9 Ways To Ensure That Your Parties Are The Talk Of The Town

9 Ways To Ensure That Your Parties Are The Talk Of The Town

Throwing a party is easy, but throwing a great party isn’t. To stand out from the mundane social gathering, you need to do something that leaves your guests in awe. To throw a showstopper of a party, you need to ensure you get everything right: from the music, the guest lists, food, etc. Here are our top 9 ways to ensure you throw parties that become the talk of the town even after they are over.

1. Pay Attention To Your Guest List

Your guests are the backbone of your party, and without them, you just cannot party. Therefore, the most important step on the road to a killer party is to perfect your invitee list. Even if you invite your friends, you can’t expect the magic to just happen. You need to have people from different walks of life to make the party more interesting. Make it a place where people get to meet fun, new people. Just make sure not to invite random people, and your guest list only includes friends and friends of friends.

2. Make Sure People Arrive On Time

If you have to create a memorable party, start it on time, even if that means lying about the start time. To ensure a steady flow of people, give different people different start times. Mention the exact time to your punctual friends while tell your flaky, tardy friends to come 2-3 hours before the actual start time. This will ensure a steady flow of people or, better still, have all of your guests turn up at the same time.

3. Work on a Party Theme

This is probably a no-brainer – pick a party theme and make sure your guests know about it. The very idea of buying a costume can spruce up the excitement. It also acts as a great conversation starter and can help in breaking the ice among people. Your theme may not be corny stuff such as toga parties or ‘The 80’s’. Rather, have a simple theme such as hat party to make it easy for everyone.

4. Work on the Invite

Make your own invitations that reflect your personality and your event’s theme. You can have a simple e-card to make it quirkier. You could bring your party to life by making funny invites mentioning impossible dress codes. Try not to keep it formal unless the party is a formal one. For others, let your creativity go wild and come up with a funky invite. After all, your invite will give the first impression of your party and can be a deal-breaker.

5. Create A Rocking Playlist

One of the most important elements of a rocking party is good music. Music is of utmost importance because no one wants to listen to bad music as it spoils the party mood, and no one wants to have a party without music. Therefore, curating a playlist that suits the taste of your audience is an essential step towards creating a memorable party.

When you create a playlist, make sure to make the playlist super long and turn it on just as your guests start arriving. With a party playlist, you also reduce the chances of people taking their iPods or phones out to listen to their songs and steering the party away from you. A pro tip: use a photo slideshow maker to create a rocking slideshow that plays in the background while people groove to the music.

6. Decide the Party Decor

The way you decide the décor of your party can get people talking about your party long after it is over. Go imaginative with the décor: an elaborate bar display, finest serving pieces, decoration with drapes for a dramatic affair, etc. this is your chance to become the talk of the town. Shake up the traditional way you organize parties and give your guests a breathtaking experience the moment they step inside the venue.

7. Facilitate Introductions

Filling the party venue with guests is only half the battle won. You then need to ensure your guests interact with each other and bring the party to life. It is your job to facilitate interactions since you are the one that binds them together. Start some games, have a magician show, or even ice breaker sessions. You need to do whatever it takes to get people talking to each other.

8. Curate the Menu

In today’s time, people have different dietary preferences, and leaving your guests’ taste buds unsatisfied can make your party be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Since it may be impossible to include dishes that cater to everyone’s needs, it is better to ask your guests beforehand about their dietary preferences. This way, you will know what to include and what not to when finalizing the food menu.  Having separate veg and non-veg sections would go a long way in pleasing guests of both preferences.

9. Send a Thank You Note

Sending a thank-you note after the party can go a long way to make a lasting impression. It shows your guests how much you care about them and that you remember them even after the party is over. It is the guaranteed way to increase your party’s popularity, provided you make them quirky and find ways to include your guests into it.

A pro tip: personalize each note by sending a crazy party picture of your guest along with some clever lines about the party.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a great party is the one which makes everyone feel comfortable and provides effortless networking. To host such parties, make sure to keep things basic and not overdo things. Simplicity, coupled with minimalistic flamboyance, can never go out of style.

With these nine points, you can create a lively party that will be remembered long after it is over. Whatever you do, don’t stress and make sure to enjoy it. After all, you’ve planned it down to the T and deserve to enjoy every inch of it like others. Over to you now!

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