Best Proxy Sites – List of Free Proxy Servers 2018

Best Proxy Sites List : We often come across some issues related to the web pages that we browse the internet. If you try accessing some of the websites, a message appears on the screen saying ‘this webpage is not available’ or ‘this URL has been blocked.’ There are different methods that help the users to access a beneficial website if it is blocked. One of the best ways to access the blocked websites is using the proxy websites.

In general, the proxy servers provide access to restricted websites that are usually blocked in different colleges, Government offices, IP restricted, schools and more. Just like the anonymous email providers, there are different anonymous proxy servers namely CGI proxy. It is a server that operates in a web mode wherein all the internet requests are initially filtered via the form particularly concealing your identity.

It is not at all arduous to set a device for using it as an anonymous proxy. Rather than configuring the address of the proxy server from the web browser, one can easily access the proxy servers. In this post, we have listed some of the best proxy sites and check the compilation of the best free proxy servers list. Have a glance!

Best Proxy Sites 2018 :: List of Free Proxy Servers

1.Anonymous Proxy Server Free

Best Proxy websites list free

In fact, an anonymous proxy has been designed and developed to enhance the privacy of the users on the web. It increases the privacy by concealing the public IP address that has been issued by the ISP. By directing the whole traffic through various public servers and addresses, it protects the privacy. Some of the anonymous proxies assist the people in evading the blocked content that some websites make on the IP addresses from specific countries.

If the website presumes that the request has arrived from a place wherein the country supports the proxy sites then, there couldn’t be any reason for blocking it. For instance, if the website that you are willing to access solely functions for the people in Canada then, you can make use of a Canadian proxy server for loading the web pages.

A proxy site can be helpful whenever a network blocks a particular website that you are trying to access. The proxy sites not just aids the people in accessing the blocked websites but also, helps the folks to browse the web anonymously. Most of the proxy websites are pretty simple to use. In this post, we have come up with a huge collection of the best proxy sites and proxy server list.

How to Find the Best Anonymous Proxy Sites?

If you are pretty much confused about finding the right anonymous proxy server then, we are here to help you in the best way. At the time of analyzing and looking for the best proxy, you must keep few things in mind. Some of them include the popular brand name and the proxy site that works at a decent speed.

In general, the anonymous proxy sites don’t run as fast as the routine browsing because of the additional translation overhead intricated through the proxy server. If you are in the need of accessing a web proxy on a frequent basis then, try to upgrade from a free proxy to a paid proxy service plan that delivers exceptional performance. In addition, it assures offering the best quality of services.

Best Free Proxy Sites List :

Here is a list of the best proxy sites that help people to access the blocked websites on the internet with much ease.

1. Hidester

Hidester is one of the popular proxy servers that offers SSL proxy support to all the users. It secures the users from the malicious scripts that might ruin your PC. This site has immense popularity and is regarded as the most reliable web proxy available in the market absolutely for free of cost.

Free Proxy server list

Before heading towards the browsing process, one can select either a US or Europe server. Pick the option to encrypt the URL, accept or deny the scripts and the cookies can be allowed or blocked. If you are willing to use a premium version of Hidester, you will be able to access innumerable proxies in different countries.


best proxy sites is another best web proxy that can be used with any website even the YouTube site. One can easily select between different proxy servers in Europe and the US. One can easily access the websites like Facebook, Imgur, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and more through this proxy server. The users have the ability to handle whether to use the cookies, objects, and scripts. There is a feasibility of blocking the ads in the proxy. One can alter the server that they’re actually using currently.

3. KProxy

KProxy is a unique proxy server available for all the users on the web. This site has gained some uniqueness for a valid reason. At the time of accessing the web proxy, the users can easily conceal the menu that displays at the top of the page. Conversely, most of the anonymous web proxies display the menu sans providing an option to hid it.

KProxy -best proxy servers list

This might eventually turn your browsing experience difficult. KProxy offers the best services evading this situation for the users. The fundamental benefit of using KProxy is that one can easily switch between 10 different servers in case you find that your IP address is blocked. When one falls down, you can switch to the other one and gain instant access to the content.

4. proxy sites

If you are looking for a free anonymous surfing then, is the best web proxy server. One can start using this server by typing the URL that you wish to visit and then select the location of the proxy from the drop-down menu. The users can pick the location from the options that include US, Germany, and the Netherlands. Similar to the aforementioned proxy sites, allows the users to disable or enable the cookies, objects, scripts, encryption and more.

5. VPNBook

VPNBook offers a free anonymous web proxy and works pretty unique compared to other sites. This proxy site is compatible with HTTPS sites and makes use of 256-bit encryption to conceal your traffic. The users can select a proxy server from different locations i.e., Canada, UK, and the US.

