TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List April 2019

Kodi is a free and open media center software application developed by the XBMC foundation. Kodi is available on different operating systems, which allow people to watch videos and consume other entertainment platforms.A one line definition cannot explain the whole of Kodi, as it is such an incredible software. Think of Kodi as a pizza, it takes hundred of ingredient to make a pizza but without a base which is probably bread, you cannot sum up all your ingredient at one place to serve the best.

Same as Kodi is a base, a foundation where you can store all your essential items. The software was launched in 2002. Its task is to host different application that will be used by you for viewing videos and audios. With this software you’ll be able to watch TV shows live, sports, movie and what not, that too for free.

There have been various versions of Kodi from the very beginning with updates and more. The most suitable and stable version of Kodi is 17.6 where as 18 version is also available but it is still in beta stage and therefore not fully prepared to use.

How to Use Kodi?

You can use Kodi on operating system such as windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Android and ios tvos, (Apple tvos), xbox one and freedBSD, as it is currently available on these operation system. Now to understand this here is a simple explanation.


Generally most of the computers are equipped with windows, Mac, or Linux; it means that we can install Kodi software onto our personal computers or laptops. Since Kodi support both ios and Android we can install this software onto most mobile devices and tablets as well.

Now, as the technology is growing in such a massive way. There are also many television streaming boxes that use Android as its base operating system such as fire TV stick. A fire TV stick is an innovation of Amazon. It is a device that runs a modified version of Android. Which means you can easily install Kodi onto this device.

The main reason why fire TV sticks are so popular is they are less expensive and powerful device that can easily run Kodi  media center.

What is a Kodi box?

Many people recently purchasing Kodi boxes online. Kodi boxes are nothing but a generic streaming operating system with the application already downloaded onto it. Kodi boxes usually come fully loaded which means they have the application as well many popular add-ons already downloaded.

This system is optional to buy. Many a times it happens that the add-ons does not work accordingly to your liking. Therefore, it is suggested to buy a normal basic streaming device like Fire TV box or Fire TV stick.

Once you have your own digital media device of your choice you can customize it by downloading Kodi software and add-ons as per your liking. There are number of various Android TV Boxes in the market today and one of the main reasons to buy these boxes is to run the Kodi media center more effectively onto your device.

The most recommended Android TV Box is Nexbox A95X. Or if you are looking for something more powerful then NVIDIA SHIELD is the best to go for. One of the incredible feature of Kodi is it host online videos and audios from different variety of sources through add-ons at one place.

Kodi Addons – Simplified:

Think Kodi as a small application that increases the functionality of the software. There are several of addons that can be installed within Kodi which will turn the software into a huge platform where you can stream numbers of online videos, movies sport and what not.

Kodi media center provides vast addons but, there are various other add-ons available on different platform on internet.

There are number of Kodi add-ons that provide free access to watch movies, television shows. Live sports and charges as per the requirements or plan. These addons are designed to search the content for entertainment in terms of videos and audios that runs through Kodi media application.

Kodi add-ons comes in different and various versions that keeping changing and updating and are also being created. Different version of add-ons comes with different terms and keep changing with time so many a time it may happen that a add-on may not run on your device the way you want it to be for some specific reason.

Zip format is associated with Kodi add-ons which make it effortless to install. You can install the addons by using the add-on section under the settings icon.

Different types of Kodi Addons:

  • Multi-source:  The first and quite popular add-on is multi-source add-on. This add-on is popular for its unbiased nature. They bring the best search for the content you’ve commanded for.
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Multi-source add-on is divided into three sub parts they are as follow.

  1. Playlist:The second important Kodi add-on type is playlist it is similar to multi-source but different in few terms. The good part for this add-on is that the quality they provide is guaranteed. Links of content can be easily available on internet so the user can enjoy the quality content.
  2. Single-source:The only quality that differ this add-on from the multi-source is that the content you need will only be available on one source of internet only.
  3. Usenet:Usenet is completely different from all the above addons that are multi-source, playlist and single-source. This add-on is different in many ways comparatively. You need a special access to use, usenet servers and private repositories.

Best Kodi Addons for 2019:

There are thousand different types of Kodi Addons available listed above was just 4 out of many. While other addons keep buffering, changing and even stop working, new software creation becomes available.

As it’s already mentioned above that addons comes with variations of versions here are some newly arrived Addons for 2019.

  • MC 1080P:  This newly arrived add-on is all about movies. And as the name itself suggest you can enjoy movie at 1080P which makes the quality so good that you cannot resist watching. Easy possibility with full HD.
  • Seren:This seren add-on comes from brand-new repository called Nix Gates. This add-on is basically for streaming movies and TV. Shows and if you’ve used addons like Exodus and Covenant before, knows what to expect from this add-on.Once you open seren you’ll be able to see what’s new and updated and what other Kodi users are watching.
  • Overeasy:Overeasy is a freshly new addition in the world of addons that’s built upon Exodus ‘code. The user can find number of different TV shows and movies and other content.
  • Medusa:On the newly arrive add-on list this is the best working Kodi addons. This is another add-on that is specialized in streaming movies and TV shows to its viewer. You can filter the content to watch interesting content every time by its genres, actors and newly arrived displays.
  • Now Music USA:Till now we’ve only talked about videos, TV shows, live shows but what about music? As it’s difficult to find music on addons here is the add-on that brings a massive collection of brand-new treasured music sorted into its lists. However, Now Music USA does not have audio files but streams music videos which are far better than just audios. You can play any music video and relax the next file will play automatically.
  • Death From Above:This add-on came with variety of ranges such as sports related content, movies, content that are suitable for children and everything in between.
  • Voodo:Voodo was also available before but it seems that it was hibernated and now came inactive through different developer with few improvements. Like any other add-on this add-on will also provide the user to chance upon live TV channels, TV movies and shows.
  • Scythe:If you are someone who is uncontrollably fond of movies and TV shows than this add-on is for you along with content that are safe to watch for children.

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