Best Guide to Pass Your 70-461 Exam Easily with Prepaway Study Materials and Become MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 Certified

Microsoft Certifications: Overview

Microsoft products and services are extensively used worldwide and the certifications they offeralso make this company to be a famous brand. With a great variety of products issued, Microsoft needs qualified specialists with top skills. For that, they offer certifications for all tastes. Thus, credentials provided by Microsoft include MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) and MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer). MTA credentials are for beginners to get foundational IT skills while MCSA are designed for IT professionals who are in the early stages of their careers and also job seekers in the IT market. MCSE and MSCD are upper-level certifications that validate individuals’ wide ranging skills and their ability to create optimized solutions that involve using multiple Microsoft platforms. These certifications are recognized worldwide and in order to be certified by any of them, you have to pass one or more certification exams.

Reasons to be Microsoft Certified

When you get a Microsoft certification, a wide range of opportunities are opened for you. For example, they make it easier for job seekers and those applying to new jobs to land the positions they have applied for. This is because employers have faith in the capabilities of certified individuals as compared to their uncertified peers. Working professionals who obtain certifications stand a better chance for a fast promotion to a higher position and a subsequent salary increase. They also gain more respect and authority in their companies since they have a higher productivity level. This will make them more valuable in their companies.

MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 Certification and Exams

In this article, we’ll take a close look at one of the most in-demand MCSA certification-MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014. Note, that any MCSA credential serves as a prerequisite for getting the certifications of the higher levels MCSE and MCSD. This is the reason for their popularity. MCSA certifications demonstrate your abilities to design and create technology solutions in core Microsoft platforms such as Windows, Office, SQL Server, and Azure. Now, let’s turn to the certification in Microsoft SQL Server, in particular, the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 credential.

This certification has been designed for candidates aiming to get the position of a database developer or analyst. You can obtain it having passed three exams: 70-461, 70-462 and 70-463.

The MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification is awarded after you have passed three exams listed below:

  • Microsoft 70-461 test is intended to assess your skills and knowledge in writing queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014. It is designed for SQL Server database administrators, system engineers and developers with at least two years of experience.
  • 70-462 exam assesses your capabilities in administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 databases. It is designed for database professionals who have the responsibility of installing, maintaining and configuring tasks and maintaining database systems.
  • 70-463 exam is intended to assess and validate your skills in implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014. It is designed for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load – Database functions) and data warehouse developers who create Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

70-461 Exam: Detailed Information

The most difficult part on the way of getting any Microsoft certification is to start. To ease this process, you need to be equipped with the detailed information. So, let’s discuss some topics covered in one of the three required exams for an MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification – Exam 70-461.

Microsoft 70-461 exam questions come in different formats which measures one’s ability to accomplish technical tasks that will be listed below. Each topic area has relative percentage weight which gives a clue on the number of questions one could find in that content area. The higher the percentage, the higher the number of questions one should expect:

  1. a) Creating database objects

This section measures your ability to create and alter tables using T-SQL syntax (simple statements), create and alter views, modify constraints and alter DML triggers

  1. b) Working with data

In this section you are assessed of your capabilities to query data by using SELECT statements, implement; sub-queries, data types and aggregate queries and to query and manage XML data.

  1. c) Modifying data

Here you will be required to prove your abilities in creating and altering stored procedures by simple statements, modifying data using INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements and working with functions that involve an understanding of deterministic and non-deterministic functions.

  1. d) Troubleshooting and optimization

In this section you will be assessed in optimizing queries, managing transactions, evaluating the use of row-based operations vs set-based operations and implementing error handling.

Types of 70-461 Exam Questions

The Microsoft 70-461 exam questions come in different formats and require different answer formats as explained below:

  • Active screen questions which have an application with simulate controls such as drop- down list, check boxes and option buttons. You are required to use the controls to answer the questions in a dialogue box.
  • A case study which presents a business case and has multiple questions associated with it in an overview screen. At the end of a case study, a review screen appears which allows you to review your answers before moving to the next section of the exam.
  • Drag and drop questions such as which require you to recommend which tool does a certain task.
  • A build list that has an action and answer area.
  • Hot area question types provide a way for you to answer questions in a graphical form.
  • Short answer questions involve a situation that you can resolve by writing a few lines of code. Keywords are provided to use in the code you write.

If you are still in doubts whether you need this certification or not, simply look at the reasons for being a certified professional.

Reasons to become MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certified

MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 is a required prerequisite to getting an MCSE Data Management and Analytics credential. Therefore, if you are a professional with a vision of getting an expert level MCSE certification you must start working on getting the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 first. The following reasons are listed below:

  • MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 credential opens a path to career growth since you qualify for an opportunity to work as a database administrator, a developer for Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and database systems engineer.
  • It presents an opportunity for a higher salary. This is because certified individuals are believed to be of value in a company. Employers are therefore willing to spend more on them because they have faith in their abilities. On average professionals with MCSA Server 2012/2014 certification earn an annual salary of about $90,000.
  • Microsoft certified professionals usually stand out with faster and full productivity than their uncertified peers after being hired. This is an important aspect for growth in one’s career.

Now, when you have a firm belief to get this certification, it’s time to know the tips on how to do for sure.

Tips to Pass Microsoft 70-461 Certification Exam

If you are not sure how to prepare and pass the Microsoft 70-461 certification exam, here are some tips:

  • Using books and e-reference materials from Microsoft Press. An example of a book available at the Microsoft press store is the “Training Kit (Exam 70-461) Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014.”
  • Enroll for a free online training from Microsoft Virtual Academy
  • Attend a classroom training if available in your country which will give you a chance for a hands-on labs training and a face to face interaction with the instructor.
  • Take a Microsoft official practice test for Exam 70-461 which help direct your studies.
  • Use
Are Exam Dumps Helpful?

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It is impossible to look away from the advantages of having an MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification especially if you are seeking to be an IT professional with validated skills in advanced Microsoft technologies. Use the advice provided in this paper to visit Prepaway website and strengthen your preparations for exam 70-461. Thus, you’ll make a step to obtaining the MCSA SQL Server 2012/2014 certification. After you gain this credential, you will have opened a doorway for yourself to fast career growth and get a chance to be an expert level certified MCSE professional in future. That explains why it’s so important to find the website you can trust. Wish you luck!

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