A New Platform for Downloading Applications–9apps

A New Platform for Downloading Applications–9apps

Playstore is the most common platform to download applications like games, business apps, food related apps, etc. for the most of the android users. But there are also other alternatives available in this segment of market, where one can perform similar kinds of functions and download applications. Nowadays, these applications are in high demand and various such functions are performed by us via these applications only which have made our lives far easier.

9apps is another major player in this segment of market giving neck to neck competition to Google play store. Almost all the applications and in app purchases are available there in comparison to play store as well. Various premium and paid apps are also available at free costs here which help to gain a lot of popularity in India. This is the sub brand of Alibaba Group.  This company is a Chinese based company and was founded in 1999. This is known for its global presence, trustfulness and reliability throughout the world. Various multimedia can also be downloaded from here like wallpapers, films, etc. Various different categories are formulated here in this platform which provides convenience to the users and facilitates easy operations of the apps and helps to get free downloads as well thereby increasing usefulness.

One can search from different filters provided in the main screen and the platform has gained a lot of praise because of easy operations which it provides and helps to search the desired apps correctly. Any device which supports android can install this platform and can enjoy the benefits which one wishes to avail for. It is available in fourteen languages and not that it provides everything for free that they have compromised over quality. No, the platform provides best of the quality things at no prices and is considered to be as 100% safe and the size is only 1.99 megabytes which means that not much storage is involved and it helps to use efficiently. The app has around 100 million users all over. This was released in 2013 and since then has gained a lot of popularity especially in countries like India and Indonesia and also in other parts of the world. The main reason is that the app is very small and doesn’t consume much space and this provides huge popularity to it.

The aim behind development of this app was consumer welfare that they do not have to pay many costs in order to download apps like on playstore and other platforms. One knows the real value of smoothness only after using it. It has been very beautifully crafted and designed in order to increase consumer usefulness. Also due to the latest technologies the rates of cybercrime on this platform are very low. Various tips and tricks in involved in this which lead to high customer satisfaction. It is also very accurate and fast in comparison to competitors. Various players enter the market every year but not all succeed one needs to understand the scenario and make decisions then which 9 apps has done and achieved great heights.

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