Is Akamai NetSession Client Interface Safe?

Akamai NetSession Client is defined as software that comes pre-installed on many computers or Laptops. It also comes with a bundle of few applications and programs. These applications are special games and in order to work it properly, Akamai NetSession requires access to the public as well as a private network that you use to connect with internet.

Well, our window firewall blocks Akamai NetSession as its primary duty is to block any suspicious application or program trying to get through it. It will ask you in a form of a dialogue box. Lots of people are a little bit hesitant about this program and they wonder what Akamai NetSession Client is and whether they should give the access to the network they use.

What is Akamai NetSession?

Akamai NetSession is basically a tool which performs only one job on your computer. Its primary function is to capture the information from the computer and use it for the network performance monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. It means that if you have installed the Akamai NetSession Client on your computer, it will constantly share your computer’s information with the Akamai servers. It also uses the idle bandwidth of your computer that it is installed on to upload the files and information to the other users.

The Akamai NetSession has a prestigious reputation in the market as it protects your data. So you should not be hesitant dealing with this tool. It will not leak personnel sensitive information to any other user through NetSession Client. Well, you can also consider it as a download manager which assists you to enhance the speed of downloads. It gives you easy and faster downloads option for media files also.

Why and how did Akamai NetSession Client get installed on your Device?

As we have already discussed in the article that it is a tool which will increase the quality and speed of your media and data downloads. With the help of Akamai NetSession, you can experience more reliable, faster media download from the internet. You can choose your desired source and it will give you fast application download access without any hassle.

Why is it Installed on our Computer?

The primary function of this tool is to provide us better experience with the data and media downloads. This tool gives user reliable and faster services as compared to other servers. With the help of this tool, you can more easily download any video stream on your PC or laptop. This is pre-installed software on your computer which is used by many media publishers.

There are some companies which offer you PDF files, media stream, and documents. There is a chance that these downloads are powered by Akamai NetSession interface. So, we can say that this tool is quite reliable and you need it for better performance of your applications. That’s why it is pre-installed on your computer.

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How did Akamai NetSession Client get installed?

Most of the times, Akamai NetSession Client is pre-installed on your computer as it comes with numerous software and games applications. Sometimes, it comes with the games that you install on your Laptop. These games companies mention this software in their privacy policy but we are always in a hurry and we tick the Agree button without reading. That’s how this software gets installed on our PC without our concern.

When we bring any game to our PC, sometimes Akamai NetSession Client comes along with it and we didn’t know anything about it. It gets automatically installed on our PC along with the games. Sometimes, a dialogue box appears on our screen during the installation process asking to install Akamai NetSession Client and if we approve it will get automatically installed on our computer. That’s how it gets downloaded on our computer.

How does Akamai NetSession Client Work?

Akamai NetSession is basically a tool or program which gives you access to transfer the data between those gamers who are updating the same files seamlessly. Talking about the connection, it is not a physical connection. You can define it as a doorway to virtual storage where your computer transfer files to and from.

Almost all games update themselves with new content every week or month. That’s why the game needs a way to transmit the patches to you. There are lots of video broadcasting software and game that use this tool to give you unbelievable experience.  One famous game using this tool is World of Warcraft. If you uninstall it from your computer then there will be no ill effects on your PC or Laptop.

What happens if you Uninstall it?

If you have uninstalled this tool from your computer and want to use it again then you can again download it. Sometimes, it comes with the software that you are installing so you need not worry about this tool. If any game or software requires this tool in its configuration then it will automatically be attached to the setup file.

Thus, we can say that it is a software patching service which is used by lots of famous developers. These developers use to stream patches to guide the user. It will give you excellent gaming experience and it is quite reliable. It will not affect your computer performance if you have uninstalled it and on the other hand, it will work in the background if you have installed it.

Akamai NetSession client Interface Features:

Akamai NetSession Client is very useful and tool and it comes with lots of features. This tool improves your computing experience to a larger extent and the interesting part is that it runs in the background. It means that you need not minimize it. It will work automatically when it is needed, then the only thing it requires is a connection with the public or private network.

