How to Choose & Buy An Industrial Mixer Online?

f you’re in the business of making pharmaceuticals, food products, paper pulp, or other fields, you probably use industrial mixers. You might need something with the option to replace the bins so you can make multiple products as your cycles change. Others might need only one machine with a high vessel capacity, to make bigger batches. The point stands that many industries need a good mixer.

Finding the right industrial mixer online can be a challenge. As effective as Google is as a search engine, it doesn’t always get everything right. Every so often, if you look for industrial mixers, you may end up looking at results pointing at sound engineers – a.k.a. “mixers.” So here’s some advice on how to find that vacuum emulsifying mixer you’ve been looking for.

Buy Directly

One of the easiest ways to find anything online is the same as finding anything in the real world: knowing ahead of time. If you have a specific brand in mind or have heard of, then that should be your first stop. Going right to a manufacturer’s website has two benefits.

The first is that it gives you a direct place to go, rather than stumbling around with a search engine. This cuts down on the time spent poking through search results or listings on sites like eBay. Since most of them will also be running a storefront on their website, you can buy from them directly.

The second benefit is that it gives you information to work with, even if what you want isn’t on the site you’re using. No website exists as a monopoly, and for every online retailer selling a mixer, there’d be a few competitors out there. Find the site’s competitors and you get leads on where to find what you need.

Auction Sites

You might be able to find an industrial mixer or blender from an auction site. While this does mean a few issues like the risk of paying too much due to a bidding war, this generally doesn’t happen too often. Auction sites tend to also carry a broader range of products for almost any niche, so if you don’t know where to go specifically, they’re a good place to look.

If you do use an auction site, remember that buying from there is a bit more involved than a regular storefront. Check the rules and regulations, so you know what you’re getting into and what to expect.

Getting Better Search Results

Specificity is crucial when you’re using a search engine. Just putting in the words “industrial mixer” can get you results that aren’t relevant. At least half the results listed will be for sound engineers or sound equipment. Be specific in your search tags.

Specified Terms

If you know what you want then put that in instead of just a more generic term. Maybe you want to buy a plastic mixer with an agitator in India, which would yield more specific results than just “plastic mixer”. This is true whether you’re using Google, Bing, or any other search engine. You want the search engine to know exactly what you’re asking for, to narrow down the potential results.

Use Punctuation Marks

Use punctuation when you search. Most people don’t really do proper punctuation on a search query. It’s not necessary, though it can help narrow down your results. Using quotation marks will inform the system that you’re looking for the exact phrase contained in them, for instance. If you have specifications in mind for an industrial mixer, learning a few tricks can help narrow things down.

Google Shopping

If you still can’t find results you want, narrow it down further by using Google Shopping. This feature will modify the search engine results to only include e-commerce websites. However, these results are sponsored by the merchants and companies themselves, so you might not find anything local by using this option.

Check Online Ads

Search engine ads are typically relevant, even if the results aren’t always accurate. However, much like listings from Google Shopping, these are sponsored and paid for. You might not see what you want from these ads, even if they’re a good starting point.

Of course, there’s nothing that says you can’t get lucky and the engine gives you an ad link to exactly what you want. It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t happen often for niche products.

Consider Local Suppliers

Industrial equipment can be costly to ship over long distances, and there could be risks of damages in the transit process. Therefore, you could consider buying your emulsifying mixer from somewhere closer to where you intend to use it. Doing this helps you cut down on the risk of damage and on shipping costs, though keep in mind that this isn’t always a possibility.


It can be surprisingly easy and surprisingly hard to buy anything online. However, with a little effort and a little know-how, you can narrow things down and make it easier to find that perfect mixer for your enterprise.

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