Compressing PDF Files Online: PDFBear’s Highly Effective PDF Compress Tool

Compressing PDF Files Online: PDFBear’s Highly Effective PDF Compress Tool

Why is there a need to compress certain PDF files? First off, handling a big-sized PDF may bring its fair share of cons. For example, using a big PDF file for email attachments, web uploads, and printing can be quite a hassle. In turn, you’ll need to effectively resize that big PDF to a size that is compatible with these processes. 

PDFBear will compress your PDF regardless of the reason. You can use its highly-effective PDF compress tool for this task. Compressing PDF documents through this tool is simple, easy, and effortless. And, PDFBear provides this high-grade online compression for free.

How To Compress PDF

It’s essential to know more about the process of compressing a PDF document online. Users certainly won’t need to worry about any complicated and confusing process, as PDFBear makes sure that this process is as straightforward as it can be. 

It compresses any PDF document through a four-step method. This four-step method is incredibly easy to follow and should allow a more convenient online PDF compression.


This four-step process that this PDF compressor uses begins once you upload a big-sized PDF document. You can also drag and drop the PDF to the Compress tool as an uploading alternative. Then, a set of options will appear in which you’ll need to choose and select the ones that you prefer as you move through this PDF compression.

Next, the PDF file will automatically be analyzed and compressed. Wait for a couple of moments while PDFBear works its magic in resizing the PDF file you just uploaded. Once the PDF compression is complete, a compressed outcome will be available for you to download or share.

Easy To Use Compressor

This PDF compressor is one of the simplest and most straightforward online compressors you can use. It simply doesn’t require a ton of brainpower to operate. Accordingly, it can produce an accurately compressed outcome in no time. In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to resize any PDF document into a relatively smaller size effectively!

This online PDF compressor can help you reduce the size of any PDF without necessarily affecting its quality. In turn, you’ll be able to steer clear of any unwanted trade offs while compressing the PDF file. Just because you’re resizing the PDF down to a smaller size doesn’t mean that the quality should also be rescaled to a lower equivalent. 

Other online tools’ process in compressing PDF files possess this tradeoff, which is something that you won’t see on PDFBear. There won’t be any errors, mistakes, and unwanted alterations on the newly compressed file. PDFBear’s online PDF compressor is easy to use and uses a straightforward PDF compression to resize your PDF files.

Efficient PDF Compress Tool

This online PDF compressor allows anyone to upload and effectively rescale any PDF document by up to 70%. It can also handle any PDF file that can scale as big as 1 GB in size. PDFBear’s PDF compressor won’t have any problems in resizing these big-sized PDFs, and it can rescale it down by 70% within minutes. By then, you can use the rescaled PDF document for any purpose.

PDFBear’s online PDF compressor also comes with a set of pre-equipped settings. With this fact, users won’t need to input or change the settings of this PDF Compress tool every time they use it. Simple upload any big-size PDF, and this PDF compressor will rescale it down for you instantly. No need to pay upfront as PDFBear allows users to resize one PDF file by up to 70%

Remember that this PDF compressor tool is available on the PDFBear platform for free. You surely won’t break the bank by resizing your PDF document through a PDF compress tool that is efficient and effective.

Compress For Email

One of the common reasons why users compress PDF files is for email attachments. Using a PDF document as an email attachment is entirely possible. But, you’ll have a hard time attaching one that scales up a bit too big in size. You can always handle this issue by resizing the PDF document through this online PDF compressor.

PDFBear’s PDF compressor uses a highly-sophisticated technology in resizing and reducing your PDF documents. In turn, it can guarantee that the PDF will retain all data, values, and detail in full. The only thing that this PDF compressor will change is the size of the entire PDF document. 

Now that you’ve effectively rescaled your PDF to a compatible size, you’ll be able to use it for attachments without any problems. Resizing your PDF document can allow you to encounter zero issues in other tasks like sharing the file with others, web uploads, and printing.

Compress On All Platforms

PDFBear allows users to rescale and resize their PDF documents through any platform they choose to. In turn, you can access this online PDF compressor from any Windows, Mac, or Linux system. Subsequently, all you need is to access PDFBear through any compatible web browsers in your system. 

You can always pick whether you’d use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. You can even choose browsers like TOR browser to compress PDF documents with complete anonymity. Picking any of the aforementioned web browsers won’t present any compatibility issues. Neither will the compression process differ across all of these platforms.

PDFBear also extends its reach to mobile platforms. Anyone should be able to take this online PDF compressor on the go. First, see to it that you have a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection before you use this web-based PDF compressor. Then, simply go to the PDFBear website and access this PDF compressor through any browsing app on your smartphone or tablet.


You don’t have to look for other PDF documents just because you can’t attach them, upload them, or print them. You also don’t have to feel helpless whenever you’re handling a 1 GB PDF document. Simply upload that 1 GB PDF document to this PDF compressor tool. PDFBear’s PDF Compressor will instantly resize and rescale any PDF down to an ideal size. This process is incredibly effortless if done through PDFBear.

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