Area Codes and the Facts Behind Them

Area Codes and the Facts Behind Them

We all know that an area code is an integral part of any phone number in the USA. And it applies not only to landline numbers but to wireless numbers, as well. It is absolutely impossible to ignore it, due to one reason: several families in the country would have the same number, and the only difference is in the area code.

The area coding system was introduced in 1940 but started to be applied widely in 1947 only, for very well-known reasons. First, just 86 area codes were assigned. If you believe that it would be logical and reasonable to assign them based on geographical principle, you are wrong. If you check the area codes of those times, you will see something very curious: the most populated locations used to get area codes with the lowest numbers. Now, the reason to do so would be not clear. But at that time, noting needed to be explained.

The phones were not so elaborate and smooth like the ones nowadays. To dial a number, one needed to rotate a special disc. Now, imagine how many people were calling if we speak about a big city. And what if they all had to dial the longest numbers? It would have created a pretty big pool of calling people, a nightmare for phone operators. With the area code 404, Georgia, you see clearly how the principle has worked.

Now things have changed significantly. Even the cities have grown enormously and hence, there was a need for new area codes. Of course, it was not always possible to follow the old logic. Moreover, it was not needed anymore: phones with disks became obsolete.

What Do Area Codes Mean Now

Basically, area codes nowadays mean the same as many years ago. They determine the location where you want to call. Otherwise, there would be a complete mess, because there are many cases, that several families have the same number. But they live in different locations, hence, their area codes are different. Hence, area codes in the USA have a very specific and very important function. More than 310 codes exist nowadays, and they are divided into:

  • Assigned based on the geographical principle;
  • Assigned based on a non-geographical principle.

Nowadays, you don’t need to dig through thick phone books to find out what the needed area code is. All that you need to do is to open any website that provides this information and check there. On such a website, you will find out also whether the phone I wireless or landline, the location, of course, and even the date when the code was assigned. Even a carrier is indicated on some resources. So, if you know the phone number of your dear person but do not know the area code, just check on the website. and vice versa, if you know the area code but don’t know where the person is located, check on the website again.

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