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Data handling is one of the toughest jobs right now. One slip-up and you might lose a ton of crucial information. While it is a given that any data handler takes precautions, one can never be immune from data loss. Sometimes the slip-ups are not even a human error in which case the troubleshooting is extra fierce. But let’s say you do lose data that needs to be recovered. What should your next course of action be? Well, it should be to look towards a trusted data recovery solution such as Do Your Data Recovery.

Do Your Data Recovery is a reliable data recovery program that provides all kinds of data recovery solutions including Deleted File Recovery, Formatted (Drive) Recovery, Raw Recovery, etc. It is compatible with popular operating systems Windows, Mac OS and iPhone(through Windows and Mac) though each of the versions is sold separately. In terms of drive compatibility, the program can recover data from HDD, SSD, memory cards, digital cameras, RAID, Servers, etc.

How it works

Do Your Data Recovery is an advanced data recovery software that can recover data from almost every location imaginable. For doing so, it runs a scan on your desired location and fetches out all lost data for you. There are 2 types of scans that you can perform with Do Your Data Recovery. Here they are:

  1. Quick Recovery: The Quick Recovery scan is ideal for people who are using the software for the first time. It is extremely easy as the user only has to select the location (Drive) from where the data needs to be recovered. Upon selecting, the software will start scanning and show you all the files that can be recovered from your selected location. If it is a media file, it will come with a visual preview as well.
  1. Advanced Recovery: As its name suggests, the Advanced Recovery scan is used for detailed scanning of a particular location. This type of scan is mostly used by users who require a deep scan for finding a very specific file type or in case their file could not be located with Quick Recovery. Here, you also select a particular location but then you are given a range of advanced filters that you can set for your scan. Now, though, this scan takes more time than Quick Recovery, it is much more precise giving you the luxury to recover data in a more efficient manner.


Programs that are classified alongside Do Your Data Recovery tend to be quite costly. Furthermore, they are marketed as such that a desperate consumer who wants to recover their data ends up purchasing them without hesitation. At times, this leads to disappointment as the programs don’t work as efficiently as promised. However, that is not the case with Do Your Data Recovery.

Do Your Data Recovery is available at affordable rates starting from a yearly subscription of $49.00 up to $69.00 for a lifetime one. The company also provides a 30-days money-back guarantee on all of its plans in case customer satisfaction isn’t achieved. Though that is rarely the case considering how good the software is alongside the free technical support that is available to each customer.

Noteworthy Tips

  • Use “Save Recovery Results”: When it comes to scans with Do Your Data Recovery, the Quick Recovery scan is quite fast. However, the Advanced Recovery scan may take up to 8-10 minutes depending on the filters and location. Therefore, it is suggested that one uses the “Save Recovery Results” after each scan and load the results the next time instead of scanning all over again.
  • Buy Bundled packages if purchasing for multiple OS: As mentioned above, Do Your Data Recovery provides data recovery solutions for Windows OS, Mac OS, iPhone separately starting from $49.00 annually. Now, if you are looking to purchase the software for multiple operating systems, it is suggested that you buy them together to claim a discount of up to $30.


Do Your Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery programs available at the moment. Its ability to recover files from pretty much anywhere goes a long way. Furthermore, it also provides multiple scanning methods which means that anyone can use the software regardless of their technical expertise. Simply put, it is a marvelous choice whether you are a soloist or a fully-fledged business.

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