What is Rooting ? Advantages and Disadvantages of Android Rooting (Explained)

As an Android user, we all love Rooting our Android device. Most of my friends asked me that “What is Rooting” and “What are advantages and disadvantages of Rooting Android” and some more questions related to the Android Rooting. So, I have decided to explain everything about Android Rooting in this post.
Android Rooting Advantages Disadvantages

Android is the most loving and most affordable Smartphone. Due to its amazing features, most of us prefer using it. Well, if you are planning to Root your Android device, you must have known about the benefits of Rooting Android. So, In this post you’ll know What is Android Rooting and Why should you root your Android device right now.

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What is Rooting ?

Rooting an Android simply means gaining credential permissions to your Android. Android Operating System is based on Linux function that allows you to use only certain things that are based on user permissions. The term Root refers to unlocking your phone’s full potential and get access to the system files/folders. You cannot make any changes to your system. But after getting root privileges, you can change or replace any system files. This includes many things that we want to do, for example, we can’t uninstall some inbuilt apps on our Android phone. But if we have root access to our phone, we can remove or uninstall any app from our Phone. Check out the advantages of Rooting Android.

Advantages of Rooting :

Rooting an Android device have lots of advantages. Some applications require root access to tweak the Android phone. So, you’ll be able to install and run those apps on your phone after Rooting. Some of the main advantages of a Rooted Android Phone are given below:
  • You can change make any change to your system files.
  • Customize your phone and change its User interface
  • Change Device details like Android ID, IMEI, MAC Address etc
  • Change Boot Animation and other device info.
  • Install Custom Recovery/Custom ROM on your phone
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Android Versions
  • Free up Internal space by deleting unwanted things

Disadvantages of Rooting :

Well, you read about the benefits of having root access on your phone. But Rooting an Android device has its own disadvantages too. Yeah, Before getting too much about Rooting your phone. You must also look at the disadvantages of Rooting.
  • Your phone might get bricked
  • You will lose your phone’s warranty
  • Some special secured apps won’t work because of root access on your phone.


So, this was the complete explanation about Rooting. I hope you understand clearly about the advantages and disadvantages of Android Rooting after reading this post. You might still be confused that Rooting your Phone is worth it, or Not? So, I just want to tell you that if you really want some additional features like Custom ROMs and other MODs then Rooting your phone is good. But, if you don’t need any type of such customization on your phone, it will be better if you avoid Rooting your Android Phone.

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