The 5 Best Apps of 2021

The 5 Best Apps of 2021

Here you can find the best apps of 2021.this apps play a key role in present days. If you’re searching for best apps here you can find better stuffed apps.In this competition world many apps are developed with special features to give better access experience to users, in those apps we find the best one which gives better user experience. Downloading apps in play store are completed within short period of time but finding best apps is harder because of multiple choices

This 5 best apps are Available in play store support to download in both Android and IOS mobiles

The 5 best apps of 2021

Google find my device




Google assistant


In this we guide you to how to access popular mobile apps by Google. Google finds my device helps to drag a lost smartphone. You can find the best future in this app like finding your smartphone when it is stolen or if accidently mismatched your phone with others, it helps not only tracking your lost device and also lock erase data remotes that you used in your phone.

You can locate your mobile from a computer or from any other Android device by installing the find my device app

Requirement to have some factors like

  • You have to signed in to your Google account
  • interest and wifi connection are needed
  • you mobile should be turn on
  • find my device has to be turn on
  • enable location service

By accessing those all features, you can start locating you smart phone


Yo WHATSAPP is an updated version of the original app. Many users like to use yo WHATSAPP because it has additional features. It was developed by BOZKURT HAZARD recently with the help of foundation mods. This app has similar features and additional features as other WhatsApp. In yo WhatsApp have less disadvantages when compared with gb whatsapp, fb whatsapp. Yowhatsapp is a newly designed website release in 2021 .Yo WHATSAPP is a social media platform that allows to send photos and videos to others


Full Form of email is electronic mail. For every user to have a unique email address that does not match with others, emails are similar to letters, letters are sent through offline format and mails are sent via the internet to a receiver. It provide with low cost and gives high security

Attachment of files, photos,documents can be possible, users can send to multiple recipients at a time. A standard protocol is used to send email. Email is available at any time, you can send mail 24/7 in 365 days. Users can send emails through the entire world. The issue raised while send emails in the form of spreading viruses through attachments


Nowadays music plays an important role in everyone’s life. Streaming your favourite songs, artists, and albums for free of cost. Premium membership is also available on Spotify. In Spotify available different language songs and provide various blocks according to your mood you can select it and stream it. In Spotify premium you can listen to songs without any ads and allow you to download songs. Premium gives you access more features and more flexible to use


Google assistant is an AI and developed by Google. It was launched in 2016.Google assistants are worked in Android devices because Android designed systems work under google. Voice commands, voice searching and voice activities are included in google assistant by using some commands like ok google hey google . It’s possible to install in mobile as well as in smart home devices it helps to access factors like music control, control yourself home device and mobile, reminders, making appointments, sending messages, reading your notifications to you,open apps on your phone and so on

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