Top 10 Best Apps Like Uber to take a Ride and Earn Money

Have you ever experienced a ride on Uber cabs? People will acquire the best experience while traveling on Uber Cab. Uber Technologies Incorporation is one of the popular transport companies that serve people across the world. The Uber Cabs is the popular transport service available for all the peeps in and across 570 cities all over the world.

Most of the people prefer Uber cabs for a ride across the city. When Uber has begun to develop in the country, several rival companies have hurried into the market and attempted to gain the attention of the folks. As Uber has grabbed the complete attention of the people across different locations, we can’t take it as the perfect app for you.

There are even people who don’t like sharing a ride on Uber due to its unsatisfactory service. Besides this, Uber charges too high for a ride. Ultimately, some folks don’t prefer Uber. If you are willing to take a ride in other best cab services then, we are here to help you out. Take a look at the 10 best apps like Uber listed below.

Uber App 

Uber has launched its international services for all the people in the year 2014. The headquarters of Uber Company located in San Francisco, in the United States. The fundamental motto of Uber Company is to develop and operate the Uber Cabs and provide instant transport facility for all its customers.

All the Uber drivers of this company have their own cars and some of them rent a car so as to drive the Uber cabs. The Uber Technologies offers various mobile apps so as to hire a cab with much ease. Uber cabs are the best transportation network company that provides the best transport service for all the customers.

Uber Company has launched new Uber app software for all the drivers that allow them to make use of a smartphone as well as the app. The customers need to have access to the smartphone, the Uber app, and the official mobile website. Despite launching a unique Uber rider app into the market, it lacks in some areas. For that reason, we have come up with the best Uber alternatives here.

Top Apps Like Uber – To Ride & Earn

We have gathered a list of the best apps like Uber for a great ride to your preferred locations. Check out the apps below:

1. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is one of the most popular applications that renders various cab services to all the people. It is a perfect app that has gained success all over the globe by catering all the basic requirements of the users. EasyTaxi offers a smooth and secure way of booking service to all its users. Just by adjusting the menu options, people can easily book a cab to any location, anytime. This app itself takes care of the estimated time for the ride. The most important thing is that it calculates the destination fare precisely.

As of now, Easy Taxi has been offering its services across 30 countries in more than 420 cities all over the world. This service has been delivering the best rides to more than 17 million of its customers. As the name suggests, it’s easy to book a ride, take a ride in a secure way. Like many other cab services, Easy Taxi takes into consideration the personal safety of the riders in the first place. The employees at Easy Taxi involve most of the time in training their company’s drivers.

2. Gett

Gett is another best app like Uber that was previously known as ‘Get Taxi’. The Gett service has turned out to become one of the fastest developing transport apps in the United States. As Uber has started inflating their prices, Gett is making money through slashed prices. In the New York City, Gett has lowered the prices by shockingly 25 percent. It offers numerous promotional deals and discounts to its customers across the globe through their official app. Gett has expanded its services all over the world especially in the international cities such as London, and Moscow.

One of the best features of Gett is that there is a cashless payment option available on it. Using this feature, the users can easily make payment through an online method within no time. In addition, the users can make use of a sleek booking feature that lets them book a ride up to 2 weeks in advance. The pricing and charges levied on the customers are quite affordable. Besides the inexpensive rates, there are a plethora of offers and discounts given to its users. Gett is available for the users of both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Hailo

Hailo is the best app like Uber that has moved from its original location London to another place. This cab service has its branches in different European and Asian countries. It offers the best cab-related services to its customers at lower fares for the taxi. We can have a business version of Hailo that offers an express booking option to all the users. Some of the best features include corporate cards, various ride options and more. The Hailo cab service is available for both Android and iOS users. This app offers a clean and intuitive user interface on both the platforms.

4. Lyft

Lyft is another well-known cab services and is considered as the largest rival to Uber Cabs. The drivers of Lyft are present all over the United States in across 65 cities. This cab service renders a great feature of recognizing the places across the city with much ease. Lyft ensures that the app will turn out your ride pretty much easy for all the users. Before hiring the drivers, Lyft carries out a thorough background check for each one of them. By doing so, they can give assurance to the users that they can get the safest ride to different places.