VPNBook free anonymous web proxy

It’s quite simple to alter the website that you wish to browse for from within the VPNBook proxy by entering it at the top of the webpage. The users may not have the ability to control the cookies, scripts on this site.

6. Anonymouse

Anonymouse is another best proxy website that has been serving lakhs of folks for several years. It offers a plethora of services to its users that include email, supporting web, Usenet [news] proxies and more. In order to ease the users to access this website, it can be translated for use in two languages i.e., in English and German.

Anonymouse - best proxy sites

Above 6 sites are my personal Favorites.Despite available as a free proxy site, the users have the option to buy an inexpensive subscription for quick proxy servers and extra services like ad-free browsing, bigger file downloads and ease to access HTTPS websites. I have researched over the time and added many best proxy sites below.

151 Best Proxy Sites List 2018 :

S.NO Name Website URL
1 ProxySite
2 FilterByPass
3 Hide Me Proxy
4 Anonymouse
5 Kproxy
6 BlewPass
7 Proxy Free
8 Quickproxy
9 4Ever Proxy
11 Proxay
12 Proxify Web Proxy
13 Proxyserver
14 Freeproxyserver
16 Proxay
17 Tubeunblock
18 Genmirror
19 Atozproxy
20 Surfmenow
21 Dolopo
22 Smartdnsproxy
23 Unblockytproxy
24 Nordvpn Proxy
25 Unblockweb
26 Awebproxy
27 Maddw
28 Proxyunblocker
29 Hiload
30 Zalmos
31 Yellowproxy
32 Proxtube
33 Notaproxy
34 Pandashield
35 Zacebookpk
36 Unblockvideos
37 Unblockbook
38 99proxy
39 vpnbook
40 Proxylistpro
41 whoer
42 My-proxy
43 Undofilters
44 Hidemebro
45 Toolur
46 Proxy-anywhere
47 Freeproxy
48 Instantunblock
49 Websurf
50 Proxysite
51 Homeproxy
52 Justproxy
53 Proxyone
54 Proxy
55 Englandproxy
56 Proxyone
57 vpnbook Proxy
58 Crazyproxy
59 New-proxy-sites
60 Cyberghostvpn
61 Zend2
62 webproxy
63 Theclickcheck webproxy
64 Anonymster
65 vpn
66 Spysurfing
67 Proxybrowsing
68 Myunblocksites
69 Proxymesh
70 Proxyhub
71 Aniscartujo
72 Ocaspro
73 Yxorproxy
74 Proxyfor
75 Serverfriend
76 Unblockwebsites
77 Videounblocker
78 Unblockandsurf
79 Proxymesh
80 Proxy-deal
81 Vectroproxy
82 Boomproxy
83 Bypasser
84 Pxaa
85 Youtubefreeproxy
86 Caproxies
87 Xitenow
88 Proxy-hypo
89 Interncloud
90 Myproxy
91 Fiberprox
92 24tunnel
93 Ocaspro
94 Avoidance
95 Usafastproxy
97 Speedproxy
98 Proxyisp
99 Unblockyouku
100 Proxify
101 Hidenseek
102 Quickprox
103 Metproxy
104 Unblockaccess
105 Allunblocked
106 Site2unblock
107 Unblocked
108 sslsecureproxy
109 Ninjaweb
110 Unblock-sites
111 Orangeproxy
112 Unblockblocked
113 ispunblock
114 Videounblock
115 Vidproxy
116 Unblock123
117 Surfproxyserver
118 Pinkproxy
119 Aceproxy
120 Ultimateproxy
121 Tomatoproxy
122 lopana
123 Unblockfreeproxy
124 linkmetube
125 Proxycloud
126 Idolproxy
127 Unblockwebsite
128 Proxyload
129 2fastsurfer
130 Stopcensoring
131 Secretproxy
132 Xitesite
133 Sslpro
134 Fiberproxy
135 Proxite
136 Hidebuzz
137 Gizlibaglanti
138 Vload
139 Miniprox
140 Fastusaproxy
141 Newipnow
142 Yourcheat
143 Kproxy
144 Dontfilter
145 Zacebookpk
146 Quickproxy
147 Dzhot
148 Hidester
149 Fishproxy
150 Zendproxy
151 Ronfeed Proxy
152 Express VPN

The Bottom Line

Here ends the list of the best collection of fast Proxy sites that aids you in accessing the unblocked sites on the web. Hope this list of the best proxy servers list has given you adequate knowledge about the sites. Pick any of the best free proxy and start exploring your preferred unblocked websites from your PC or Laptop.

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