How to Download ADB Sideload, Fastboot, and Drivers on Windows?

Android is one of the most popular open-source operating systems for various mobile devices. As it is an open environment, It helps the users to carry out various activities with much ease. Android lets the users take a complete control over the system and alters the elements according to various preferences.

In order to develop Android OS, Google offers a plethora of developer options for each device. One of the best way is USB debugging that enables the users to read and write the data on the device via a computer.For carrying out the communication between an Android device and a computer machine, we have some elements like ADB and Fastboot.

One need to set them up on their computer. ADB is an acronym for Android Debug Bridge. If you are an active user of Android device then, you can setup ADB and Fastboot prior a flash system and sideload a flashable zip. The users need to execute some other things such as ADB and Fastboot commands. This article gives an in-depth information about ADB Sideload and Fastboot download on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 devices.

ADB Sideload – Brief Intro:

ADB Sideload is used in Jellybean, and it is a feature used for ASOP recovery. It is mainly used for pushing and installing a zip via a command from your desktop. ADP is supremely beneficial in recoveries to a ROM developer, though it might not be as useful to an average developer. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. Its main purpose is to debug all the android devices which are used for development needs.


ADB Tools:

ADB helps you in rooting your android mobile phone or flashing your device’s ROM. This tool is extremely powerful and useful. It is a command line tool which is known for its utility and versatility. It will help you to understand a device’s rooting requirements and communicate with it. You need it not only for debugging but also for installation as well. You can also gain access to the UNIX shell.

More often than note as users we are not aware of the various utility this tool offers us – it allows us to run a lot of commands simultaneously. It is a client-server system and can be divided into three categories.The first category consists of the client. The client is mainly responsible for sending the command. Whatever development machine you are using, it is necessary for the client to run on it.

How Does ADB Sideload & FastBoot Work?

You have the power to invoke any client from any command line. All you have to do is to issue an ADB command. The next category is the daemon. It is the background process. It runs on every device and is responsible for running a command on that device. The third category consists of the server. The server must ensure proper communication between the daemon and the client.


You will not face any problem as the server tends to run only as a background process. The users have to know how exactly an ADB works. Start the ADB client as it will check whether the server is running properly or not. Even if the server process is not running, it takes the initiative to start the process. After this, it has to bind to the local TCO – port 5037. This enables them to listen to all the commands from the clients. This is the only port used to connect the clients to the servers.

The next work of the server is to look after the connections that are established with all the running servers. The aim is to locate all the emulators. It needs to find a daemon so that the location to build up the connection with the port.  Each emulator consists of sequential ports. While the odd numbered ones are used for ADB connections, the even ones are used for console connections. After all the connections are established by the server, you can use the ADB commands for gaining access to these devices.

ADB Sideload Commands:

There some basic commands and advanced techniques that are used in ADB. They are:

  • Commands for pushing files

This command is very useful and simple. It will help you to push your files from your desktop to your device such as a mobile phone. But there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You cannot push a ROM to your mobile phone. This cannot be done when you will copy it in a normal manner. If the current ROM that you are using is not being able to boot, then you will be stuck in the recovery zone. A file named will be sent to the SD card present on your Android device.

  • Commands for pulling files

This command is a bit different from the push command. It helps to pull a particular file from your device to your desktop. But you need to keep some things in mind. For example, you have to pull all the important files as this should be done before you get a full wipe.If you use this command, a file which has a name like from the SD card of your Android device to the C drive of your computer.

  • Commands for installation of Apps

This command is very useful as it helps to install an APK file from your desktop to your mobile phone. There is an r- flag which is optional. It notifies ADB so that the App, that is, the APK file can be reinstalled. It also ensures the safety of the data which is already present on the device. You can install apps easily as no prompts will be visible on the screen. You have to use this command you have to install the apps that already have a backup on your desktop. Whichever folder the app is present in, it can be installed easily. You will get no notifications as only the app will be visible on the screen.

  • Commands for logging

If you decide to use this command, you can get the real-time stream that consists of the log of your device. The logcat output is a highly tough one. You will have to face difficulty when it comes to sorting it. The users have to stop it because it will stream as long as you don’t stop. One can stop it using Ctrl + C. This command is very much needed when app developer has to troubleshoot the app he/she has been working on.

  • Entering the Device’s Shell

This command is a bit advanced and is used for execution of a command related to a single shell. You can open a remote shell and open various commands through it. Concerning command syntax, interaction with the shell of your device is like navigation of the available terminals LINUX. But the command list is small.

