Best Website Maker to Rely On in 2020

Best Website Maker to Rely On in 2020

If you come across this article, then it must be evident that you are looking for the best website maker to rely on in 2020. I seriously don’t know about you, but I am not a technical guy and also, never fond of learning these programming and desiging stuff. It doesnt mean that I have not tried, I tried but failed most of the time. Still, I wanted to build a website myself and generally for sharing information, blogs, and photos.

To be an instance, I have tried too many website builders that are available over the internet. Some of them were free, and some of them were paid. The great thing about website builders is that they offer a quick range of templates for different industries. You only have to pick the one template that you like and add a text, photos of your own to complete building up your website.

The main benefit of using a website builder is you do not have to start from scratch, and this is what makes it super easy to create a perfect website in no time. However, we know that there are 100’s of website makers that are available over the internet, and it could be challenging to find out the best one from the list. Therefore, I have decided to highlight the best website maker “Mobirise” from the list.

Mobirise Website Maker

Mobirise website maker is a different kind of website builder and better from all the available website builders over the internet. It is not any browser-based website builder that usually hangs up due to no internet connectivity sometimes. It is something that you need to download it first for using it.

It offers innovative features and pricing plans. You only need to have some primary HTML language and around 100$ to invest in Mobirise Website Builder Software to get the best out of it.

To be an instance, Mobirise is generally meant for the newbies who do not have sufficient knowledge about programming, and the primary function of using Mobirise is to set up a perfect mobile working website in no time.

Great Themes

You must have seen the usual basic templates in any of the website builders online. However, Mobirise is something beyond your expectations. The system has gone far beyond ordinary customizations of themes and pre-installed versions. Instead, It offers the readymade and easy to customize content blocks.

As of now, Mobirise has the collection of more than 50+ excellent and quick to optimize themes. It also includes the list of 150+ demo pages that will help you to design your website correctly.

You can also watch out this youtube tutorial for the same purpose.

Super Extensions

This is something that creates a massive interest among users. It is because extensions play the essential role in optimizing any website speed, state of working position, and many other things.

Mobirise allows users to connect different types of extensions that include icons, lazy load, block packs, sliders, and many other things. This is something that I may call “Super Extensions.” 

Apart from all these available extensions. You can also connect your website with AMP (It is generally better for mobile users). There is only one downside, and the downside of these super extensions is you have to pay for it. You will have to buy these extensions separately or choose a kit that will include all of these super extensions.

Step by Step Tutorial

It is not something that you will need technical knowledge to build a perfect website using Mobirise website builder. It is a three-step process to create an ideal website using this Mobirise website maker.

You can follow these three steps after downloading and installing Mobirise in your system. (You need to purchase a plan a though)

Step 1: Choose a Template

As I have mentioned earlier that there are too many available website themes in the database. The first thing that you have to do is to find a perfect template for your website.

You can either choose the standard available themes for free of cost or either purchase a premium plan for more themes.

Now, to choose the theme. Open the application, head to the site’s option, and click on the “Create new site” option from the list.

Step 2: Customize your template.

As soon as you get started with building up a new website, there will be a demo page in front of your screen. You can now take the help of drag and drop content blocks to customize your blocks and add the content of your need.

You can also take the help of responsive features like menu, blocks, and many other things in customization settings.

Step 3: Publish your website

Once you are done with editing the content and designing of your website, you can now take the help of some super-premium extensions of Mobirise to make it a next-level website. (This includes lazy load and SEO support)

After that, you can continue finishing up your website by clicking on the publish button. Upon clicking the publish button, your website will be live among every user.

Why use Mobirise?

This is the question. I can understand as most of the people ask me about this that why should they use Mobirise instead of other website builders? 

There is a simple answer to this question. Mobirise website maker is better among all of the available website makers over the internet. The reason, because it not only offers the offline connectivity but also the free version offers too many features. Moreover, It is easy and simple to use among all of the website builders.


Mobirise is one of the amazing option that allows new users to create a small and medium scale website with no technical knowledge. There are a lot of options present in this software, such as SEO connectivity and visual editor, to make the best website. 

From my point of view, Mobirise is a perfect option for creating an ordinary and modern website. However, you still need to purchase the domain and hosting separately for this.

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