Benefits of Wildcard SSL Certificates for Your Business

In this digital world, cyber-security is of greatest importance. And one of the key factors of web security is installation of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) certificate. SSL certificate encrypts the data transmitted between browsers and servers and hence customers feel secure while making transactions on SSL certified sites.

When SSL certificate is installed in a site, the URL changes from “HTTP” to “HTTPS” and a green padlock appears. These two changes are a proof that the site is safe and secured. Customers search for these two symbols before approaching the site to make any online transactions.

Wildcard SSL

SSL Brands:

There are many global brands of SSL certificates available in the market. Few names are Comodo (Now Sectigo), DigiCert, Thawte, RapidSSL etc. These brands have different SSL products for different business requirements. Hence selection of SSL becomes a tough choice.

To fulfil their security requirements, it is essential for companies to check that, all the essential factors which are required for site protection are taken care of, before purchasing SSL certificate.

Different types of SSL products:

Single Domain SSL, Wildcard SSL, Multi-Domain SSL, OV (Organisation Validation) SSL, DV (Domain Validation) SSL, EV (Extended Validation) SSL, UCC SSL etc. Every SSL product has different features and functions and secures your website’s domains and sub-domains differently.

While Single Domain SSL just secures single domain as the name states, Multi-Domain SSL secures multiple domains. SSL for different validations serve different purposes.

Hence it becomes essential to choose wisely, as to which one secures your site in the best possible way.

Here, in this article, we will discuss about the benefits and importance of installing Wildcard SSL certificate in your website.

About Wildcard SSL certificate:

Wildcard SSL certificates secures your main domain and unlimited subdomains with a single certificate. When you install a Wildcard SSL certificate on your server, you get an “*” in the primary domain name of the URL. You can add all sub-domains with the main domain and secure your whole digital business with a single certificate.

The below picture clearly shows how Wildcard SSL certificates, protect your domains and endless first level of sub-domains.


Benefits of Wildcard SSL certificate:

  • Endless Sub-Domain Protection:

Are you worried about how will you secure every sub-domain with SSL certificate?

Are you thinking that you need to go through a time-consuming and costly process?

Set all your worries aside because, Wildcard SSL certificate is the answer to all your queries. Many big companies and corporates have unlimited sub-domains apart from the main domain. One single Wildcard certificate secures all unlimited sub-domains apart from your main domain. So, in a nutshell you just need to install a single certificate to get your site secured.

  • Cost-Effective:

Since only one certificate secures your main domain and all sub-domains, it saves the cost of purchasing multiple SSL certificates for multiple sub-domains. No additional charges are required even if you add keep on adding sub-domains to your website because; you can keep on editing and adding sub-domains in the SSL certificate. Hence Wildcard SSL certificate proves to be budget-friendly to clients and is a favourite for many businesses.

  • Quick & Hassle-Free Issuance:

Wildcard SSL certificate can be installed very quickly because it just requires domain authentication. No other business-related certificates are required for its issuance and hence it is a hassle-free issuance process. In short, your business is secured instantly with its issuance.

  • Bond of Trust:

Security is better when it’s built in, not bolted on – Stephen Yu. This quote stands true in case of websites also. Customers love to approach sites which are secured and safe.

Your business website with Wildcard SSL certificate creates a bonding of trust with customers and thus attracts a lot of network traffic. Customers feel safe and trust these sites with online shopping and payments or any other online transactions.

The proof that the site holds a valid certificate, issued by a CA (Certified Authority) is what makes it trust-worthy.

  • Simple Installation Process:

Installation of Wildcard certificate is an easy process. Purchase SSL certificate download it and install it on one server. Later, configure the same SSL certificate for all sub-domains and secure them.

All SSL brands have a team of technical experts, who guide you in the installation process if you are held up. Approach your SSL provider for any help needed in the installation process.

  • Mobile & Browser Compatibility:

Mostly 99% of the wildcard SSL certificates come with mobile and browser compatibility giving the users a smooth experience to sail through the webpages. Almost servers and OS are compatible with wildcard certificate.

Your site will be loved by users because of its smooth navigation of browsers.

  • Trusted Site Seal:

Many Wildcard SSL certificates come with a free trusted site seal which is a double assurance of security for website owners as well as customers. The customers trust multiplies even better once they see the seal given by CA (certified authorities) on your business site. You can install a trust seal on any webpage where you feel that highest assurance is required.


Few of the trusted site seal images are shown in the above picture for your reference.

  • Improves SEO Rankings:

Google has announced way back in 2014, that sites starting with “HTTPS” will be ranked higher than those starting with “HTTP”. Your “HTTPS” website will be high in SEO ranks, which in turn brings constant traffic to your site thus improving ROI. With wildcard SSL certificate it is possible to get higher ranking in search engine.

  • Increase in Sales:

Sales volume will show an increasing graph because customers have noticed the address bar (HTTPS), green padlock and trusted site seal on your site. Since cyber-crime is on the rise, customers check all these factors before making any online purchase or transaction.

Wildcard SSL certificate installation increases the level of trust which in turn improves customer referrals, conversion rates and sales in near future.

  • Free Reissues and Unlimited Server Licences:

To survive competition amongst brands, mostly all wildcards come with free and unlimited server licenses option. It allows to install same wildcard SSL on multiple servers at free of cost. In order to do so, you can either copy private key to another server or create new CSR and reissue the current SSL and install that reissued SSL on required server.

  • SHA-2 Support:

Almost all wildcards come with SHA-2 algorithm support which is the highest level of encryption. Such strong security prevents your site against data intruders who are all time ready to attack your website and misuse your customer data. Moreover, the root key size is of 2048-bit that is supposed to be a strong key size in modern encryption era.


Having a peep into the above advantages shows that Wildcard SSL is the perfect security solution for any business. There are many cheap wildcard SSL certificates available in the market from which you can choose as per your website’s requirement.

Wildcard SSL also comes in different validations like DV (Domain Validation) and OV (Organisation Validation) SSL too. You can select the SSL brand; product and validation based on your business needs and secure your business site.

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