site mode.

In order to make it responsive, the developers have changed it to the mobile version of Facebook on Android and iPhone. Another reason is the users need to use additional high-speed data or massive internet speed on their mobile device. For that reason, it becomes tough to operate the full site of Facebook on Android version.

Methods to Access Facebook Full Desktop Site on Android & iPhone:

However, in some cases, people want to view the complete desktop website of Facebook on Android. There are some of the best methods to access the Facebook full site from your mobile browser of either Android or iOS devices.

Method 1: Using URL

One of the easiest ways to access Facebook full site desktop version on your Android phone is through the URL. Using the URL of the Facebook desktop site is an official method. Follow the easy steps provided below to implement this method:

  • First of all, open your web browser from your Android mobile or iOS device.
  • Enter the following URL.

  • Ensure that you have added ‘www’ to Facebook in the URL link.
  • If you haven’t logged in before then, it opens as a mobile version website.
  • After logging into Facebook using the right credentials, you can view the full version of the Facebook desktop website.
  • Just bookmark the above link in order to access it with just a single click.
  • Otherwise, you can even add home.php in the URL link every time when you try to access the Facebook full site on mobile device.

Method 2: Using the Browser Built-In Functionality

We can find this on most of the popular browsers. Most of the mobile browsers have the functionality to access desktop view of any website whilst browsing. In this post, we have explained the way of accessing Facebook desktop version on both Google Chrome Android browser and Safari iPhone users.

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For Chrome Browser Users

  • First of all, launch your web browser through the home screen of your smartphone.
  • Just tap the three-dotted icon present in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You need to choose ‘Request Desktop Site’ from the menu.
  • You can then enter the URL of in the address bar.
  • That’s it! You can then enter your login details and access the full site of Facebook in the desktop version.

For Safari Browser Users

  • Initially, access Facebook from your Safari browser on iPhone device.
  • Click the options icon present at the bottom of your browser.
  • You need to tap the option ‘Request Desktop Site’ appearing towards the right.
  • Once you tap that, you can enter the Facebook URL in the address bar and log into your account.
  • You’re done!

Final Words:

That’s all! These are the different ways that aid the users to access the desktop version of Facebook from a mobile browser on Android and iPhone devices. If you find any kind of issues through these methods, Just drop them in the comments section below.

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