Awesome Music Website For Free-8b Site Builder Tutorial

Awesome Music Website For Free-8b Site Builder Tutorial

Creating an online presence required a lot of stuff. But? have you heard about the website builders? The thing we usually do is hire any developer and make him responsible for making sleek design quality website. We also know that developers do charge more these days for developing websites. That’s the reason we are adding value to your system. Creating and developing your website is not difficult anymore. There are tons of sites builder and web designs templates available for free to download and make.

The best part of the website builders is they do not indulge any coders. Meanwhile, if you do have zero knowledge in programming and coding, then still you can create your website in a few steps. Again not clear? Let me explain to you using the 8B website builder tutorial. We will show you how can you create an excellent music website from scratch for free using 8B simple website builder. Before that, let me tell you what 8B website builder is?

8B Simple Website Builder

8B is one of the simplest and best website builders over the internet. It let anyone creates the excellent looking, mobile optimized and Google friendly websites in few minutes. It is a perfect option for the people who do have zero knowledge in programming and coding and still wanted to create an excellent web presence.

We know that there is no need to have coding or programming knowledge for using 8B simple website builder. You only have to visit the website, register yourself, and then you can create your web appearance using beautiful templates, unlimited hosting, AMP and SEO tools. If this is still not understandable to you, then we have also published a tutorial for creating excellent music website using 8B simple site builder for free. Let’s start the tutorial by selecting a theme first.

Music Theme:

The music theme is a part of responsive design templates of 8B site builder. We are talking here about creating an excellent design and responsive music website, and for this, we have chosen the music theme template from the lists. The music theme template is one of the lightweight and responsive templates from 8B website builder. It is not like that every other template in the lists are not responsive or they do not look good. The thing is based upon our preference.

We now know much about the music theme. Let’s continue the website creation process.

Creating a music website:

Creating a music website is a simple process using a website builder. You do not need to indulge with hiring coders and developers for the same. You can use 8B website builder for creating one of the excellent responsive design music websites for free.

The only thing you need to do is visit the 8B website builder website and login yourself. Later, follow the steps we have given below.

#1 Choose the music theme:

After login, you need to choose the website template for setting up your responsive music website. There are a lot of templates available on the website builder as we are creating a music website then we will choose the “Music” theme. To be the instance, all the templates and design are 100% responsive and google friendly.

#2 Design your pages:

The second step is to design our pages for the excellent music website creation. Before that, you need to give a site name first, and in case you are not using your domain, then you can use the free subdomain provided by the website builder.

Do you know what the best part of using the website builder is? All of the work gets done by the browser only. There is no need to download and upload anything.

The first thing we have to replace the dummy area with the things we would like to add in our music website. Like the name, data and the songs lists.

Display settings:

You can use this option if you want to change your background image, font and another area. This option will be available under the top left corner of the website editor.

Other Pages:

You need to edit all the pages whichever is already published over the dummy template. This is compulsory if you want to keep them all.

Smartphones setup:

If you want to make your music website mobile responsive, then you can set the display area and the things you would like to display on the smartphone using the mobile page editor.

Add new pages:

This is not compulsory that you can use the predefined pages only. You can also add new pages from the option available in a left top side corner.


The last thing is, if you want to make it load faster on mobile phones then you can set up AMP. This is the new Google formula for speeding up the websites.

#3 Publish your website:

We are done with everything I guess. Once you make enough edits to the predefined music template and you think that everything is fine. Therefore, you can proceed with the publication process. You only need to click a button ‘Publish website’.

Once published, your website is available for everyone, and anyone can look and open the site.

Why use 8B?

We have added a simple website creation tutorial for a music website. We have done this all using one of the best website builders, 8B. Still, if you are asking me why to use 8B for website creation? Then the answer is, first of all, it is a free platform to use and create responsive websites, and the second thing is anyone can use this platform. There is no need to gain any specialized knowledge of coding and programming for developing sites using 8B website builder.


There are tons of website builders available over the internet but do all the website builders provide the same services? I do not think so. Most of the website builders are paid and require a premium purchase for using most of the features. The only best and the reliable website builder we found over the internet is 8B. It is not only free, but it does offer easy website creation along with premium functions.

In fact, we have also added a simple process for creating excellent music website using 8B site builder. You can use this website builder if you are having less budget to hire any developer or need to create your online presence yourself. You can let us know in the comments section if anything is not understandable.

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