In this article, we will discuss some interesting and important interface features of this awesome tool. These features make this tool better than any other tool. If you have any doubt regarding this tool then it will be cleared by the end of the article. Here are some interface features of Akamai NetSession:

  1. Reliability: Most of the people thought that whether it is reliable or not. Reliability is the primary concern of the users. Well, the answer is yes. Akamai NetSession is completely reliable and you can use it without any hesitation. It can work under lots of loads and less RAM. It will work in the background and will not interrupt you with any of your tasks.
  2. Faster: If you are a gamer then you will definitely need this tool. It works as a download manager and with the help of this app you can download the content at the tremendously faster rate. Sometimes this app comes along with some games for free. So it will enhance the speed of your download.
  3. Easy Download: Akamai NetSession is an extension of Akamai Global server network. Its primary feature is to assist the company and customer to download the data easily. You will get faster download speed along with this tools and this extension is free of cost.
  4. Security: Well, everybody pretty much hesitates while sharing their sensitive information. Akamai NetSession is completely safe and will not share any of your sensitive information with any other end user. You just need to trust this tool as it supports SSL security.
  5. Performance: The performance is measured in connected content deliver in speed. It will give you quick access to the videos and apps. It gives you quality web experience and fast delivery of information. So we can state that the performance of this tool is quite great.
  6. Availability: It means that the when the content is required, it will be available under high stresses conditions. The information is accessible to the users under high loads. It will efficiently supply the information when there are excess traffic and potential server outage. So we can say that it is made to work under critical situations.
  7. Easy to Uninstall: Lots of people believe that they cannot uninstall this tool but that not true. You can uninstall this like any other app. If you really want to uninstall this app then you just need to make few clicks on your computer.

How to Uninstall Akamai NetSession client from your Computer?

It is just an add-on whose primary function is to allow users to download big files slowly. If you have a slow connection then you can make use of this tool. It gives you access to download the file in steps without any hassle. With Akamai NetSession you don’t need to worry about file corruption.

Now a day people use the fast broadband connection and tremendously fast browsers like Firefox and internet explorer. These browsers help you to download big files with few minutes. It takes 20 minutes to download 1.5 GB file. That’s why people have no use for this Akamai NetSession Client tool. Therefore they want to remove this tool from their computer.

Well, this is not a system tool, so you can remove it without any problem. It will not harm your computer. If you want to remove this tool then here we have complete guidelines to remove this app from your computer:

  • First of all, you need to open the computer screen by pressing the power button.
  • Then hold the Window Key along with R letter. Then a dialogue box will appear on your screen asking for the name of the file to open for you.
  • Now type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialogue box and press OK.
  • Then a list of programs will appear on your screen consist all installed programs on your computer. Now you need to find the “Akamai NetSession Client” in the list and double-click on it.
  • Now it will ask you to uninstall the program from your computer. Press OK and the uninstall process will begin. It will be uninstalled from your computer after few moments.

That’s how you can uninstall this app by making few simple clicks. If you need it in future then you can download the setup file from the net and install like any other software for free. Sometimes it will come along with some other software or games.

Should we all remove Akamai NetSession Client Interface?

Lots of people don’t know whether they should uninstall this file or not. So let me clear one thing about this tool. This is not a system file as it is like an extension which is made to make your work easier and faster. It is like an add-on which boosts up your computer downloads. It will assist you to download the Akamai streams and some other platform easily.

So it is completely up to you whether you want to uninstall it or not. It doesn’t have any ill effects on your computer and it works on background. So it will not interrupt you during your work. If you are worried that it might have any malware that may harm your computer then we assure you that:

  • It is completely free from any malware and spyware or any other intrusive software.
  • It does not use your personal information on your computer.
  • It is completely secure as it will not leak any of your personal sensitive information.

So according to the company, this software is safe and it is not a system file. So you can remove it anytime you want. Removing this tool from your computer will not have any significant effect on the performance of your computer. So you can either keep it or you can remove it from your computer.

Final Words:

The Akamai NetSession Client is an extension provided by the company. It is made available for you to provide you more secure and safe download. This tool doesn’t have any significant effect on our computer after uninstalling and it is completely secure to use it. So, it is completely up to you, whether you want to keep it or not.

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