Top 10 Best Power Banks 2018 to Buy Online in India

In the contemporary times, our lives happen to be largely influenced by the mobile devices we carry. Our smartphones happen to top the list. We are quite immobile without our mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players and the tablets. Charging these devices is a regular task we do on a regular basis. However, there is a large number of us who regularly forgets to do the same. Again, there is a set of people whose use of these mobile devices happens to be so high that even after charging, their devices are drained of charge very quickly.

This is when they require a mobile power deposit that can help them to charge their devices even when they are away from the wall outlets. This is precisely when a Power bank comes to our rescue.

Now the question arises that what is a power bank?

A power bank is a portable power deposit unit that is made of a special battery which is fitted into a special case and also has a special circuit that is used for controlling the power flow. These power banks can be used to store electrical energy that is there deposited in the power bank. Later this deposited charge can be used to charge mobile devices.

Any mobile device that operates on the dint of USB ports can be charged with the help of the power banks. Since our usage of these mobile devices happens to be quite immense, the popularity of power banks also has been tremendous in the current times. You can also use these power banks to charge devices such as the goPros, cameras, GS Systems and also portable speakers.

However, at the end of the day, you must also remember to charge your power banks as well!

Kinds Of Power banks Available

The opening of the discussion clearly points out at the basic structure of the power banks and also points out at the basic devices that can be charged with the help of these power banks. But there is no need to think that these power banks are of a single type only. There can be many variations and differences in the structure and the designs of these power banks. Additionally, power banks can also operate in different ways.

  • The Universal power banks are the primary type used by a large number of people in the market. This is a design that has taken the market by a storm and comes in a large number of sizes and also different configurations. These different varieties cater to the requirements of a large number of buyers as per their requirements and also the kind of budget that they have set for themselves.
  • There are also Solar Charged power banks. These power banks work by photovoltaic panels. These panels can charge the internal battery when placed under the energy of the sun rays. However, these power banks take much time to get charged an also charge the devices that are attached to it.
  • The third one is the old phone style battery. Although they are quite thin and easy to handle yet, they are not always compatible with every type of device that is there on the stack.

Apart from the above-mentioned power banks, there are yet again a large number of other designs of power banks that are making their rounds in the market. Some of them happen to be the fashionable portable power banks; Built-in rechargeable line types power banks, Smart Power banks. Power banks with LED light, Quick Charge Power banks, etc. Each of the mentioned designs comes with their features and facets which makes them uniquely suited for different purposes and types of users.

Ten Best Power Banks In India 2018

With the increasing demand for these power banks in the market, various brands have come up with different models of power banks. Most of the brands are trying to come up with designs and models that will offer a great power back up battery along with a sleek and stylish design so that they are easy to carry from one place to another. The rat race is to create a design that will come with a huge backup battery life in a sleek design and at a highly affordable price. These are the principles that have led to the evolution of a large number of designs. Let us take a look at the top ten models of power banks in India that are making their rounds in the market.

  • Mi Power bank
  • Corseca DMB2056
  • Ambrane P- 2080
  • Intex IT-PB 15k
  • Lenovo PA 13000
  • Honor Powerbank
  • Intex IT-PB11K
  • Mi Power bank Pro
  • Corseca Dmb4210
  • Ambrane P-1000 Star

All these ten models come with their own unique features. This makes them suitable for different kinds of usage regarding duration and frequency. You can be assured of a great battery backup with all the ones mentioned above. They are super portable and can be taken easily in your purse in most of the cases. Whether you are out on vacation or you are heading for an urgent meeting with your mobile device charged out, these power banks can come to your ready service and offer excellent support.

Advantages Of Buying from Among the Best Power Banks

It has been established by now that these power banks are real utilitarian objects and they hence have a huge demand in the market. With the growing number of the mobile devices in the market, their demand is also on an ever incline. Hence their usage obviously comes with a large number of advantages. Let us take a look at them

  • They Are Inexpensive

In most of the cases people before they buy a new gadget they feel that this new piece of the electronic device will come at a handsome price. However, given the huge competition in the market, the very first thing on which the brand does happen to work is the element of price. This is why it can be said that the power banks are an inexpensive way of keeping your mobile devices charged up at all point of time.