You get access to a variety of function if you start using the shell in the right way. Most of these commands, however, need your phone to be properly rooted so that it can run. If you don’t know what you are doing when your device is rooted, then it will lead to serious problems. This command will help you to see all the packages that are available.

How to Download ADB Sideload and Fastboot Drivers for Windows 7, 8 and 10?

It is very easy to download ADB sideload along with fast boot drivers. You need to follow the following steps to download them quickly:

  • Search and download the installer file for ADB
  • The next step is to choose the file and then right click on it.  You have to select the option for “ running as ’
  • You have to type in ‘Y,’ and then you have to press enter. Then you need to set up the environment variables.  You have to press the ‘n’ to only install the drivers.
  • The next step is to install the drivers by pressing ‘Y.’  If you want to skip over this step, then you have to click on ‘N.’
  • It will take some-time to install the drivers, so you have to wait.
  • If you want to verify the whole set-up, you have to open the command prompt. If you get any message in return regarding the installation, then the process is complete.
Alternative Method to Download Sideload on Windows/Mac/Linux:

There is an alternative method as well which you can use:

  • First, you need to download the ADB and Fastbootalong with the other tool.
  •  It can easily be found on Google if you search for the respective files.
  • Extract the contents into your C:\ partition directly. This will help you to create the folder.
  • You can press Win plus R so that you can bring the dialog box for a run.


  • After the box appears, you need to type sysdm.cpl and then hit okay.
  • After this, the panel for System Properties should open. You have to select the advanced tab option.
  • The next step is to click on the Environment Variables.
  • You will find an option that will say ‘path’ under the Systems tab. You have to click on it and edit it.
  • When the window comes up, you have to type in; C\Android and then click on OK.
  • You have to close all the windows to complete the whole process.

Why Do you Need to Download ADB Sideload B Minimal ADB?

You might find a lot of information regarding ADB tools along with the ADB drivers and Minimal ADB. The drivers are mainly used for the benefit of your android device. It helps when your device needs to be recognized from the desktop. If you want to work with the ADB commands, then you have to install the ADB drivers.  The ADB sideload consists of a set of ADB tools or files.

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If you want some changes in your operating system, then this is what you need. You can bring all the changes using these tools. By using these tools, you have to ability to root your mobile phones. You can also install TWRP/CWM recovery. You can also remove the bloatware using such tools. The minimal ADB is also known as the ADB sideload. You can also call them ADB tools.

Why Download Fastboot?

The other name for Fastboot is the bootloader. This tool is very much similar to that of ADB. It is also sometimes referred to as the fastboot ADB. You have to put your device in the fastboot mode to use the commands. One can get several advantages if you decide to use fastboot download. You can flash all the ROMs which are custom. Just do the same with the custom recovery.

ADB Sideload and Fastboot – Latest Features:

There are some of the features that are available of the ADB Sideload and fastboot. Some of them are:

  • It is pretty small in size. Thus, it won’t eat up all of your space on your desktop and can be managed
  • Previously, the installation process was tricky as well as lengthy. But now it is very simple and can be done quite easily. Just have to spend only a few seconds on the installation.
  • You do not have to download any other files other than the ones needed for ADB sideload and the fastboot
  • You won’t be requiring 1 GB of Android SDK to download ADB sideload and the fastboot

Latest Updated Versions:

You can download all the latest versions of Google. Due to sudden changes, the size has decreased drastically. The total size is around 10 MB. Even the smallest ones in the command line are about 200 MB. The platform tools for Android SDK will always be compatible with your Android device. There have been certain changes in the latest version. Check it out below!

  • Version 25.0.05 : Updated Version

 ADB sideload that is used in case of huge uploads are fixed. The problems were solved by using the firewall. After this update, you can get install path in both, fast-boost and ADB sideload. Updates also helped to reset the USB on LINUX so that other devices were not disturbed.

  • Version 25.0.04 : Updated Version

Experimental libusb was added to support Linux and Mac ADB. The Systrace command line was also fixed in this version. The problem of the MacBook Pros hanging was also solved.

  • Version 25.0.03: Updated Version

The Fastboost bug that prevented the Android Devices from flashing was solved.

The Bottom Line:

It is very easy to download ADB SideLoad and FastBoot. All you need to do is use them carefully. There are several ways through which you can download them. But always select the method that is suitable for the platform you are using. Remember always to be certain about the features available.

There are a lot of updated versions of fastboot and ADB sideload. Not only will it help you to debug but will also help in all kinds of development purposes in Android. So, what are you waiting for? Download today to get the latest version today.

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