Another best feature offered by this app is that it lets the users track the driver’s information, their driving route and more. According to a report from a popular magazine, the Lyft customers wait only for about 6 seconds longer than Uber riders to get their ride. This app delivers 3 different transport options such as Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line. By using these options, one can take a ride either alone or go along with 6 people through Lyft Plus option.

5. Curb

Originally, Curb has launched its services by the name ‘Taxi Magic’. Later, it has rebranded itself with the name Curb. It has expanded its services and has reached such a position as an on-demand taxi currently. This offers premium rides to all the customers in some of the markets. As of now, this app is providing pre-scheduled rides to all the users particularly to the airport locations.

Another great feature that most of the people adore with Curb is that you need not make the payment to the driver manually. However, there is an option that the users can pay the driver in cash. If you are willing then, you can easily hire a car through the Curb cab. Speaking about the interface of the app, it is pretty clean and impressive to all the users. Despite unable to offer faster services like other services, Curb has managed to get a place in the top 10 apps like Uber.

6. Bla Bla Car

Bla Bla Car has been launched into the market upon implementing a creator’s car sharing idea. From there, it has turned out to develop into a popular European community that links people to rides and even lets them drive. The name of this app appears quite funny and catchy too. This name resembles as if the rider is extremely anxious about taking a ride through Bla Bla Car. More than 21 millions of users on Android and about 35 millions of people on iPhone have been using this app. It is one of the best alternatives to bus travel or train journey.

This service has been influencing millions of people in multiple ways rather than just going on for rides. This app lets the people start conversations with their friends, save their money and drive towards a greener planet. People who prefer long-distance journeys will be charged less for the rides through these cars. This is a normal app that looks basic without a unique interface. All you need to do is to enter the starting point and the destination, select a date and pick from the list of available drivers. That’s pretty simple, right!

7. Summon

Previously, the name of this app was InstaCab and later renamed it as Summon. It is a hybrid type of transport app that offers both Cab-hailing as well as ride-sharing services to its users. People who are looking forward to going on personal rides can select Summon app. As of now, this app has been offering its services out of the Bay locations. It has plans to expand its services across different countries.

This app might not have gained massive popularity among the users. Even then, one can easily schedule their ride using the Summon Schedule Ahead Program. An exclusive option that allows the users to cancel their ride before 30 minutes available on Summon app. This app also provides a customer service number with an integrated customer support. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

8. Flywheel

Flywheel is another best app that enables the users to hail professional taxi drivers who have a valid license. This app offers basic rates to the users instead of individual car fares such as uber who demands more. For that reason, Flywheel has endured offering the rides at affordable charges and is trying to increase its customer base.

Just like the apps available in the market, Flywheel offers all the basic features to its passengers ranging from instant booking and tracking. One can select their preferred payment method before taking a ride. This app has been gaining massive popularity since its emergence in the market. Originally, the app was rolled out in San Francisco wherein 80 percent of the drivers make use of an innovative software.

9. Drivr

Drivr is another best app like Uber that offers a premium car service to all the users. It serves the customers located in the west coast region of the United States. With an intention to evade the waiting and poor services from other cabs, the creators of Drivr have developed the best on-demand application. On a daily basis, the users can prefer the rides available for reasonable rates with the best quality service.

10. Ola Cabs App

Ola Cabs is the popular transportation Company in India that offers various transport related services to all its customers. The Ola provides the best services to all people in the country. It is the leading mobile taxi service offered for all the customers in the country. Ola has provided some of the best cab services to all the customers in and across the country.

The Ola cabs offer different kinds of services for all the customers starting from economic to the expensive and luxurious mode of travel. This Ola has provided its customers to book the cabs or reserve them via its mobile application. The Ola Cab supports both cash and cashless mode of payment using Ola money. As of now, Ola Cabs offers its services to all the people in different cities including Pune.

Wrapping Up

Here ends the list of the best apps like Ueber that deliver excellent ride services to all the customers globally. If you are planning to drive from A to B then, you can pick one of the best cab-hailing services listed in this post. Look at all the ride-sharing apps furnished in this post and select the best one that befits your needs like cost and quality of services.

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