How To Use Dual WhatsApp In Single Android Device?

Use dual WhatsApp in one Phone: 2 WhatsApp numbers can be simultaneously used on a single device using the methods mentioned here. You can use them back and forth as much as you like with keeping all other functionalities intact. Meaning, the availability of more than one number does not comes after sacrificing existing features. There is a significant amount of users who posses more than one number in their phones. Especially in southern Asian countries,  the dual sim phones are present in abundance.

But as much as we want it, there is no inherent option to run dual numbers in WhatsApp. However, there is a way around the barrier and we are going to talk about the same here. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to run 2 WhatsApp numbers in one mobile phone.

How To use Dual WhatsApp Numbers in One Phone?

There are several methods to achieve the state having Two WhatsApp Numbers in phone. We are going to be stating the most efficient and easy ones so that less brain fuel gets burnt during the process. From here on, we suggest you to follow each instruction as its portrayed as omission  of any shall prevent you from producing desired outcomes.

dual whatsapp on android

  • To use dual whatsapp features, we’ll have to take help of a third-party tool. FM WhatsApp is a very capable one in this case. How this will work is that you will have the original WhatsApp in your phone and this mod shall act as the other one.
  • Download FM WhatsApp from the link mentioned
  • Install the APK file normally
  • Make sure to enable unknown sources installation from the settings
  • Get over with the process and open FM WhatsApp
  • Then Verify your number through OTP
  • That’s all now you have 2 WhatsApp on your android phone.

FM WhatsApp MOD comes with tons of interesting features like you can change your theme hide Typing, Online status and much more you can also lock your personal conversations with pattern, Password or PIN.

This short tutorial has made it clear that the method is in fact, a way around the system – and That is fine. There are no ill-effects involved with the results. The reason why WhatsApp Does not supports dual numbers is outrageously cynical and we are going to talk about at the very end of this piece.

Follow the tutorial as it is and do let us know if the end game makes you satisfied. If not, we’re happy to assist you from getting out of any technical ordeal you might be facing – Comment your issues in detail but make sure to follow all the methods mentioned before doing so. You can also try to change the method upon failure of the last one. Nonetheless, all methods of dual WhatsApp mentioned here are very much capable of providing you with the functionality in question.

Advantages of Dual WhatsApp Numbers

First and foremost, having more options is always preferable. No matter whether there is a necessity for two numbers at present, the sheer possibility of having one in future alone makes it logical to opt for this functionality.

  • Dual numbers makes it easier to bifurcate business and personal life
  • One can go anonymous when they desire to using a non-circulating phone number
  • Different versions can run at the same time giving you a taste unique to each
  • There is no hidden cost involved in the process of getting Dual WhatsApp Numbers.

Apart from giving options, Dual WhatsApp makes life a bit easier by helping you separate work from personal life. It could be a mess having family and business chats lying above each other. When in business mode, mindset needs to be focused to make logical decisions. Having informal chats around the work-conversation can negatively affect the cognitive ability surrounding work ethics.


As mentioned, Dual WhatsApp is a crucial feature that many of us find ideal to opt. Even after a huge outcry for the restrictions that original WhatsApp enforces, things remain unchanged. The reason for this cannot be stated with a hundred percent certainty but high chances are it being some cash-oriented reason. When we look at the company’s past, it has been notorious for making people wait for new features until to the point when they start begging.

This strengthens the feedback that comes after the introduction of that feature, making people more thankful than ever. Such tactics are used from time-to-time to make sure the in-flow of a product. Learning this, it becomes only justified and logical to use your way around the fences. This is why we’ve put up this tutorial on How To Use Two WhatsApp in One Phone. In case you learned something from it, do share so that others can educate themselves to opt for this feature.

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