4 Great Maurice Lacroix Watch Collections to Buy

4 Great Maurice Lacroix Watch Collections to Buy

Many watch manufacturers, especially from Switzerland, took a long time before they became successful in the market. On the contrary, some watchmaking firms quickly skyrocketed into fame despite being established only recently. One of these companies is Maurice Lacroix, a company that Desco von Schulthess established in 1975. Maurice Lacroix’s parent company had roots in the silk trade and was originally focused on the Asian market, but this company became more interested in the watchmaking business in 1961. Soon after, this interest started the birth of one of the most popular affordable luxury watchmakers in the world. 

Great Maurice Lacroix Watch Collections

As of 2010, around 4,000 shops in 60 countries sell Maurice Lacroix watches to customers. These numbers only serve to tell how quickly this company expanded to become one of the most recognized affordable Swiss watchmakers of today. And this company has a lot to offer when it comes to watches. 

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece

If you are looking for the best Maurice Lacroix watches out there, then look no further and check out the Masterpiece collection also known as Les Mécaniques. Released in 1990, this watch collection is perhaps the most well-known collection from this Swiss brand. The collection is also the most expensive collection from Maurice Lacroix, with the Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds going as high as $13,900. If you compare this to luxury watches from other brands, it will look relatively cheaper. But for a company known for making some of the best affordable luxury watches in the market, the Masterpiece collection features some expensive pieces. Other watches from this collection include the Masterpiece Retrograde, Masterpiece Gravity, and the Masterpiece Square Wheel Retrograde. 

If you look at all of the Masterpiece watches, you will see that they are intricately designed. But more than just the look, watches from these collections have added features. These include time zones, moon phase indicators, and date indicators. This watch line also includes models based on historic/heritage movements obtained during the quartz crisis and then refinished in accordance with high standards. Some Masterpiece watches are even skeleton watches since they show the movements and mechanisms that make these timepieces tick. But aside from complicated designs and additional functions, one thing that unites all Masterpiece watches is that they all use the company’s in-house movements to function. For example, the Masterpiece Mysterious Seconds feature an in-house automatic caliber ML215. 

Maurice Lacroix Aikon

The Maurice Lacroix Aikon is another popular watch collection that many watch enthusiasts often look for. Unlike many of Maurice Lacroix’s watch collections, this model line is a recent addition, released in 2016. The Aikon series was also descended from the Calypso collection in the 1990s. Because most Aikon watches have an integrated strap along with six polished bezel rider tabs, most people would mistake it as an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or a Patek Philippe Nautilus. This watch collection is cheaper compared to these two renowned luxury sports watches and it is just as useful and stylish. The Aikon is also Maurice Lacroix’s largest watch collection. It contains men’s and women’s watches as well as chronographs and diving watches. 

Aikon is divided into two unique sub-collections, namely the Aikon Automatic and the Aikon Quartz. As their names suggest, Aikon Automatic watches run using Maurice Lacroix’s in-house automatic movements while the Aikon Quartz functions using quartz movements. The Aikon Quartz sub-collection also features various chronographs while the Aikon Automatic has the Venturer series which could also function as diving watches. The Aikon Automatic also contains skeleton watches while the Aikon Quartz watches are for the ladies, notably the Aikon Date which are available in three versions. 

Maurice Lacroix Eliros

The Eliros watch collection is another popular line from Maurice Lacroix. The Eliros is the textbook definition of an affordable luxury watch. This watch series has a stylish, timeless look with a relatively low price point compared to other manufacturers. The Eliros watch series may not have as many timepieces as the Aikon, but it surely has enough for every style and gender. This collection has men’s, women’s, and unisex watches along with chronographs, moonphase watches, watches with date indicators, and even calendar watches. 

Eliros watches also feature straps made using a variety of materials, such as stainless steel and leather. Various Eliros watches come in different colors and styles as well. But the differences end there, as Eliros watches are similar in a few aspects. One striking characteristic of all Eliros watches is their perfectly round watch case. Regardless of the type of watch, all Eliros watches have this thin, round watch case that made it unique from other Maurice Lacroix watch collections. Another thing that unites all Eliros watches is the movement, as this collection uses quartz movements for all of its watches. 

Maurice Lacroix Fiaba

Last but not the least is a Maurice Lacroix watch collection made exclusively for the ladies, the Fiaba. In Italian, Fiaba means “fairy tale” and it is a perfect name for a watch collection with a charming, feminine design. The Fiaba is one of the oldest Maurice Lacroix watch collections that is still being sold today. This collection was first unveiled in 1995 and it continues to be manufactured ever since. As with most watch collections from Maurice Lacroix, this watch series is diverse, featuring watches with various designs and shapes. Some Fiaba watches even have moonphase indicators and a lot of Fiaba watches in quartz movements

There are a few things that link all Fiaba watches together. One is the small watch cases of this collection, which is perfect for women. Fiaba watches are typically available in. Another is the use of stainless steel in both the bracelet and the case, a common material for women’s watches. Almost all Fiaba watches have a round watch case as well as jewels in the watch dial, a material that many ladies appreciate and love. 


Maurice Lacroix may have arrived later in the watchmaking game compared to its older, more established counterparts in both Switzerland and elsewhere. But that does not prevent it from reaching success. In just a few decades since its founding, Maurice Lacroix was able to grow exponentially by introducing beautiful watch models that cater to the tastes of its diverse clientele. However, Maurice Lacroix is more than just about style and affordable luxury. This Swiss watchmaking firm is committed to preserve the best of fine Swiss craftsmanship by making watches that are not only stylish and durable, but also accessible to a larger portion of the population.

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