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Anybody can afford these power banks and can use them to keep their mobile devices alive at all point of time. Given a large number of models that have hit the market in the current times, the price is no big deal. Apart from that if you do visit the online shopping portals, you can also come upon a large numbered lucrative deals that are not there in the retail market.

  • They Are Portable

One of the best aspects or features of these power banks is that they are portable. This will mean that you now do not need a wall outlet for charging your mobile devices. This means that you are free from the worry of how to charge your mobile devices even when you are away from home or your workplace.

Irrespective of the place or the time or the situation you can now charge your devices without any issue. In other words, you are now prepared for any crisis or emergency. Better still you can keep all charging emergencies at bay and will always be ready with fully charged mobile devices.

These power banks can be a huge help when you are traveling or are at some remote place that does not have wall outlets for charging your devices. Overnight train journey and bus journeys can now happen without any halting mobile devices.

  • They can Charge Any Mobile device

These power banks are perfectly suited to charge all those mobile devices that work on the dint of USB ports. This is how all you need to do is carry a single power bank so that you can charge large number different mobile devices with just a single power bank. This will help you to be better prepared for different situations. All that you need to do is carry a single power bank, and all your rest of the mobile devices are sorted. You can charge one by one more that one device with the same device.

  • Any Time Charging

You can now charge your mobile devices at any point in time. Now you don’t need a wall outlet for charging your devices. Whether you are watching a movie or are traveling by train, bus or flight, now you can easily charge all your devices with the help of these power banks. You can now be connected with the rest of the world at all points of time.

  • Wide Variety Of Designs

There is a wide range of designs and models in the market. Each one of them comes with a distinct feature, and hence they can be used for different purposes and by different users. Now a larger band of people can make use of these devices.

Why Do We Need Power Banks?

These days you cannot imagine your life without your smart mobile devices. Whether you are at work or have headed out for leisure, these are the devices that connect you to life, basic amenities and the rest of the world. Once, if they run out of charge, you stand stranded. Hence charging them and keeping them that way happens to be imperative.

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In most of the cases, we do charge our devices as we prepare for the coming day. Again, there are days when you make so much use of these devices that they run out of charge while you reach the middle of the day. This can cause much trouble at your work and can hamper your entire day’s schedule. This is why you need to keep them charged.

Now to be precise, your mobile devices can get charged out at any point of time, while you are having a meeting at your client’s place, while you are driving or catching up on a movie with your friends. All these are occasions when you can need your mobile devices the very next instant.

This is why you must keep your power banks handy when you can use them to charge any of your mobile devices almost instantly, without any hassle and without having to ask anybody for any favor.


Power banks are highly utility oriented devices. These devices have been designed by the fundamental requirements of the users of mobile devices. The designs of the power banks are so made so that they can be easily carried to any place. They are sleek and stylish and highly space economical. They can be fitted into the pockets of shirts and trousers and can be easily carried in bags and purse. The outer designs of these power banks are highly stylish and completely in synch with the mobile devices you carry.

These power banks can easily improve your day’s schedule and can give you relief from the continuous anxiety of finding a dead mobile device at your disposal. This is how you can now ensure that you are always connected to the rest of the world. Whether it is your friends, your colleagues at work, other branches in distant locations or important apps of food or cab, you can avail them at any point without the fear of losing touch. All this is due to the ever-present power bank at your disposal.

Even as a traveler now you can be much more relaxed. Even if there is a delay in your train or flight, you no longer will have panic attacks of losing contact with the rest of the world if your mobile phone happens to be drained of charge. Charge your devices at any point without any hassle or without asking for a favor from others.

Power banks have indeed helped us to be much more self-reliant and offered greater mobility. So now you can be better prepared for life with these wonder devices in your pockets.

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