Best Kodi Builds : Top 5 Kodi Builds With The Hottest Addons Now

Kodi is the popular multimedia player available on the web that lets the users to stream desired media content for free of cost. Kodi app is compatible on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac OS X, iOS, Apple TV and a lot more. This Kodi multimedia player is available for the users in more than 75 languages. Originally, the Kodi app developed in the year 2002 as an Xbox media player.

This post explains the best Kodi builds for the users. In fact, the Kodi Builds aids the users in setting their Kodi player by transforming it into an excellent streaming center. The Kodi player will host various apps and components that are used whilst streaming the media. With the help of Kodi builds, you can easily stream unlimited content without any legal issues.

The Kodi users need to utilize a VPN in order to conceal their identity whilst streaming their favorite media content. Here is everything you need to know about the Kodi Builds and its significance. Check out the best Kodi Builds available on the web for all the Kodi users. Have a glimpse!

What is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi Build is the best way of acquiring everything and operating it within the Kodi player. The build installs the whole content that you require to run the Kodi with just a single tap. Some of the builds include settings, skins, add-ons, an electric program guide and more. Generally, people who install Kodi on their device need some time in order to customize it based on their choice. Also Check Best Proxy Sites

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On the Kodi build, you can get the aforementioned skins, settings and more. The Kodi builds provides a single click option to the users to install all these stuff. Through these builds, one can save massive time instead of customizing it the whole day. Kodi Builds is the simplest procedure to download and stream content at a rapid pace. If you are not aware of the advanced technology then, using the Kodi Builds is a perfect option. Most of the users can use the Kodi Builds through the settings tab on Kodi.

Best Kodi Builds List 2018

Check out the list of the best Kodi Builds for your Kodi Player to stream your preferred content. Take a look!

1. Misfit Mods Lite

People usually install the Kodi player on their device so as to watch free music, TV shows, movies, sports and stream the live sports. This Build provides you all these stuff. As of now, this Kodi build has gained immense popularity and turned out to become the topmost one. This Kodi build offers an extensive range of video streams that comprise several subcategories in each section. Also Check How to download DirextX for windows 10


The Misfit Mods Lite offers numerous add-ons such as Made in Canada IPTV, Cartoons8, BoB Unleashed, SkyNet, UK Turks Playlist, Goodfellas 2.0 and StreamHub. The users can find all these stuff at one place through a single package. People have found that this build will secure the top position in the list of best Kodi builds.

2. Kryptikz ZT

Kryptikz ZT can be downloaded and installed easily through the TeamZT Wizard. Through this build, the users can handle the excellent video streaming search. In the main menu of this build, you can find different categories such as movies, cartoons, my list, sports, explore, TV shows and more.


One of the best features about this build is that it comprises of Tamil, Chinese and Bollywood add-ons. The users can the Asian Television content alongside these add-ons. It comprises of some of the popular add-ons such as YouTube, UK Turk Playlists, Gears TV, Project M, Bobbys Cartoons, Music USA, One242415, Exodus, The Pyramid, Gobble, 1 Channel, Openload Movies, and more.

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3. CellarDoor TV

CellarDoor TV is an open source and free Kodi Build. Originally, few hobbyist programmers have created this open source code build. The popular method to get to know about the CellarDoor is knowing about the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Through this build, one can relish popular movies, TV shows and more. Some of the integrated add-ons include SkyNet, BoB Unleashed, and Elysium.


If you are a great movie adorer then, the Cellar Door Kodi Build will befit your requirements. There is a movie section present in this build comprising numerous genres. If you are thinking to stream the TV shows then, you can get the similar user interface just like the Netflix.

4. Fire TV Guru Build


Fire TV Guru Build was originally designed and developed by the FireTVGuru website. For all the FireStick users, this is the most popular and best Kodi Build. Some of the best features of this build include powerful functions, amazing visuals, add-ons and more. All these will deliver an excellent entertainment experience to all the users. As the Firestick comes in a tiny size, one can install the Fire TV Guru Kodi build within a less span of time.

5. Titanium Build

Apart from the above listed Kodi Builds, the Titanium Build was launched in the recent times. Through this build, one can stream the live sports, live TV, movies, sports, kids shows, highlights in sports and more. To provide such exciting content for all the users, the Titanium Build offers some add-ons that include Project Cypher, Maverick TV, Phoenix, Royal We, Gobble, CCloud, UK Turk Playlists, Goodfellas, Stream Hub, Evolve, Echo Streams, and Titan.


The user interface of this build is pretty clean and simple to use. If you are a Spanish user then, the Titanium Build is a perfect option. However, it also serves the other language users as well. It has been designed mostly for the purpose of serving all the English users with huge content and add-ons.

Final Words

Here ends the list of the best Kodi Builds for the year 2018. Hope this list has helped you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows, series and more through the Kodi Player. For more doubts and queries, just drop them in the comments section. You can even send us the feedback regarding our website, posts and the interface through the feedback section.

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